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Mar 022013
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本周日华夏大纽约中文学校辩论赛选拔赛培训 (HXGNY Speech Contest Training This Sunday): 

为了迎接华夏中文学校的辩论赛(将于4/22/2013举行)原定于3/3/2013的华夏大纽约分校选拔赛将改为培训课。黄岳老师将围绕如何 准备3分钟陈述对参赛者进行一次集中指导和训练。选拔赛将于3/10/2013举行。请感兴趣的同学在Information Desk (H-Room)报名或Email to 截止日期:3/2/2013.


2013 华夏辩论比赛辩论题目:

本周日华夏大纽约花灯节 (HXGNY Lantern Festival This Sunday) at H-room:

上周日参加华夏大纽约唐装日/元宵节华灯游行游行的自制灯笼将在本周日在大厅展出评选优胜者。灯笼将在放学后交还本人。评分将参照以下四个方面:1. 作品完整,做工细致;2. 创意新颖,形式活泼;3. 造型美观,材料环保;4. 主题鲜明,情趣健康。请大家参加花灯节。

All homemade lanterns collected from last week’s HXGNY Chinese costume day/lantern parade will be exhibited at this Sunday’s HXGNY Lantern Competition in the cafeteria. The winners will receive a special award. Lanterns will be returned after school. The lanterns will be scored on the following aspects: 1. Completeness and workmanship; 2. Novelty and liveliness of form; 3. Shape of lantern and environmental friendliness of material; 4. Theme. Please join the HXGNY Lantern Festival.

本周日讲座: 禅与科学的交会(Seminar: Intersection of Zen and Science)    This Sunday 10AM-11:30AM at Cafeteria.

科学发展日新月异,然而科学的本质却从未改变。 为了探索现象背后的本质,我们运用大脑,建构严谨且可被验证的理论与实验,形成了知识。古人学禅,试图达到天地人合一的境界,藉此开启宇宙本有的智慧。大脑,身体,心念此时处于什么样的状态呢?科学如何解释这种状态呢? 禅与科学的交会将会让您耳目一新。(有兴趣者可点击这里参考相关资料。) 请点击这里看讲座信息。

主讲人:廖家腾禅师。廖老师是一个非常有成就的禅师 ,他来自台湾,修禅十几年, 曾经帮助近两万人解除身心灵的疾苦。他不仅对传统的禅有深入的研究,同时也广泛涉猎量子物理学,天文学,心理学和医学.

Linda Wu, 数理经济学博士,首创华夏“禅修与健身”课,深受学员欢迎。2008 年开始学习禅修,深为禅之魅力所吸引。现为菩提禅修三级禅师。

Meditation has been capturing scientists’ fancy for decades. A large volume of studies has documented that meditation benefits human mind and body. What is a meditation state? Can science explain the meditation state? The intersection of Zen and Science will refresh your senses. You can click here for related research. Please click here for seminar flyer.

Speakers: Teacher Liao is a highly accomplished Meditation Master. He had practiced meditation for dozens of years. He also has extensive interest in Quantum Physics, Astronomy, Psychology and Medical Science. He is currently retired and is a full-time volunteer at New York Bodhi Meditation Center.

Linda Wu, Started Bodhi Meditation in 2008 and was deeply attracted by the wisdom in Chan. She is currently level III Bodhi meditation instructor. She has a Ph. D in Mathematical Economics and is a CFA.

Student Corner 15th Edition(小语世界第十五期)

本期小语世界出版八年级美洲华语/标准中文班(指导老师陈敏)的作文选二。 本期编辑尹渭博。小语世界十五请点击这里


Recap 上周日华夏大纽约元宵游行(HXGNY Lantern Parade Last Sunday):

二月二十四日不仅是春节之后的第一个节日,元宵节,也迎来了华夏大纽约中文学校的第一次唐装日和华灯游行。孩子们成群结队,环绕着学校,向人们展示着各式各样的灯笼,色彩鲜明的唐装。 游行结束时的礼物包则更是孩子们的最爱。老师们也不失时机地向学生们介绍中国元宵节这一传统的千百年历史,比起万圣节来,两场游行可说各擅专场,这也让学生有机会对两种文化对照比较、兼收并蓄。


02/24 not only marked the first major holiday after the Chinese New Year, but also witnessed the first Chinese Costume Day and Lantern Parade in Huaxia Greater New York Chinese School. In teams and groups, children walked around the school, showcasing colorful dresses and a variety of lanterns. The goody bag given at the end of the parade, of course, was the best part . Teachers also took the opportunity to tell students the thousand-year history of this Chinese tradition.  The Halloween parade and the Lantern Parade each had its own flavor, which gave students an opportunity to compare and to appreciate the uniqueness of different cultures.

Please click here for Lantern Parade video and click here for Lantern Parade photos.

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Safety Reminder:

Please don’t drop off/pick up between the North Street entrance and parking lot entrance.  You can drive further ahead for drop off/pick up. Otherwise you will block the traffic.

Please do not park in the circle area when the parking spots on your right are full.  This area is reserved for fire department.  You may exit and use the parking lot facing North Street or Parking Lot A at the north side of the buildings.

Gyms News:

We will have only one gym (South Gym)  available till the end of March. The other gym will be used by WPHS. Please plan accordingly.

Per WPHS request, please do not keep any gym exit doors open throughout school sessions. Use only the door designated for HXGNY for entrance.

Community News:

YINGHUA in Beijing
2012 Language & Leadership Summer Institute
June 24 – July 21, 2013

The YingHua Language School is proud to offer its highly successful 4-week Chinese language program in 2013 in Beijing, China – for students between 8 and 18 years old. In its 10th year of operation, the program is co-organized by the Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School, a nonprofit educational organization approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Yanjing will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating all activities under the direction and guidance of YingHua.

Please click here for program flyer and program brochure. Website:www.yinghuasummer.orgEmailinfo@yinghua.orgTel(609)530-0399.

Dispelling the Myth of the Tiger Mother

家庭教育专著《哈佛两姐妹》英文版:“The Chinese-American Method: Raising Our Children with the Best of Both Worlds”已经由Trafford Publishing出版,在Amazon 和 Barnes & Noble 均有出售。作者汪小武博士和胡琳老师在书中提出了一种融洽的,发人深省的养育孩子策略。Please click here for a bit more detail about their book.