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Mar 232013
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本周日专题讲座(Seminar This Sunday): 音乐经典欣赏(Classic Music Appreciation)
时间(Time): 10AM – 11AM, 地点(Location): Cafeteria

音乐经典(Music Humanities)是西方文化的基本组成部分之一。在欧美培养知识精英的一流大学中,是每一个大学生的核心必修课(Core Curriculum)。这个专题讲座使参与者更多地了解西方文化,并有助于培养子女成为知识精英.

主 讲人陈成钧,纽约市哥伦比亚大学应用物理与应用数学系资深研究员、兼任教授,主讲两门研究生课程:Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 和 Physics of Solar Energy,并做有关的研究。从小学起,在上海学钢琴和西方古典音乐。初中时曾跟随著名作曲家程懋筠学习作曲。 高中时曾是上海音乐协会创作组成员,并在上海工人文化宫担任合唱团钢琴伴奏。在北京大学上学时曾是北大学生会管弦乐队队长及指挥。2004-07 在汉堡大学任访问教授时曾跟随德国钢琴家 Irinina Gerassimez进修钢琴。前几年在威郡音乐学院与俄国钢琴家Svetlana Gorovchenko 进修钢琴。

本周日儿童探奇系列知识讲座II (Little Wonder Seminar Series For Children II This Sunday):
时间(Time): 12:45 PM ;  地点: Cafeteria

孩童的好奇心是人生瑰宝之一。为了鼓励和培养孩童的好奇心, 中文学校自三月十日开始主办儿童探奇系列科学知识讲座. 内容包括自然科学与人文科学的诸多方面。

正如其他所有中文学校活动,我们需要家长的大力支持与帮助。我们需要更多家长来为孩子们讲授各种知识。主题可包括自然科学与人文科学的各个方面。 请有兴趣的家长与Sarah Zhang<> or Linda Wu <> 联系。 谢谢支持!

Children learn by asking questions. To foster their curiosity and enthusiasm, HXGNY will host a series of science seminars for children.

As with all activities in our school, we need support from parents. We need more parents to come here to talk about science and any other interesting subjects with our children. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Zhang <> or Linda Wu <>. Thank you for your support!

Our second education seminar will be presented by Tiger Tang regarding the Ancient Greek Myth:What was Ancient Greek?  Who were the mighty Greek gods?  Who were the Greek heroes in the ancient Grecian myths?  What about the different city states of ancient Greece?  What were they and why are they important?  These are some of the questions that will be explored about the mysteries of ancient Greece.

Registration: Please email to register.School will order pizza lunch for the parents to purchase. Please state how many slices of pizza you will order.

Student Corner 17th Edition (小语世界第十七期)

本期小语世界出版马立平三年级二班作文选, 指导老师韩晓英。 本期编辑陈钰瑶。小语世界十七期请点击这里


Reminder: No School next Sunday on 3/31/2013

3/31/2013 is Easter Sunday. We will have no school next Sunday on 3/31/2013.

第十五届华夏田径运动会通知 (15th Annual HuaXia Track and Field Competition):
时间(Time):2013年5月5日(星期日) ; 
地点:华夏东部分校 East Brunswick High School, 380 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816


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Safety Reminder:

Please don’t drop off/pick up between the North Street entrance and parking lot entrance.  You can drive further ahead for drop off/pick up. Otherwise you will block the traffic.

Please do not park in the circle area when the parking spots on your right are full.  This area is reserved for fire department.  You may exit and use the parking lot facing North Street or Parking Lot A at the north side of the buildings.

Gyms News:

We will have only one gym (South Gym)  available till the end of March. The other gym will be used by WPHS.

Please be advised that North GYM and South GYM will not be available on 4/7/2013, due to the Engineering Expo that will be held the White Plains High School. Please plan accordingly.

Per WPHS request, please do not keep any gym exit doors open throughout school sessions. Use only the door designated for HXGNY for entrance.

Community News:

10th Annual Lower Hudson Engineering EXPO:
Sunday April 7th, 2013, White Plains High School

Attention High School & Middle School Students!
Save the day: April 7th, 2013.

LEARN about career opportunities in the engineering field and about career opportunities in fields from bridge and building design to the world of nanotechnology and biochemical. Learn about college curriculum offerings, admission requirements and financial aid information.

MEET representatives of over 40 of the region’s leading learning institutions including Rutgers, Cornell, Columbia, Penn State, Villanova, RPI and SUNY.

DISCOVER aisles of interactive displays and exhibits focusing on engineering and higher learning opportunities to help you meet the challenges of today’s economic uncertainties.

Click here for event flyers.

Please be advised that the H Cafeteria, North GYM and South GYM will not be available on 4/7/2013, due to the Engineering Expo that will be held at the the above areas of the White Plains High School.