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Aug 292012
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八月二十五日,大纽约华夏中文学校在Pepsico Park举办了家长读书俱乐部野餐会。 在风景秀丽的公园里,大家品尝着各家的厨艺,孩子们在一起尽情玩耍,老人在一起谈天说地, 家长们则更多的聚在一起讨论育儿心得,YingHua Language School and YingHua International School创始人廖冰博士, Parents and Children Education (PCE) Club 主席黄敏女士 和家长们一起探讨了孩子成长教育中经常遇到的种种问题。 兄弟姐妹之间打架怎么办,如何教孩子做家务,孩子不喜欢乐器,何时需要劝导,何时需要顺其自然,团体运动对孩子性格培养到底有多重要,父母们关心的问题林 林总总,却又如此相似。 在整个下午,人们收获的不但是孩子的笑声,家长的友情,更有子女教育经验的分享。 


On August 25, Hua Xia Greater New York (HXGNY) had a picnic at the picturesque and tranquil Pepsico Sculpture Garden in Purchase, New York.

Dr. Bonnie Liao, founder of YingHua Language School and YingHua International School in New Jersey and Parents and Children Education (PCE) Club Advisor, conducted lively and interactive discussions on parenting philosophies and strategies. The focus was on how to build a warm relationship with your child. Ms. Min Huang, the president of PCE Club, also shared with parents her personal parenting stories. Ms. Huang and Dr. Liao shared a lot of parenting ideas/ methods. For information on PCE Club, please visit

Many more parents and their families showed up for the potluck. Some HXGNY administrative and PTA members turned out to meet and greet everyone, and to answer inquiries about the new school. We truly had a feast with a variety of delicious homemade cuisines and deserts. With great weather, serene surroundings, pleasant conversations and companies, it was an auspicious beginning for HXGNY community.

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