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Nov 082013
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Classroom Changes
HXGNY 2013 Speech Hosting Contest
HXGNY 2013 Go Tournament
HXGNY Students Win Awards in Math Competition, WACA and OCA
Recap: 2013 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Tournament
Education Seminar
Parking Lot, Security and Rules
Lost and Found
Student Corner (小语世界 )
Community News: 有关ABC电视节目Jimmy Kimmel Kid’s Table 的抗议和请愿活动信息
Community News: Job Posting

Classroom Changes

A new section of the campus opens up to us.  It will be located at the first floor of C building.  Walk towards C110, take the stairway down, classrooms are right there.

Classroom changes:

1. 李文筑 美洲华语 G2-4 From B219 to C016 9:30am-11:30am
2. Linda Wu 禅修 Meditation From B219 to C016 11:30am-12:30pm
3. 韩晓英 马立平 G3-2 From C145 to C018 9:30am-11:30am
4. 邓岳 铃木小提琴 Suzuki Violin Jr. From B120 to C018 11:30am-12:30pm

5. Vivian Tai 机器人技术 Lego Robotics Jr. From C145 to B120 11:30am-12:30pm
6. Aihua Shea 油彩画 Advanced Drawing From C121 to C017 9:30am-10:30am
7. Aihua Shea 中国画 Adult Brush Painting From C121 to C017 10:30-11:30

8. 徐纲 AP物理,AP Physics From C119 to B214 10:30PM-12:30PM

HXGNY 2013 Speech Hosting Contest

大纽约华夏中文学校将举行2013年“自信童年,风采尽现”演讲主持比赛。请填妥报名表格,并在上课期间交到学校咨询台或以电子邮件方式发送到 Hongwei Zhou:, 注明为“演讲主持比赛”。报名表格请点击这里

11月30日19:00报名截止, 12月8日12:30-3:00 pm为正式比赛时间 。

比赛分成两组: 低年级组(一年级—三年级, K 可以参加一年级组); 高年级组: 四年级以上。比赛 分三部分进行: 先是简要自我介绍,然后是2分钟的才艺展现(朗诵、讲故事、说绕口令,或美国学校常用的Show & Tell形式, 应选择积极向上, 赞美自然或歌颂人物相关的题材。最后是一分钟的现场问答。 部分获奖选手将有机会代表我校参加总校组织的演讲比赛, 或推荐为校内春节联欢会主持人。

HXGNY will have its annual speech hosting contest. Please fill out the form and return to the information desk during school time or email to  with “Speech hosting contest” as title. Please click here for registration form.

Time: Registration Deadline will be 19:00 on 11/30,

Contest will be held from 12:30-3:00 pm on 12/8.

Contest will be split into two groups: G1-3,  G4 and up.  K may join 1st grade group. The contest will have 3 parts. First part is a brief self-introduction. Second part is 2 minute talent show (recite a poem, tell a story, tongue twister, or show & tell) and the topics should be positive.  The last part is a 1 minute impromptu speech. Top winners will have the opportunity to attend the speech contest representing HXGNY (after the contest, winners from lower grades will group on 12/15 and 01/05 for training/rehearsal), or preside over the Spring Festival Party of our school.

HXGNY 2013 Go Tournament

2013华夏大纽约围棋竞赛将于十二月十五日下午举行,社区全体成员都可参加,包括校内外的少儿和成人。少儿组获胜者将获得奖品,成人将有非常好的机会与其他有共同兴趣者交流。报名从现在起至十二月八日。如报名人数太多,我们将严格按照报名时间决定最后参赛选手。请尽早填好随附的报名并电邮到 报名费是$15一人,请用Paypal 链接付款。HXGNY 2013 Go Tournament will be held in the afternoon of Dec 15. Everybody in our community is welcome to participate, including both children and adults and those outside of our Chinese school. Awards will be presented to the winners of the children’s group while adults will have the great opportunity to play for leisure with other people with the same interest. The registration is open now till Dec 8. Please register early since the cutoff will be strictly by enrollment time if players exceed our capacity. To register please fill the attached form and email Please use the Paypal link to pay the $15 per player registration fee.

HXGNY Students Win Awards in Math Competition, WACA and OCA

祝贺我校学生在 Math Competition 名列前茅On October 13th, several students from our school’s MathCount club participated in Bergen county academies math competition.  Eric Wei, won 2nd place in 6th grade, Vincent Xu won 4th place in 5th grade.

祝贺我校学生获得WACA 杰出学生奖

On October 29th, WACA (the Westchester Association of Chinese Americans) ­ announced the recipients of WACA¹s 2013-2014 Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service Award. Jerry Jia from our school won the third place with his academic excellence and long time commitment to community service.

