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  • 华夏大纽约中文学校自2012建校, 已成长为美东三州地区(纽约,新泽西,康州)规模最大的中文学校。
  • 校址位于Edgemont High School。
  • 每年九月到六月, 毎周日上午九点半到下午十二点半上课。
  • 学制从亲子班到九年级毕业,还可继续选修高级中文班。另有三个级别的中英双语班。 中文课程之外,学生可同时选修多种文化课及课外班。
  • 学生大部分来自华裔家庭,也包括一些美国,印度,日本,韩国,越南等家庭。
  • 学校同时为家长,老人提供丰富的文化课及俱乐部活动。
  • 校内定期组织各种主题讲座, 沙龙,聚会等文化活动, 是社区重要文化活动中心。
  • 华夏大纽约中文学校是一个501(c)(3) 非盈利机构,运作完全依靠志愿者们无偿的奉献,学生家庭以及各界捐款赞助。

Huaxia Chinese Academy of Greater New York (HXGNY) is a non-profit organization, focusing on teaching Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture.  Our school is committed to educating students to be competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese, as well as being appreciative of Chinese heritage.  Language and culture education is our primary mission, which is complemented by our commitment to serve local communities with Chinese as Secondary Language (CSL) program and various adult culture classes.

The school offers Chinese language classes from Pre-Kindergarten to Ninth grade, supplemented by AP Chinese class and a three-year CSL Program.  The school is well known for culture class offering, which covers six areas: art, sports, ivy track academics, technology, humanities and traditional Chinese culture.  For the current year, we offer 44 language classes and 80 culture courses.  In addition, the school provides rich selection for adults in sports, choreography, vocal, etc. totaling over 20 classes and clubs.  The school also serves as a community culture center.  Every year, we host more than 20 events and activities, promoting Chinese culture and language learning.  In collaboration with other institutes, the school administers summer programs, and a math program after regular school hours.

Huaxia Chinese School of Greater New York is the largest Chinese school in great New York area.  The school has been reported by various local and digital media. In 2014, our school was certified by Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China as their first collaborating school in east coast. From year 2012 to 2019, the school has been an award winning institute recognized by Westchester County government for our contribution to the community.

  • Location: Edgemont High School, 200 White Oak Ln, Scarsdale, NY 10583
  • Hours: Sunday 9:30AM-12:30PM
  • InSession: September through June (31 weeks)
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  • Mailing Address:Huaxia Chinese Academy of Greater New York (HXGNY), PO BOX 583, Purchase, NY 10577