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Nov 132013
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CNN interviewed Dr. Chunyan Li in the morning on Nov. 12, 2013. During the interview, Dr. Li reiterated that Chinese Community’s anger was not toward the 6-year old but ABC and Mr. Kimmel’s inappropriate handling of the racial hatred message, and subsequent lack of sincerity in apology. Dr. Li, as an educator and a mother, also expressed her concern, as well as the concern of Chinese as a minority group in the United States, over the message that media is conveying to our next generation.
李春燕博士于 2013 年 11 月 12 日接受了 CNN 的现场采访。在采访过程中,李博士重申了中国人的愤怒不是指向一个六岁的孩童,而是针­对 ABC 和 Kimmel 不恰当处理种族仇恨信息,以及随后缺乏真诚道歉的行为。李博士同时以教育者和母亲的身­份,表达了她本人以及作为在美国属于少数族的华裔对媒体向下一代传递什么样的信息的担­忧。