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Feb 112013
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恭贺新禧!Happy Chinese New Year !
White Plains High School
550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605
亲爱的家长们,二月十日是农历正月初一。 中文学校不开学。祝华夏大纽约的师生和家长们新春吉祥,阖家幸福!This coming Sunday Feb. 10, 2013 is the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). There will be no school this Sunday. Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!华夏大纽约春节联欢会 (HXGNY Spring Festival) 2/17/2013:

辞别龙年,喜迎蛇年,二月十七日,我们将在White Plains High School 举办华夏大纽约蛇年新春联欢会.欢迎大家积极参与这一年一度最大盛会. 请大家这个星期天在餐厅入口买票 ($8 一人)。家长会为孩子们安排了丰冨多彩的活动和多种奖品. 学校为每个小朋友们准备了新年红包

聚餐:  12:30PM-1:30PM   地点: Cafeteria
儿童游艺: 1:15PM – 2:15PM    地点: Hall outside Auditorium
环环相扣,“叼”虫小技,斗转星移, 二龙戏珠,三足鼎立
才艺展示:1:15PM – 2:15PM   地点: Hall outside Auditorium
书法展,折纸展,抖空竹, 中国童玩, 围棋擂台赛
魔术: 专业魔术师 Amazing Andy
12:50PM – 1:20PM 地点: Hall outside Auditorium
2:00PM-2:30PM  地点: Auditorium
精彩演出: 2:30PM – 4:30PM    地点: Auditorium

您的餐卷可以抽普通奖. 现场另售抽奖券可中大奖

The Spring Festival party will be held at White Plains High School on February 17, 2013 from 12:30PM to 4:30PM. Ticket ($8 per person) can be purchased at entrance of the Cafeteria. PTA has organized fun and fascinating activities for the children. The school will distribute a Chinese New Year red bag to every child on this day.

Here is the party agenda:

Lunch: 12:30PM-1:30PM at Cafeteria
Children’s Games  : 1:15PM to 2:15PM at Hall outside the Auditorium
   More than 10 traditional and fun children’s games are
organized by PTA.

Talent Showcase: 1:15PM – 2:15PM at Hall outside the Auditorium
Various cultural and art exhibitions, including Calligraphy,
Origami, Go Games, Chinese Yo-yo and Toy Games Demo.
Magic Shows: by professional magician Amazing Andy.
12:50PM to 1:20PM at Hall outside the Auditorium
2:00PM to 2:30PM in the Auditorium
Performances: (2:30PM-4:30PM) in the Auditorium
by our talented students, teachers and parents.
Prizes Drawing: Prizes will be drawn during performances.
Your lunch ticket can participate in regular prize drawing.
Raffle tickets will be sold separately for grand prizes drawing.

Please come, enjoy and celebrate!

与孩子们分享(Something to Share With Your Child):

与春节有关的传统(Traditions Related to Spring Festival)

中国有很多与春节有关的传统, 点击这里了解一下除夕, 爆竹, 春联和元宵节的点滴。

请欣赏与春节有关的歌曲(Spring Festival Related Songs)

Chinese New Year Song 2013
Chinese New Year Song恭喜恭喜,过大
鍾盛忠 《红红热闹闹》 Chinese New Year Song
恭喜恭喜/打锣打鼓四千金-four golden princess
金蛇狂舞 – 龙飘飘 (巳蛇2013年专用)

Community News: Spring Festival Related News/Information

I Sing Beijing Concert – 我唱北京 • 我迎新春

Date: Saturday 2/16/2013 (大年初七)
7:30pm-9:30pm – “I Sing Beijing” Concert at Alice Tully Hall (Broadway and 65th Street, Manhattan)
To celebrate the Chinese New Year, you are invited to join us at a historically and artistically unprecedented concert – “I Sing Beijing”. This is the first ever concert of nearly thirty non-Chinese speaking, enormously talented, highly trained western singers performing mostly Chinese and partially western songs and opera excerpts; a rare opportunity of the East meeting the West; a beautiful occasion of Chinese music being showcased through the western artists’ interpretation and performance on the world stage; A magnificent international production produced/directed by Internationally Acclaimed Opera Bass Tian Haojiang 田浩江, conducted by Metropolitan Opera conductor Paul Nadler and accompanied by New York City Opera Orchestra, with Placido Domingo as the honorary chairman and Oscar Tang, Anna Sie and John J Sie as the co-chairs. Details:

Chinese New Year Celebration Around New York Metropolitan Area (纽约地区春节庆祝活动)

For a list of Chinese New Year Celebration Activities around New York Metropolitan area, please click here.

Establish Lunar New Year as a National Holiday: An Ongoing National Petition to White House

There is a national petition to White House to establish Lunar New Year as a National Holiday.  The petitioners would like the Lunar New Year given the same importance and weight as the other cultural holidays. Here is the link to the petition. This petition will raise the awareness of Asian culture in America. Please vote before Feb. 14th.

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