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Sep 222013
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Parent-Teacher conference This Sunday
Recap – All-Parent Meeting
Recap – Teacher Training
Parking Lot And Note to Parents
Registration Announcement
Culture Class and Classroom Changes
Adult Classes/Clubs Starts this Sunday
Reminder – HXGNY Mid-Autumn Festival Party
TA Recruiting
Recap –  “中华之夜” Mets Baseball Pre-game Show
Community News: 2013 OCA Student Leadership Award Announcement‏
Community News: WACA outstanding student award 2013-2014 school year ‏Announcement
Community News: Private Chinese Tutor Needed

Parent-Teacher Conference This Sunday
Parent-teacher conference is one of the most important opportunities for you to meet with your child’s teacher and to know what is happening in the classroom.  Please make every effort to attend.
With the fast growing number of new families coming to our school, all available classrooms are used for language or culture classes . While the conference for Pre-K, K and CLS classes can still be held in your own classrooms, for grade 1 to grade 9, the conference will be held in H-room or Cafeteria this year. Please click here to see the table assignment for your child’s class.Time:
Grade 1 to 3 – 11:30 to 12:30
Grade 4 to 9 –   9:30 to 10:30
Pre-K, K and CLS -Teachers will email parents for the time slot they should come in.
Recap – All-Parent Meeting 
九月十五日,华夏中文学校大纽约分校召开了2013-2-14学年全校家长大会。在会上,学校校长林骏、董事会主席胡大鹏、教务长徐俊、副校长曹作军及各学校部门管理成员向家长们全面介绍了学校情况,内容包括董事会,顾问委员会,及校委会成员,学校教育战略规划,注册进展回顾,语言文化课程简介,教师团队建设,学年主要文体活动安排,校园安全和家长值日,学校新闻周报和网站简介,华夏大纽约的志愿者精神。2013-2014年将是华夏大纽约繁荣发展的一年,学校影响力和规模迅速扩大,注册学生人数已超过450人,学校管理团队感谢家长们的支持,将尽全力不断提高学校教学质量、增进社区中心功能。学校是一个非盈利组织,所有管理团队成员都是志愿者。全民办校的志愿者精神是学校永续发展的动力源泉,希望大家积极参与,尊重志愿者,也希望更多的新家长加入到建设华夏的努力中,为社区、为下一代打造出日新月异的华夏大纽约。活动照片请点击这里。On 09/15, HXGNY had its all parent meeting of the new school year. On the meeting, Pricipal Jun Lin, school board chair Mr. Dapeng Hu, Dean Jun Xu, Vice Principal Zuojun Cao and other school leaders made comprehensive presentations to the school. Topics include new year mission of school board, strategic initiatives and plan of school education, registration status briefing, language and culture class offering, teaching staff building, school activity schedule, campus safety and parent of duty, newsletter and web site overview, HXGNY volunteer spirit. With student enrollment surpassing 450, HXGNY is embracing a prosperous new school year. The school administration team is fully committed to build on this campus an outstanding education center and harmonious community center. The school is a non-for-profit organization and is run by voluntees. As always, the administration team thanks all families for their support, asks parents to participate and respect teachers and all volunteers, and welcomes more parents to join our effort to build a greater school. Please click here to view pictures of all parents meeting and teacher training.

Recap – Teacher Training 

Another session of teacher training was held last Sunday (9/15/13). Teachers familiarized themselves with the registration system to manage their own classes and the school website to join forum discussions to exchange teaching ideas. Two teachers (Erhan Ma and Bing Li) shared their teaching experiences – engaging students, age appropriate teaching methods, and professional dedication. The teachers then worked in groups to finalize their teaching plans. Please click here to view pictures of all parents meeting and teacher training.

