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Board of Directors (2018-2019)

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Board of Directors *


董事长 何清 Claire He (何清) has been an active volunteer at our school for many years, with various positions such as Large Event Coordinator, Team Lead for All Activities, Vice Principal and Principal for the school.  She has made great contributions to school operation and education reform, including last year’s expansion of school hours and relocating to SUNY Purchase campus. She is also an active volunteer in local communities, including serving on Scarsdale school board nominating committee and on the board of Scarsdale Chinese Association.  She has two children who are attending HXGNY. She received a B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College, a Ph.D. from MIT and a MBA from New York University.
副董事长 苏红 Ms Hong Su, graduated from Fujian U. of Chinese Medicine with a Bachelor degree and Guangzhou U. of Chinese Medicine with a Master of science degree and a PhD from Guangzhou U. of Chinese Medicine. Currently, she is a lic. Acupuncturist in states of NY & CT. She has served for Westchester Association of Chinese Americans and American TCM Society as chair of board director. At meanwhile, she has been attended Chinese School since 1996, and has been as dance fitness teacher since 2009. She loves dance , of cause loves our Chinese School community.
董事会秘书 许春川 Chunchuan Xu received his BS degree from Zhongshan University and Ph.D. from University of Connecticut.  With over 12 years of engineering experience and currently a New York Utility company employee, he has been a HXGNY volunteer for over 6 years. He devoted countless time and effort to serve in different school admin teams, to organize school events, and to link school parents together. He has two children both studying at HXGNY.
董事 刘雅文 Yawen Liu has been an active volunteer in the community for over 10 years.  Before she became the vice principal at HXGNY in 2016, she served the community in multiple capacities.  She was Board Director and Secretary at HXGNY for four years; member of Edgemont school district Board of Director Nomination Committee member for two terms, and OCA-WHV Board member for four years.
董事 洪滔 Ms. Tao Hong received her BS degree in computer science from Beijing University and MS from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. While at HXGNY, she was the key planner behind Chinese New Year galas. She initiated the first teacher-admin-event while being the team head of Activity Team, and has been the head of Class Parents.  In community, Tao is now on Scarsdale School Board Nomination Committee, and has also served many roles in Scarsdale Chinese  association,  — co-founder, chair, treasurer, secretary, etc.
董事 马婕 Ms Jie Ma has been teaching at huaxia for 8 years. She has taught both lower-grade and upper-grade classes, used three different textbooks over the years, and had great time interacting with children of all ages at the school. Making Chinese learning a fun and rewarding experience for kids is her ultimate goal. She has two children both graduated from HXGNY.
董事 明媚 Ms Mei Ming is an experienced teacher both within HXGNY and in the early childhood education.  With over 10 years of experience of music and educational experience, she has coached numerous students to win many awards, and has published several books on parenting.  Most importantly, Ms Mei Ming is very active in giving back to the community, by volunteering, by hosting events, by giving guidance and advice to others. At HXGNY, she has been our preK and K music teacher for several years and well-loved by parents and kids alike.  She generously donated her time and effort teaching to the school without pay, and her husband also has made donations to the school since they strongly believe in the community built by HXGNY and want our school to continue to grow in the years to come.  Her family’s generous contribution to the school and her time and efforts truly exemplify her devotion to the Chinese American community.
董事 栾鲁光 Ms Luguang Luan has spent most of her business career as a financial advisor working in private wealth management and financial planning. Prior to working in the financial world Luguang worked in education, first as a university professor at Nankai University in Tianjin, China, and later in management administration in the SUNY system. Ms Luguang has been very active in Westchester community and has helped the school in building stronger relationship with the local community. She received her M.S. in Education at SUNY Albany in Albany, New York, and her M.S. in Finance and Economics at Nankai University.
董事 刘运畴 Yunchou Liu joined HXGNY volunteer team in 2011 and has been a key member of the school’s security committee. From 2011-2013, he was the security vice principal of HXGNY.  Mr. Liu received his master’s degree from Lehman College.  His career experience includes working in banking industry, asset management, and restaurant business.