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Sep 072012
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HXGNY First Day of School:

Sept. 9, 9:30am-12:30PMWhite Plains High School
550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605



Campus Location: 学校地址在White Plains High School,550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605。我校师生可专用B楼侧门进出,从路口转入校园即可看到。HXGNY将使用B楼的全部教室和C楼的部分教室,各楼之间均由室内通道连接。进门后,家长可直达作为休息区的Cafeteria和宽敞明亮的H-Room. B楼教室环绕H-Room,分处一楼和二楼。从一楼经回廊,可到达C楼的教室。(See Maps: school layout mapschool floor map)
学校办公室设在H-Room. 请教师、助教和值班家长在签到台签到。您有疑问,可以在进口处的咨询台、Cafeteria的注册台,以及H-Room的办公室得到解答。
Class placement, Teacher and Room
  Detailed information about your child’s class placement, teacher and classroom, click here.
Tuition payment is due:If you have already registered, tuition payment is due. If you have not done already, please mail in your tuition as soon as possible so that the school will receive your payment by Saturday 9/8/2012. Tuition check should be payable to “HXGNY” with registration ID number written on your check and mail to: HXGNY, P.O. Box 583, Purchase, NY 10577 -0583.
Textbook Distribution Procedures:Students with their tuition check received on or before Saturday 09/08 can get the textbooks in class.  The class parent will deliver the books directly.
If you decide to pay tuition on the 1st day of school, you need to go to the registration desk (Cafeteria) first to pay and get a permission slip before you can go to the textbook distribution desk for your children’s textbook. Please come to school 15 minutes earlier to avoid unnecessary delay on the 1st day of school.
If you have not registered your children and want to, please go to website: and click on Enroll tap.

助教招募中 TA Recruiting:

We are in need of more teaching assistants. If your child is 14 years or older, please encourage them to sign up for volunteering at HXGNY.  Application Form Link Here.

Items Needed for the pre-K program

We would like to ask HXGNY community to consider donating the following items to the preschool program:
·  Puzzles: tabletop – 10-30 pieces; giant floor puzzles
·  Board games: Candyland, connect four, I spy bingos, etc.
·  Math games: Mighty Mind pattern blocks, Legos, etc.
·  Pretend play: dress up cloths, tea sets, pretend food, etc.

If you would like to donate, please contact Dean Mingbao Zhang

Email list will be updated:

We are in the process of updating our email address list for future communications with HXGNY community. If you are not a registered member of HXGNY but are interested in receiving our newsletters, please email:

Best Regards,



Adult Classes/Clubs Online Registration Open:
Adult classes/clubs will start the 3rd week of school and online registration is now open.
Here is a list of available adult classes/clubs:
Chess Club 棋类俱乐部
Chorus Club 合唱
Cooking  烹饪
Line Dance  队列舞
Meditation and Health  禅修与健康
I Liq Chuan/Qigong  意力拳/气功
Tai Ji 太极
Yoga  瑜珈
CSL 中文(为不说中文的成人开设)
Parenting Book Club (free)  亲子读书俱乐部 (免费)
Sports Club (fee will be determined based on enrollment and facility charges)  体育俱乐部 (费用待定)
Sports facilities and Sports Clubs News: Gym will be available on 9/9/2012, please bring your own equipment.Our facility use agreement has already covered gym for basketball, volleyball, and badminton use. Soccer team could use the external field. To better assist parents who need to access to tennis court and swimming pool, we are collecting headcounts. Some parents already contacted us for their interests on joining sports club such as Tennis, Badminton and Swimming. Please contact Office General Manager Mr. Jiajun Wu ( if you have interest. We will coordinate the reservation of these facilities accordingly. The rate for our school will be $75/hour (plus lifeguard) for pool and $15/hour per court for tennis court. More participants will help reduce the cost for individuals. Each sports team will coordinate among the participants on use rules and responsibilities.

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