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Sep 082015
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Sep 27 School Picnic at Ridge Road Park
Sep 27 School Picnic at Ridge Road Park
Price: $10.00
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本月学校秋季野餐聚会 Sep 27 School Picnic at Ridge Road Park 本月 9月27日 (周日) 中文学校将在 Ridge Road Park 公园举办秋季野餐聚会, 12:30 – 4 PM. 我们会为大家提供午餐,安排学生和家长的表演,组织多种趣味游艺活动. 预订的中央凉亭可保证活动风雨无阻,并有附设的游乐场可供使用。本次并将提供小朋友们喜爱的Air Giant Slide。

1. 还未买票的家长,可以周日在学校B楼入口处购买。 票价10元/人, 3岁以下儿童免费,  4 岁及4岁以上需购票。9月27日当天购票票价每人$12. 已在网上订票的家长,请凭收据在售票处换取实体票。
2. 由于参加活动人数很多,公园配备的桌椅不敷使用, 请家长们带上自家的折叠椅、野餐篷布备用。

3. 到达公园入口时,请跟着指示牌到达停车场,停车免费。

4.  公园地址为:287 Ridge Rd, Hartsdale, NY 10530。

Please read the following reminders for the picnic:

–       If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, please do so on Sunday morning, at the B building entrance ticketing table.  The ticket prices is 10$/person, free for kids under 3 years old.  Same day tickets will be $12 each.  If you have purchased tickets online already, please exchange your receipts to actual lunch tickets at the ticketing table.  Air Giant Slide will be available this time.

–       Please bring picnic blankets or chairs for your family to sit on.

–       When you arrive at the Park, please the sign to get into the parking lot. Parking is free.

–       Park address is Ridge Road Park,  287 Ridge Rd, Hartsdale, NY 10530.

–       Detailed map