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Oct 262012
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2012-2013 School Directory Cover Design Contest Submission Deadline Oct. 28:

Any artwork submitted must be student’s original design and creation, conceptualized and executed solely by the student. Submitted pieces must not have been published previously and may not be subject to the rights of any other party.

Two winners will be selected from all participating students by a group of judges. The winners’ artwork will be printed on the cover and bottom page of 2012-2013 Huaxia Chinese School of Great New York Communication Directory.

Please refer to the following requirements to start your design.

> Paper Size: 8.5” x 11” (letter size)
> Picture Dimension: 7.5” (W) x 9” (L) in portrait mode
> Color: black and white (shading is accepted)
> Print your name and class on the back of your design
> Submit your final artwork to the Information Desk by 10/28/2012

Halloween Parade (万圣节游行) This Sunday:

孩子们盼望已久的一年一度的万圣节就要到了。 家长会将于本周日,十月二十八日,11:20-11:40, 在C楼天井举办万圣节游行。学生将从靠近B楼的南侧门进入天井,从北门回到教学楼。如遇阴雨天气,游行队伍将绕行C楼走廊。学前班至三年级学生将以班为单位参加。欢迎小朋友们穿上万圣节服装参加游行。其他年级的学生可自愿、自由加入游行。家长会在游行终点发糖果。

PTA will organize a Halloween parade this Sunday (10/28/2012). between 11:20-11:40 in C Building Courtyard.  Students will enter the courtyard from the door near B Building, return through the north door. If we encounter inclement weather, the route will be the hallway along C building. Pre-K to 3rd grade will walk with their classes. Students are encouraged to wear costumes. Other grades, on voluntary basis, are also welcome to join as individuals or groups. Candies will be given out at the exit point.

2012 Hua Xia Mindsports(华夏智力运动会) Success:

10月21日,2012华夏中文学校智力运动会圆满落幕。我校自成立后第一次组队,共有七名队员参加了五个项目的比赛。尽管比赛地点路途较远,时间安排与校内考试冲突,但参赛的学生与家长克服了困难,取得了骄人的战绩。陆长元、刘运畴分获成人组象棋一、二名;许东升、Marty Tallan分获成人组国际象棋一、二名。感谢这七名队员展示了我们学校进取协作的精神风貌,期盼近期的校内比赛会带给大家更多的精彩。

On October 21, 2012 Huaxia Chinese School held Annual Mindsports at Bridgewater, New Jersey. Seven players from HXGNY participated in five games.  Overcoming various difficulties such as long- distance traveling and schedule conflict, our team members achieved remarkable results. Lu Changyuan, Liu Yunchou won 1st and 2ndplace respectively in Chinese Chess in adult group; Xu Dongsheng, Marty Tallan won 1st and 2nd place respectively in Chess contest. Congratulations to all the winners for their admirable achievement and sportsmanship.  Mindsports opens an excellent start to a series of in-school contests in the following weeks.

Class Updates:

Adult Fitness Class Starting this Sunday

HXGNY is excited to offer a new adult class, Fitness Dance, starting Oct 28th, from 11:30-12:30.  The class simplifies a wide variety dance moves and combines them into a set of fitness routine, and get you move with high energy and motivating music.  You will explore from hot Latin rhythm to Jazzy Broadway, from Line Dancing to Hip Pop, from Funk to Zumba.  Each class ends with yoga moves to stretch and calm both body and mind.  You will feel heart pumping, weight losing, body toning at the same time while dancing away your worries.  No experience is required and all ages welcome.   Please stop by Build C hallway by the student locks and try out and enjoy the fun this Sunday!

New pre-K Class open this Sunday

Due to strong demand for preK class and a lot of parents want to have a smaller class for little kids, HXGNY will open a new preK class this Sunday. Time and place will be 10:30AM-12:30PM at B228. If you want your kids to move to a smaller class and get more attention, or you know any other kids who might be interested in this class, please send an email to

The new preK teacher is Liu Min. She is young and energetic, very good with kids. She had a successful first session last Sunday. Click here for her Bio.

New Session of Lego Robotics Classes Start on Nov. 4.

