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Board of Directors/Advisory Board (2016-2019)

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Board of Directors *


Chair 林骏 Dr. Jun Lin is the founding principal of Huaxia Greater New York. He served as the Associate Dean at Huaxia 2011-2012 and initiated the education assessment system to assure the outcomes of learning Chinese. As the Principal, he led the team to explore a sustainable strategy for oversea Chinese schools. Applying his expertise in education and organization management, Dr. Lin promotes professionalism and volunteerism in our school. He is a tenured professor at a Business School in the SUNY system.
Chair 曹作军 Zuojun Cao received his BS degree from Peking University and Ph.D. from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign. He started his career at UBS (Then Warburg Dillion Read) at 1998. He later worked EIS in Santa Clara, CA as director of technology development, Morning Star as development Manager. Currently, he is working at a global asset management firm as a development Manager. Zuojun Cao became a volunteer at Hua Xia Chinese School in 2011. During the past five years, he served as PTA vice chairperson, school vice principal and principal.
Secretary 吴丽华 Linda Wu, Ph.D., CFA, has two kids in Chinese school. She served as the AVP of Registration in 2011-2012, then VP of Operation in 2012-2013, School Secretary in 2013-2014, and Executive Vice Principal in 2014-2015 School year. She set up Paypal on line payment for the school registration system, also founded the parenting club in the school to promote EQ parenting. Currently works in an asset management firm as a senior statistician.
Director 胡大鹏 Dapeng Hu, Ph.D., CFA, has two kids in Chinese school. He served as the Principal of 2011-2012, in which position he initiated and led the school’s education reform. He works in an asset management firm as a managing director. He serves as a Board director of Peking University Alumni Association of Greater New York.
Director 林利 Li Lin, CFA/CPA/CTP: has been with Chinese School for 10yrs, currently with 2 kids attending the school. Served as Vice Principal, Registration & Operations in 2011-2012, 2005-2006 and Vice Chair of Parent Council in 2006-2007. Led the textbook evaluation team in the Eudcation Committee in 2011-2012. She works in a financial company as a director of global market risk management and lead the business’ Asian Pacific American affinity group. Currently also serve on the board of the Organization of Chinese American Westchester & Hudson Valley chapter.
Director 廖冰 Bonnie Liao, Founder and Head of School, YingHua International School, a nonprofit private elementary school, one of the first Chinese-English dual language schools in the United States combining language immersion with an internationally-focused inquiry-based curriculum framework, 2007 – present; Founder and Head of School, YingHua Language School, the first community-based school accredited by CSS at Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 2002 – present; Founder & Director, “YingHua in Beijing” Summer Language & Leadership Institute providing learning opportunities to American youth ages 8 to 17 who spend a month in China, 2004 – present;
Founder & Director, YingHua Princeton Language & Leadership Institute providing learning opportunities to international youth ages 12 to 17 who spend a month in the United States, 2012 – present; General Advisor, New Jersey Parent & Children Education Club, the only NJ nonprofit association focusing on parent-child communications, raising emotionally intelligent and academically motivated children, 2004 – present.
MBA, Rutgers University, 2000; Ph.D., University of Houston, 1991; BS, Peking University, 1984.
A former VP in Management Science, she left Merrill Lynch in 2007 to teach mathematics at a top private college preparatory high school in New Jersey for two years. Currently she is a consultant at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch.
Director Luguang Luan Ms Luguang Luan has spent most of her business career as a financial advisor working in private wealth management and financial planning. Prior to working in the financial world Luguang worked in education, first as a university professor at Nankai University in Tianjin, China, and later in management administration in the SUNY system. Ms Luguang has been very active in Westchester community and has helped the school in building stronger relationship with the local community. She received her M.S. in Education at SUNY Albany in Albany, New York, and her M.S. in Finance and Economics at Nankai University.
Director Jie Ma Ms Jie Ma has been teaching at huaxia for 8 years. She has taught both lower-grade and upper-grade classes, used three different textbooks over the years, and had great time interacting with children of all ages at the school. Making Chinese learning a fun and rewarding experience for kids is her ultimate goal. She has two children both graduated from HXGNY.
Director Hong Su Ms Hong Su, graduated from Fujian U. of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor degree and Guangzhou U. of Chinese Medicine with a Master of science degree and a PhD from Guangzhou U. of Chinese Medicine. Currently, she is a lic. Acupuncturist in states of NY & CT. She has served for Westchester Association of Chinese Americans and American TCM Society as chair of board director. At meanwhile, she has been attended Chinese School since 1996, and has been as dance fitness teacher since 2009. She loves dance , of cause loves our Chinese School community
Director 夏璐琳 Lulin Xia was Portfolio Manager for US/EU long short equity at CQS Capital, a $13 billion global multi-strategy asset management firm. Prior to CQS, Lulin was Partner at TPG-Axon, a global long-short equity hedge fund for 10 years, specializing in investments in healthcare and cyclicals equities. Previously, she was Director at Forstmann Little, a private equity firm, for 5 years. She started her career as an analyst in the Leveraged Finance group of Credit Suisse First Boston. Lulin graduated summa cum laude from Mount Holyoke College, with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry.
Director 徐俊 Jun Xu PhD has been with HUAXIA for over 10 years. Both of her kids are recent graduates of HXGNY. Dr. Xu is a long term volunteer for the school. She was a class parent for years and a member of the inaugural Education Committee. Most recently she served as Dean. She helped to build a high quality faculty team to meet the need of continuous enrollment expansion. Dr. Xu has two decade working experience in health care industry in drug discovery and development. Currently she is a Senior Director for one of the largest voluntary health organization.
Director Yue Zhang Yue Zhang is a corporate attorney at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in NYC where he specializes in the formation and operation of private equity funds and hedge funds, and regularly advises private equity clients on a diverse mix of alternative investment matters. Prior to joining Simpson Thacher, Yue worked at Capital One Financial for a number of years serving in a variety of business and finance functions. Yue received his J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center, his M.A. from University of Pennsylvania and his B.A. from Peking University. Yue is a CFA charterholder and has in the past volunteered in a number of initiatives concerning Chinese immigrants. Yue lives in Chappaqua, NY with his wife and two daughters.


