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Sep 212012
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Dear  HXGNY Teachers,

I have created accounts for each of you at our site,  please login and update your profile.

Also there should be invitations from your teaching class asking you to join the group, please accept the invitation.  Later on we will promote you to the admin of your class group.  Then you can put more information into your group, such as updating “description”, updating “avatar” which is the group picture。

We have added most of your student’s parent logins into your class group,  so you guys can have private conversation within that group.  Yes,  all the content within your group, includes Forum topics/reples/comments will not be view-able by any user outside your group.  Please verify the list with the actual list who is really in you class, either remove student parent from the group or add new ones.

Please check instructions at

and instructions for general members at

If you indeed wish publish message to the whole site,  then you can use public forums under “Education Discussion” or “Build the community”.

If you wish to edit your own teacher’s information page on our site,  please send email to, we will assign the right to you.

Send email to for any question and help.




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