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Oct 262012
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Financial Seminar (金融知识讲座) This Sunday in Cafeteria:

本周日(10/28/2012) 10:00-11:30AM, 在WPHS餐厅将有一个家庭金融知识讲座, 由独立经纪人孙海洪博士主讲。讲座内容涉及与许多家庭过去现在和未来可能密切相关的各种财务规划问题。诸如,如何准备孩子大学教育经费又不会影响申请政府/大学提供的教育经费支助;退休计划的管理战略;房屋贷款策略;投资的几大原则;合理省税途径,以及2013年新税法对我们的影响.

This Sunday from 10:00-11:30AM in cafeteria, Dr. Sun, an independent broker who works for many financial companies like Prudential, Fidelity, Transamerica, Jackson, Nationwide and Pacific life, will offer a seminar on Family Financial Planning. It will address questions and concerns you might have for your family, such as, college education funding strategy, retirement account management, strategy for mortgage loan, principles for investment, tax reduction and the impact of new tax law in 2013.