Advisory Board*


Chair 李盛京 李盛京, 服务华夏多年,历任副校长,校长,董事长。一对双胞胎在中文学校。
Advisor 李谦云 Ms Qianyun Li is currently a language teacher in HXGNY and she has served Huaxia as a teacher for 12 years. She also served as Dean in 2004 -2006. She works at a lab in Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Advisor 庞晓东 Sheldon Pang, Sc.D., Sheldon has been coming to Chinese school for 16 years, currently with two kids in the school. He served as a vice chairman at a major international bank, and currently serves as vice chairman of a global commodities trading company. His involvement in education includes serving as a Board Trustee at Carmel Academy, a member of the Asian Advisory Council of Brown University, a member of the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at Brookings Institute, and establishment of a scholarship at MIT. In 2010, Sheldon was appointed by President Obama to serve on the White House Commission for Presidential Scholars. In 2011, Sheldon was a recipient of the Dynamic Achiever Award from OCA Westchester and Hudson Valley
Advisor 尹永义 Mark Yin, Ph.D., has two children in the school. He had served as VP of Education for two terms. Last year he also served as the Director of Education Committee, actively promoting education reform. He has been a professional in education and research for many years including two years of teaching in our Chinese school; and is now working in a university in New York.
Advisor 应龙飞 Grace Ying, married with two kids, has been coming to the Chinese school for 16 years. She served as vice chairman of the first Parent council of Huaxia New York. She later served as the school’s Principal, PC Chair and board Chair. She was a member of Education committee in 2011-2012.
Advisor 周菁 Ching Zhou, has been with HUAXIA for 12 years and currently has one 4thgrader in the school. He had served as VP, PC Chair, and more recently as Board director advocating “Productive learning, Responsive governance and Inclusive community” at HUAXIA.
He works at IBM TJ Watson Research Center, manipulating the electrons to “stay cool, follow the bylaws and be on time all the time”.
Advisor 刘运畴 Yunchou Liu has serviced Huaxia Chinese School for over five years. During these years, he served as a security committee member, security committee head, and vice principal. Currently he serves as a security committee member for the 2015-2016 school year. He has a kid in the school for 6 years.
Advisor 吴欣 Michael Wu has been with Huaxia Chinese School for 10 years with one child at the school currently. He served as HXGNY board member 2013-2016, Vice Principal of 2007-2008 of HuaXia Chinese School, in which capacity he was in charge of the school’s operation, public relations, fund raising, newsletter publication, and so on. He currently works in a global commodity trading firm as Vice President and Head of Application/Operation Services.
Advisor 张明宝 Mingbao Zhang, PhD, MBA, has been a long-time supporter of the school and a parent of two children in HXGNY. He taught 8th grade Chinese for three years. He was Dean between 2011 and 2013 during which he worked with other members of the admin team and teachers to promote education reform. He served as HXGNY board member from 2013-2016. He is a veteran of the pharmaceutical/life science industry. His professional career spans from early drug discovery to late stage pharmaceutical development. Currently he is an entrepreneur developing novel treatments for various medical conditions.
Advisor 黄岳 Ms Holly Huang has been with Huaxia Chinese School for 7 years with two children at the school currently. She served as HXGNY board director from 2014-2017 and Vice Principal of 2012 – 2013 of HuaXia Chinese School, in which capacity she was in charge of the school’s education. She has been teaching in Huaxia Chinese school for 7 years and won the Teaching Excellence Award from HuaXia Chinese School Headquarter in 2012. She served in education department at Huaxia Chinese School Headquarter from 2010 – 2013. She currently works in a Canadian Investment Bank as Vice President.
Advisor 林宇 Ms Yu Lin has been with Huaxia Chinese School for seven years as a Chinese Language teacher and was selected as outstanding teacher. She served as board director from 2014-2017; she also served as the member of HXGNY Education Excellence Committee and the director of Mei Zhou Hua Yu Teaching Group. She currently works at a medical college conduct science research. She also teaches Medical Mandarin at the medical college.
*The HXGNY Advisory Board is to offer advice on education, teachers training and school management. It consists of a small group of professionals with expertises in Chinese language and culture education, as well as experience on school management. Advisory Board will meet periodically to discuss and offer advices on education topics and management issues. Advisors shall be invited to attend regular board meetings as optional attendees.