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Dec 292018
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Jing Du / CSL3 A graduate of the Capital Normal University, Jing Du was a seasoned media professional with

extensive working experience in top notch media agencies in both Beijing and New York City. In
recent years, Jing Du has dedicated herself in developing and organizing culture exchange summer
camps between the two countries. She believes in the ‘self-motivated study” philosophy and
follows the ‘student centered’ teaching method in class. Having raised a Euro-Asian kid herself,
she thinks ‘interest’ is the key for kids to successfully learn another language. She likes to
introduce fun into the class and encourages kids to find their own unique interests in learning
Chinese, while practicing whenever they can.

现任HXGNYCSL 三年级老师,毕业于首都师范大学,毕业后供职于北京顶尖4A 媒体广告公