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Jun 072013
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围 棋,起源于中国,堪称国粹,它集中体现了古老中华民族的聪敏才智,以及令人生畏的创造力和想象力。为弘扬中国传统文化, 推动社区围棋活动,备受欢迎的围棋老师, 唐洁女士

(美东围棋赛5段冠军) 将于华夏大纽约中文学校举办大纽约华夏围棋博览会。 唐洁老师在华夏执教多年,除了棋艺精湛,教学经验丰富外,对围棋所蕴涵的哲学思想也有很深的研究。此次活动由唐洁老师主持,美东地区的大批围棋爱好者将慕 名而来。活动期间,唐洁老师将与大家分享多年来的执教经验和心得,总结为“人生如棋,棋如人生”。来自波士顿微软公司的孙纯博士将给大 家讲授有关计算机围棋的奥妙,另外,围棋电影“The Surrounding Game”的导演Will Lockhart 和 Cole Davis Pruitt先生也将应邀出席。本次活动还包括针对孩子们的丰富多彩的娱乐活动,对初学者的围棋普及课程,以及围棋高手的即兴比赛表演等。所有围棋爱好 者,不论老少,都可免费参与,相信此次活动定能带来很多惊喜,希望大家不要错过这次盛会。详情请点击这里

Originated in China, glorified as a reflection of ancient oriental wisdom, Go constitutes an important component of traditional Chinese culture. It embodies the ancient Chinese ingenuity, creativity and imagination. In order to expand the GO practice in our community, our beloved GO teacher  Ms. Jie Tang

(US North East GO tournament 5D Champion) will hold this Greater New York GO EXPO in Huaxia Chinese School Greater New York (HXGNY) on June 9,2013. Ms. Jie Tang is not only an experienced GO teacher and an excellent GO player, she also has a very insightful understanding of the GO wisdom. In this upcoming event, Ms. Jie Tang will share with us her teaching experience and her understanding of GO philosophy, which is summarized as “Life is Go as GO is life”. Also, a software engineer from Microsoft Inc, Dr. Chun Sun from Boston will have a short teaching session titled as “A Brief Introduction to Computer Go”. In addition, the film directors for “The Surrounding Game”, Mr. Will Lockhart and Mr. Cole Davis Pruitt, will be invited to speak and to discuss the movie with the audiences. The event also includes the recreational GO activities for children, a mini class of “GO for dummies” along with professional GO masters’ impromptu performance. Many avid GO fans from around the East Coast will visit HXGNY and participate in this event. All GO lovers, adults and children, will enjoy the free admission to this event. Everyone is welcome and we are looking forward to meeting all of you. Pleaseclick here for details.