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Dec 142012
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圣诞舞会,欢庆佳节,共度浪漫 (Christmas Dancing Party: Celebrating the Holiday Season)!!!

日期: 2012年12月15日(星期六); 时间: 7:00-10:00pm; 地点: Cafeteria

圣诞节即将来临,我们将举办一个面向全体人员的圣诞舞会。在这个祝福的季节,让我们聚在一起,共同走过最浪漫的人生舞步。热烈欢迎所有感兴趣的老师,学生,家长,父母和朋友们积极参加. 舞会将以交谊舞为主导,外加中场休息期间少量的迪斯科,部分舞曲会有专人伴唱,如果您愿意用自己美妙的歌声为大家助兴,请与我们联系, 我们会把歌单寄给你,助你准备. 在舞会开始之初,几位特邀嘉宾会为你表演精彩的舞蹈节目。未按时买票者可于现场购买,票价8元。凭票可领一份饮料加点心,额外的饮料和点心可于现场购买。12岁以下孩子可免费入场,我们会为孩子们提供单独的娱乐活动。敬请各位届时光临.

Date: Dec.15th, 2012 (Saturday); Time: 7:00-10:00pm; Location: Cafeteria

It’s the season to be jolly! We will hold a Christmas Dancing Party celebrating the holidays. Let us come together, enjoy music, friendship and share the season’s spirit. Everyone is welcome!!! Ballroom dance music will be the main menu with disco music for break time. Specially invited singers will accompany some music. If you would like to highlight your charming voice, please contact us by, and we will send you the music list for preparation. Wonderful dancing shows will be performed by invited guests at the beginning of the party. Tickets will be available on site($8.00 per ticket). Each ticket holder will get one drink and a snack. Additional drinks and snacks will be on sale during the party. Children under 12 years can join the party for free, and we will provide engaging entertainment for them separately. We are looking forward to seeing all of you.

Education Seminar This Sunday:

Prof. Frank Zhu (邾立志教授), a member of our Advisory Board, will give a presentation for our teachers and parents this Sunday. His topic will be “Random Thoughts on Chinese and American Cultures and How Cultural Differences Impact Language Acquisition.” At 2012 HuaXia Teachers’ Conference last month, Prof. Zhu’s presentation on a similar topic was enthusiastically received by the conference attendees. We would like to welcome everyone to join us for an illuminating seminar. Date: 12/16 (This Sunday), Time: 10am-12pm, Location: Cafeteria.

Education Excellence Committee Update:

Our school has successfully formed an Education Excellence Committee (abbreviated as Education Committee). The committee members are consisted of board members, administration team members, PTA members and general parents. This mission of the education committee is to help our school to continuously improve education quality. The committee will assist school leadership in improving teaching and learning environment, developing quality assessments and providing consultations on future directions. The first general meeting is scheduled on 12/14 (This Friday). Everyone is welcome and is encouraged to provide the committee with any suggestions and comments. The contact email to the committee We sincerely appreciate all volunteers’ contributions to our school.

The committee members are as follows:
教法小组: 张明宝(组长), 林宇,  黄 岳, 马尔罕, 周薇, 徐俊, 周菁
评估小组: 陈敏(组长),  徐云宁, 李谦云, 傅云, 许婷, 史林, 庞晓东
文化小组: 吴莉华(组长), 焦世强, 萧德蕾, 梁波, 都文伟, 陶叶, 刘雅文



一年级:一等奖:张楚玥; 二等奖:冯一苇; 三等奖:Julia Wang
二年级:一等奖:廖晓安; 二等奖:刘思源; 三等奖:刁大卫,刘吉麟
三年级:一等奖:徐翰轩; 二等奖:张楚维; 三等奖:Jessica Wang

四年级以上(含四年级):一等奖:郑芷兰; 二等奖:吴奕康,Victor Cai; 三等奖:陆尔希,徐翰扬,颜睿奇

一年级:张楚玥,冯一苇,Julia Wang; 二年级:廖晓安,刘思源,沈之翔; 三年级:徐翰轩,张楚维,Jessica Wang


School Directory Will be Distributed This Sunday:

If you have not picked up your family copy last Sunday, please go to Cafeteria Information desk this Sunday between 9:45am and 12pm.

Thanks and Giving:

As we pause to count our blessings during this special time of year, we give our sincere gratitude to our dedicated teachers and selfless volunteers. We are thankful for your trust in our school.

The holiday season is also a season of giving. This is the time you will consider give donations to various worthy causes. We appeal to you that HXGNY is worthy of your support. As a school and as a community, HXGNY needs your support for its continued effort to improve our children’s Chinese education experiences. Our school, Huaxia Chinese School of Greater New York, Inc., is a not-for-profit organization registered in the state of New York. The Tax ID will be available upon request by email to from potential donors. Thank you for your support.

Safety Reminder:

Please don’t drop off/pick up between the North Street entrance and parking lot entrance.  You can drive further ahead for drop off/pick up. Otherwise you will block the traffic.

Best Regards,



Community News:

Research Participation Information:

Elizabeth Cai,  a senior at Princeton University and a HXNY alumni, is conducting a study on 8-10 year old Chinese American children as part of her senior thesis. She has served as the president of the Chinese Students Association at Princeton University and founded a club that mentors Chinese American adoptees in the area.

She will be distributing consent forms for parents this weekend and would greatly appreciate your participation. For detail about her project, please click here.

Gyms News:

Both Gyms will be available this Sunday.

Per WPHS request, please do not keep any gym exit doors open throughout school sessions. Use only the door designated for HXGNY for entrance.

Student Corner Special Edition(小语世界专集):

本期小语世界出版七年级美洲华语班专集 《中国童玩游戏日》(下), 由林宇老师指导, 本期编辑雷瀚。小语世界专集《中国童玩游戏日》(下)请点击这里