Parking Lot And Note to Parents

With the joining of many new families, we are running out of parking space close to the main entrance quickly. The administration team worked on this issue and now the west parking lot is added. School staff will open the entrance facing the west parking lot between 9:20 to 9:50 AM for your convenience. Other time please keep this entrance closed for safety issue.  Parents are encouraged to use this big parking lot.由于学生人数增加,原有停车场不够用。请大家使用学校西面的大停车场。早上9:20 到 9:50 有管理人员开专用进口,方便大家从C翼 进入教室。Please be noted that no parents are allowed to stay in classroom during teaching time. Last weeks we were reported by several teachers that some parents were insisted to stay in the classroom or hallway during the whole time. This is a distraction to teacher and students. It severely impacts teacher’s normal activities.

Registration Announcement

For parents who need to transfer or withdraw classes, please do it on-line. Use the “申请退转课”  on top right corner in our registration system (see picture below). The registration team will get back to you in one or two days.

For parents whose child registered the following culture classes

• Lego Robotic,
• Magic Jr & Sr.,
• Chess Jr. and Sr.
• Latin Dance

• Advanced Drawing (Oil/Acrylic)

• English Reading and WritingPlease check your account balance. These classes involves extra cost since we have to hire outside teachers/professionals. Please pay it on-line.

Culture Class and Classroom Changes

民族舞大班/Folk Dance Sr. Class – New

时间: 9:30-10:30
地点: Hall
We will start Folk Dance Sr. Class this coming Sunday. Folk Dance teacher is Weiting Zeng. Please register as soon as possible. Please click here for her bio.
Time: 9:30-10:30
Location: Hall

音乐欣赏课/Music Appreciation- Cancelled
Due to the teacher’s unavailability this year, the class is cancelled.

Classroom change
Please note the following class room change effective this coming Sunday.

李 冰              美洲华语 G4-3                                                             B212   10:30am-12:30pm
宋萍萍           马立平 G1-3                                                                 B216   9:30am-11:30am

黎皓               计算机画画小班 Computer Drawing Jr                   B216    11:30 – 12:30
雷明辉            折纸剪纸大班     Origami Sr.                                     B212    9:30 -10:30
李冰             爷爷奶奶英语   Grandparents English                C150    9:30 -10:30
Aihua Shea   油彩画大班/成人Advanced Drawing (Oil/Acylic)    C121    9:30 -10:30
Aihua Shea    中国画 Adult Art Club (Brush Painting)              C121    10:30 -11:30
徐纲              AP物理, AP Physics                                         C119    10:30 -12:30

Adult Classes/Clubs Starts this Sunday – Online Registration Open

Adult classes/clubs will start the 3rd week of school (9/22) and online registration is now open. Here is a list of available adult classes/clubs:

Chess Club 棋类俱乐部
Line Dance 队列舞
Latin Dance 拉丁舞
Folk Dance 民族舞
交谊舞 Adult ballroom Dancing
Meditation and Health 禅修与健康
武术 Martial Art (G4+ and Adult)
成人太极拳 Adult Tai Chi
Yoga 瑜珈
English Class for Grandparents 老年英语
中国画 Adult Brush
油彩画 Advanced Drawing

Please click here to view class placement, teacher and room.

Senior can take English Class for Grandparents and/or Taichi class free after paying $40 registration fee.  This registration fee cannot be carried over to other classes.  No further discount for other classes.

交谊舞 Adult Ballroom Dance 时间改为10:30-11:30. 地点:Hall (Close to the gym)
老师苏红是华夏资深舞蹈老师,2011 Constitution Sate Challenge 国际标准舞业余专业组合金牌级第一名. 老师简介.

Adult Ballroom Dance Schedule Change:
Adult Ballroom Dance schedule is changed to 10:30-11:30 at the Hall (close to gym). Ballroom Dance teacher is
our beloved dancing teacher Hone Su. Please click here for her bio.

