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Jan 052013
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新年快乐!Happy New Year!

Education Seminar (子女教育经验专题交流) This Sunday in Cafeteria:

Dr. Bonnie Liao (廖冰博士) will give an education seminar titled “No more fight at home” this Sunday in cafeteria starting from 9:45am.

How to raise children to be whom we want them to be? How to support our children to be whom they want to be? Can we truly get along with our children? How can we change ourselves to start appreciating our children? … These and many other questions from parents of children of all ages, especially the teenagers, will be discussed and explored.

廖冰博士,2002年5月,创建非营利英华语言学校,成为东部唯一一所具有MSA-CESS认证的社区学校;2007年5月,创建非营利英华国际学校,全美最先融合中英双语与国际化探究式教育相结合的小学;自2004年,担任新州父母子女教育俱乐部总顾问,为华人父母提供一个学习和讨论的平台, 不断提高个人和子女情商,开发智商,增进和子女的交流。自2004年创建非营利“英华在北京”语言与领导能力暑期班以来,每年亲自带领美国青少年在北京学习并为贫困学生服务;2012年又创建英华普林斯顿语言和国际领导力暑期学院,带领来自非英语国家的学生在美国劳伦斯威尔私立高中进行学习与实践。2007年从美林证券公司辞职,致力于教学及创建非营利教育项目。

Lego Robotics Demo This Sunday in H-Room from 10:30am-12pm:

Computer Adventures LLC will give a demo class this Sunday in H-Room from 10:30am -12pm. Our school is planning to open 12- session Technology Enrichment Classes in the Spring semester starting 2/17/2013 if there is enough enrollment. Please come to find out more about these classes and click here for detailed information.

Senior Technology Class – 9:30am to 10:30am for students Ages 9 to 14 (Grade 4 to 8): Computer Arcade Game Creation
Utilizing GameMaker software, our teachers will guide the student through every step of developing a customized functional game, including drag-and-drop programming, designing multiple levels and adding features of a real arcade-style video game.  Students will learn about creating sprites, objects events and actions, and design their own rooms/levels. This camp is perfect for beginners, as well as for returning students who want to add on to their previously created game or create a new one. *Students take home a CD with their games, the GameMaker software and our game-making resources files.

Junior Technology Class – 11:30am to 12:30am for students Ages 6 to 8 (Grade 1 to 3): Stop-motion Animated Movie Making
Lights…Camera…Action!  Using stop-motion animation and digital post-production editing, students will produce LEGO® movies much like the “brickfilms” viewed on YouTube.  Students will learn about developing creative storytelling techniques, incorporating visual and audio special effects. No experience is necessary and you can take this class as many times as you like. *Students take home a CD with the stop-motion software and movies at the end of the class.


日期: 2013年1月27日 (星期日); 时间: 1:00-3:30pm; 地点: Cafeteria

围棋起源于中国,不仅对人脑的智力开发和锻炼大有裨益,而且蕴含着中国文化博大精深的哲学内涵。为推动社区围棋活动,在春节来临之际,我们决定举办面向全体人员的2013年冬季围棋竞赛。活动由美国应昌期围棋教育中心(AIGC)资助。我们热烈欢迎所有感兴趣的老师,学生,家长和朋友们参加。参赛者将按年龄分为成人组 (18岁以上) 和少儿组 (18岁以下), 少儿组再按年龄和围棋水平分为高级班和初级班。请参赛者填妥报名表格(请点击这里并在上课期间交到学校咨询台或以电子邮件方式发送到,报名截止期为118(期五)。比赛将由我们的围棋老师唐洁六段主持评判。我们将为所有参赛者颁发纪念证书和奖品,为优胜者提供特别奖励。敬请各位届时光临。

Winter Go Tournament, Develop Mind Sports and Expand Chinese Culture!  

Date:  Jan 27th, 2013 (Sunday); Time: 1:00-3:30pm; Location: Cafeteria

Go (weiqi) is originated from ancient China.  It is not only beneficial for intellectual development, but also rich in profound philosophical connotation of Chinese culture.  To promote Go practices in our community, we will host an all-member Winter Go Tournament, sponsored by American Ing Chang-Ki Go Educational Center (AIGC).  Everyone is welcome to join us.  Participants will register in Adult (≥ 18 years) or Youth (<18 years) group.  The Youth group will be further divided into Senior and Junior sections based on age and Go skill level. To register, please fill out the registration form (please click here), drop off the form at school information desk during school hours, or email us at The registration deadline is Jan 18th, 2013 (Friday).  The tournament will be judged by Go Teacher Ms Jie Tang (6 Dan). Each participant will be awarded with certificate and souvenir; the winners will receive additional prizes. We are looking forward to seeing you at the tournament.

Student Corner 9th Edition(小语世界第九期):

本期小语世界出版二年级一班专集 《快乐的感恩节》, 由李谦云老师指导, 本期编辑雷瀚,雷博 。小语世界第九期请点击这里


Best Regards,



Safety Reminder:

Please don’t drop off/pick up between the North Street entrance and parking lot entrance.  You can drive further ahead for drop off/pick up. Otherwise you will block the traffic.

Gyms News:

Only one gym (South Gym) will be available this Sunday. The other gym will be used by WPHS. Please plan accordingly.

Per WPHS request, please do not keep any gym exit doors open throughout school sessions. Use only the door designated for HXGNY for entrance.

Community News:

Research Participation Information This Sunday:

Elizabeth Cai,  a senior at Princeton University and a HXNY alumni, is conducting a study on 8-10 year old Chinese American children as part of
her senior thesis. She has served as the president of the Chinese Students Association at Princeton University and founded a club that mentors Chinese American adoptees in the area.

She will be distributing consent forms for parents this weekend and would greatly appreciate your participation. If you already received the consent form in December, please get your child’s signature and return the form to Elizabeth this Sunday. The survey now can be completed online, please click here for the survey. For detail about her project, please click here.

Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA)

癸巳年迎春晚会The Chinese New Year Celebration 2013

To usher in the Year of the Snake, WACA will hold the upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration from 2:00 pm to 9:30 pm on Saturday, February 2, 2013, at New Rochelle High School (265 Clove Road, New Rochelle, NY 10801). For detailed information about this event, please click here or visit

Tickets will be sold at HXGNY in H-room this Sunday and can be purchased at
Early bird prices if purchased by Jan. 29, 2013: $25/adult, $15/senior (65 years & up) or $15/child (3-12 years);
After Jan. 29, 2013: $30/adult, $20/senior or $20/child after January 29th.