Due to strong demand of Lego Robotic Classes, we will open the 2nd session of Lego Robotic Classes start from 11/04/2012.  Those who took Lego Robotic Classes before can transfer to any culture class for free. Each class costs $180.

There are four options for 2nd session of Lego Robotic Classes:
1) Photo Comics Creation: (4th grade and up);
2) LEGO® Mindstorms® NXT Robotics Engineering: (4th Grade and up);
3) Stop-motion Animated Movie Making: (4th grade and up);
4) WeDo Robots: (1st to 3rd grade).
Please click here for more detailed descriptions of the classes.

Class is limited to 12 kids. Please register promptly at

Financial Seminar (金融知识讲座) This Sunday in Cafeteria:

本周日(10/28/2012) 10:00-11:30AM, 在WPHS餐厅将有一个家庭金融知识讲座, 由独立经纪人孙海洪博士主讲。讲座内容涉及与许多家庭过去现在和未来可能密切相关的各种财务规划问题。诸如,如何准备孩子大学教育经费又不会影响申请政府/大学提供的教育经费支助;退休计划的管理战略;房屋贷款策略;投资的几大原则;合理省税途径,以及2013年新税法对我们的影响.

This Sunday from 10:00-11:30AM in cafeteria, Dr. Sun, an independent broker who works for many financial companies like Prudential, Fidelity, Transamerica, Jackson, Nationwide and Pacific life, will offer a seminar on Family Financial Planning. It will address questions and concerns you might have for your family, such as, college education funding strategy, retirement account management, strategy for mortgage loan, principles for investment, tax reduction and the impact of new tax law in 2013.

HXGNY PTA disclaims any responsibility for contents of any seminars held at HXGNY other than those involving PTA affairs.

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PTA News:

“快乐童年,唱响未来”小歌手比赛(Young Singer Contest)

音乐是灵动的语言,让歌声为孩子开创更丰富,更有感染力的生命开端。 为培养孩子们的艺术素养,提升自信和舞台表现力,大纽约华夏中文学校家长会将于11月4日13:00-15:00 举办“快乐童年,唱响未来”小歌手比赛。比赛细则和报名表请点击这里。如果您的孩子有兴趣参赛, 请填妥报名表格,交到学校咨询台或以电子邮件方式发送到, 注明为“小歌手比赛”。10月31日18:00报名截止

Music is a language of the soul.  It is every parent’s hope to fill children’s life with the tunes of love and harmony, let music reverberate in their childhood.  To promote students’ self confidence, artistic expression and stage performance skills, PTA of Huaxia Chinese School at Greater New York will host the 2012 HXGNY Young Singer Competition on 11/04 between 1:00 to 3:00 pm.  Click here for rules and application form. If your child is interested, please fill out the form and return it to the school information desk or email it with “singer contest” in the subject.  Registration deadline is 10/31, 6:00 pm.


Sports Club News:


第一届HXGNY俱乐部杯网球公开赛于上周日圆满结束。经过小组赛和淘汰赛激烈争夺,最后Eugene Shen获得男子公开赛冠军,Li Liu第二名,Litong Du和Tao Zhao并列第三名。女子比赛也非常精彩,Lu Marino力胜Carol Wang夺得第一,Carol Wang屈居亚军,Mei Lau获得第三名。在此祝贺获胜选手并感谢HXGNY PTA和各位参赛选手的大力支持。(比赛图片请点击这里

Swimming Club:

Pool is closed for maintenance now and will be open as soon as it’s ready. The missed hours will be added back later with two-hour sessions, or a refund will be made based on the number of sessions.  Seasonal passes will cover all the sessions for the entire academic year till June 2013.  The total number of seasonal passes will be tightly controlled.  Daily pass will be sold only if seasonal pass holders have been accommodated, and thus will not be guaranteed. Please contact Jessie Li ( for seasonal pass information and pool rules.

Gyms News:

Two GYMs will open on 10/28.

Per WPHS request, please do not keep any gym exit doors open throughout school sessions.  Use only the door designated for HXGNY for entrance.


Student Corner 2nd Issue(小语世界第二期):


希望大家积极投稿。请老师们鼓励学生积极投稿。 稿件请寄。谢谢大家的支持!小语世界第二期请点击这里