Reminder – HXGNY Mid-Autumn Festival Party



HXGNY将于于9月22日下午12:30点到4点,在Croton Point Park举办中秋庆祝会,诚挚邀请大家共庆佳节。Croton Point Park 依傍Hudson River, 场地开阔,风景优美, 中央的凉亭子可保证活动风雨无阻,公园里有游乐场可供使用。届时我们会为大家提供午餐,饮料及月饼, 安排家长学生表演,组织多种趣味游艺活动: 拔河, 呼拉圈, 踢毽子, 投沙包, 三脚跑, 抢凳子, 钻竹竿,打气球, Parachute, face painting.  Adults can also enjoy fishing/crabbing by the lake.  大家可以带上毛毯、沙滩椅, 与家人、同学、新朋、老友共同欢庆中秋、享受午后。
方式一: 9月22日(本星期日)在学校购买餐厅可购买门票
方式二: 在网上购票 请您打印收据,凭收据到学校餐厅售票处换取门票。
活动的成功依赖志愿者的工作。我们志愿者帮助我们制备食品/饮料, BBQ,儿童活动。如果你能帮助, 请发送电子邮件qingclaire@gmail.com我们不胜感激!

TA Recruiting

We are in need of more teaching assistants. If your child is 14 years or older, please encourage them to sign up for volunteering at HXGNY. We also need 2 more adult TAs for Pre-K. Anybody who is interested in early childhood education can apply. Application Form link here.

Recap:  “中华之夜” Mets Baseball Pre-game Show
An Evening of Chinese Culture & Mid-Autumn Festival

应美中友好协会之邀,大纽约华夏中文学校舞蹈队非常荣幸于9月13日(星期五)晚 6:30 -7:00 pm 在Mets 棒球队主场为近四万棒球观众和全国电视观众展示中华文化风采,在2013第五届“中华之夜”中秋晚会上表演舞蹈节目。


美国中文网 (视频)

Community News: 2013 OCA Student Leadership Award Announcement

Dear Superintendent and Principal:

On behalf of OCA’s Westchester and Hudson Valley (OCA-WHV) Chapter, we are pleased to inform you that OCA-WHV will be sponsoring its 2013 Student Leadership Award. The award intends to honor outstanding high school students who have demonstrated meaningful involvement in serving the Asian American community and/or enthusiasm in learning Asian cultures, and who have a proven record in academic excellence and leadership in making a difference in their community.The award is open to all high school students in their junior and senior years. Up to three awardees will be selected by a committee appointed by the OCA-WHV board. The awardees will be honored at our annual Dynamic Achievers Award Banquet on November 02, 2013, at the Double Tree Hotel in Tarrytown, alongside with four adult outstanding Asian American leaders from the greater New York area.We would appreciate that you encourage your students to apply for this award, and nominate the deserving applicants for our consideration. The details on the award and the application and selection process are attached here for your information. Applications must be received by October 4th, 2013, either by mail at OCA Westchester/Hudson Valley, P.O. Box 541, White Plains, NY 10602, or via E-mail at SLA.OCA.WHV@gmail.comIf you have any questions, please feel free to contact the award committee at

Sincerely yours,

Jin Li, Grace Pan & Xin Zheng

Community News: WACA Outstanding Student Award 2013-2014 School Year‏

Dear Principals of Westchester Chinese Schools,It is my great pleasure to write to you on behalf of WACA – the Westchester Association of Chinese Americans, to call for your nomination of candidates from your school for “WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service Award” for 2013 – 2014 school year.WACA has offered the OSLCS Award to Chinese American students in the Westchester area since 2009. With enthusiastic participation from all local Chinese schools, the award program has served its mission and purpose very successfully. Last year three outstanding students were selected as recipients of the award.Please find attached two documents, “WACA OSLCS Award Program” and “WACA OSLCS Award Application Form,” which help explain the program’s purpose and procedures in more detail. The deadline for nomination of your school students is October 12, 2013.

I want to thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.  Besides Chinese New Year celebration and other traditional holiday observances, OSLCS Award Program is another core service offered by WACA to the Westchester community. We appreciate your active participation and support. By working together we can prepare our students for the future and make our community a better place to live in.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

Yours Sincerely,

Li Pan, VP-Event Planning

Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA)

Community News: Private Chinese Tutor Needed‏


Two HXGNY families with pre-K children are interested in private Chinese tutoring. One family lives in Dobbs Ferry, one lives in Rye Brook. If interested, please contact