祝贺我校学生获得 OCA 学生领袖奖

On Saturday, November 2nd,  Mary Chen from HXGNY won the 2013 Student Leadership Award on the OCA (Organization of Chinese American) gala. The award intends to honor outstanding high school students who have demonstrated meaningful involvement in serving the Asian American community and/or enthusiasm in learning Asian cultures, and who have a proven record in academic excellence and leadership in making a difference in their community.  Ex Secretary of Labor Department Eleanor Chao gave keynote speech on the gala and congratulated all the award winners. Click here for photos.

Congratulations to all award winners!

Recap: 2013 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Open Tournament 


第二届HXGNY俱乐部杯网球公开赛于上周日圆满结束。经过小组赛和淘汰赛激烈争夺,最后Long Su获得男子公开赛冠军,Roy You第二名,Haiming Gao和Kevin Li并列第三名。女子比赛Carol Wang夺得第一,Ruby Chu屈居亚军,Emma Zhang和Lu Marino获得第三名。在此祝贺获胜选手并感谢各位参赛选手和学校对本届比赛的大力支持。(比赛图片Link

2013 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Open Tournament A Great Success

The 2013 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Open Tournament finished successfully last Sunday. After several rounds of competitions, Long Su and Carol Wang claimed the Men’s and Women’s Single Championship title. Men’s runner up and 3rd place winners are Roy You and Haiming Gao, Kevin Li. Women’s runner up and 3rd place winners are Ruby Chu and Emma Zhang, Lu Marino. Congratulations to all the winners and thank for the full support from all the players and our school. (pictures link here)

Education Seminar 金融税务知识讲座

Parking Lot, Security and Rules

Please be reminded: the circle near the east entrance/tennis courts will be closed for auto traffic. Also there are about 10 parking spots close to the circle and these spots will be reserved for teachers only. Please use the west parking lot A to avoid traffic.Direction to Parking Lot A: use the White Plains High School entrance at Bryant Ave, follow the “Student Parking” sign to the West/Main parking lot.  An entrance to the building will be provided close to Lot A.  This entrance will continue to be open between 9:20 and 9:50 AM for the rest of school year.
If you enter from the North street to access to Lot A, do not violate the traffic rules by entering the “One Way” lane from an opposite direction.  Drive forward further. You will be closer to the entrance to the building.

For your safety, security team would like to remind all parents:
• Do not drop off your kid(s) close to the North Street entrance
• Do not block traffic, pay attention to pedestrians
• Do not violate the traffic rules by entering the “One Way” lane from an opposite direction
• Do not park on the fire line marked with yellow strips

In order for us to continue use White Plain High School as our Chinese school campus, HXGNY Admin team reminds teachers, parents and students respect and follow the rules from WPHS:
• Classrooms must be left the same way they are found
• Furniture in original positions
• Do not unplug computers
• Do not touch smart boards
• Do not eat in the classrooms
• Outside doors need to be closed and locked at all times for security reasons
• Do not park in the “no parking” areas which creates fire hazards
• Do not run in the hallways

We appreciate all parents cooperation in the past weeks.

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Lost and Found Box

Lost and Found Box is in the H-room. Please stop by if you have lost items to claim.
Best Regards,大纽约华夏中文学校校委会


Student Corner 5th Issue (小语世界第五期)






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Community News:
有关ABC电视节目Jimmy Kimmel Kid’s Table 的抗议和请愿活动信息

美国的许多华人社区在近期发生了有关ABC电视节目Jimmy Kimmel Kid’s Table的抗议和请愿活动。我们认为,种族间的尊重和谅解不但是人类文明进步的象征,更加是美国社会赖以存在和稳定的基石。美国是一个多种族融合、多元文化并存的国家,任何带有种族仇恨和种族暴力色彩的言行都应该得到整个社会的谴责我们特此重申华夏中文学校关于强烈反对种族仇恨和种族暴力的立场。作为一个教育机构,我们非常担心这一事件对于华裔未成年人心理和他们成长环境所可能造成的不良影响。我们由此再次提请华夏的所有会员家长们继续关注这一事件的进展情况,并根据自己的判断和行为原则采取必要行动,包括参加由本地华人团体和个人组织的抗议活动。同时,我们也充分理解和尊重广大家长根据自身判断所做出的任何决定。

为了便于大家了解事件动态,以下转发抗议和请愿活动信息。 请注意活动组织者的立场并不代表华夏中文学校。


47 W 66th St (between Columbus Ave & Central Park West), New York, NY 10023
地铁1号线  66街站下,沿着66街向东走


地点: Time Square(纽约时代广场)
200 42nd Street (7th Avenue and 42nd Street), New York, NY 10036



Millburn Short Hills Chinese Association
17 Mount Ararat Rd
Short Hills, NJ 07078

请在支票上写上“Protest ABC Fund”。




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Job Posting

Looking for job? Good news to you. Our school website recently added a job posting session. Please following the link for job opportunity .If you are interested, please email: