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Jan 102014
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Adult Class Registration is Opening Soon for Spring 2014
金融知识讲座 01/12/2014
HXGNY 2013-14 School Year Go Tournament
HXGNY 春节联欢会 02/09/2014
Student Corner (小语世界 )

Community News:Book Club Announcement
Community News: Job Posting

Adult Class Registration is Opening Soon for Spring 2014


Adult classes/clubs will start on 2/16 and online registration will be open shortly. If you are interested in any of the classes, you can have one free trial on 1/26.  Here is a list of available adult classes/clubs:

棋类俱乐部 Chess Club
拉丁舞俱乐部 Latin Dance Club
民族舞俱乐部 Folk Dance Club
交谊舞 Adult ballroom Dancing
禅修与健康 Meditation and Health
武术 Martial Art (G4+ and Adult)
成人太极拳 Adult Tai Chi
瑜珈 Yoga
高级绘画班 Advanced Drawing (Oil/Acrylic油彩画) – $50 Extra on top of registration and tuition.
家长美术俱乐部 Parents Art Club (Brush Painting 国画)
老年英语 English Class for Grandparents

金融知识讲座 – Investment Fundamentals 1/12/2014


Time: Sunday 01/12 9:45AM – 11:45AM
Location: Cafeteria

* Why Do You Want to Invest
* Five Myths and Truths of Investing.

Presenter: Susy Chang, CLU, ChFC, CASL

Financial Services Executive CA Insurance Lic#0B93811

Susy Chang joined MetLife to offer her clients a wide array of financial products combined with first-class customer service. Susy’s mission is to help her clients identify and achieve their financial goals to help ensure a more rewarding future.

HXGNY 2013-14 School Year Go Tournament

为了配合一些家庭的年底假期安排,2013-14学年华夏大纽约围棋竞赛将改期于一月二十六日下午举行,社区全体成员都可参加,包括校内外的少儿和成人。少儿组获胜者将获得奖品,成人将有非常好的机会与其他有共同兴趣者交流。报名从现在起至一月二十一日。如报名人数太多,我们将严格按照报名时间决定最后参赛选手。请尽早填好随附的报名并电邮到 报名费是$15一人,请用Paypal 链接付款。

To Accommodate some families’ year end holiday schedule, HXGNY 2013-14 School Year Go Tournament will be held in the afternoon of Jan 26. Everybody in our community is welcome to participate, including both children and adults and those outside of our Chinese school. Awards will be presented to the winners of the children’s group while adults will have the great opportunity to play for leisure with other people with the same interest. The registration is open now till Jan 21. Please register early since the cutoff will be strictly by enrollment time if players exceed our capacity. To register please fill the attached form and email Please use the Paypal link to pay the $15 per player registration fee.

HXGNY 春节联欢会 02/09/2014

雪花片片凝瑞,马蹄声声报春。转眼蛇年逶迤离去,马年奔腾而来。 华夏中文学校大纽约分校将于新春伊始, 万象更新之际, 隆重推出一年一度的春节联欢会, 与大家共度中华民族的传统佳节。
时间:2014年2月9日,放学后12:30 – 3:30PM
活动:午餐 12:30 – 1:30 (中餐,pizza)
游艺,文艺汇演 1:30 – 3:30

联欢会票:大人小孩同价, 01/26 前享优惠票价$8 一张, 含餐饮。01/27 起 $10。

01/12 和 01/26 学校开课期间请前往 H-Room 购票。 售票处会有醒目标识。网上购票请点击这里网上收据需拿到学校换成实票。学生和表演者都 需凭票领取午餐。

HXGNY Chinese New Year Gala 02/09/2014 

Please mark your calendar for our annual Chinese New Year Celebration: 2014/02/09 after school at White Plains High School auditorium. We will have Chinese food for all the adults and pizza for the kids at the cafeteria starting 12:30PM, followed by many performances from the children at our school.

Seek Volunteers: We need lots of volunteers to help us set up, serve lunch, or clean up, if you can help, please email your name, email, phone number

Event Ticket: All tickets (kids and adults) will be $8 per ticket when purchased on or before 1/26. Any tickets purchased after 1/26, will be at a price of $10. So purchase on or before 1/26 for the discount. Each ticket will cover lunch and water. Lunch option include boxed Chinese lunch or pizza and one bottle of water.

Where to purchase ticket: Please come to H room during 1/12 and 1/26 school hours to purchase ticket. There will be a table set up. You can also purchase online ahead of time, please click here . After you purchase online, you will need to bring the receipt to school and exchange for actual paper tickets to get your lunch on 2/9.

Please note: All students and performers need to purchase tickets.

Student Corner 10th Issue (小语世界第十期)


大家好!这一期的小语世界刊登了六年级马立平班习作展示(指导老师:常秀)学生的作文(上)。希望您在这个寒冷的冬天里感到这些孩子们的热情!Stay warm!!小语世界第十期请点击这里



Book Club Announcement

Book Reading and Discussion: Helen Wan, “the Partner Track”
Time: Saturday 1/11, 3-5pm,

Location: Scott Room, Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road,
Scarsdale, NY 10583

All parents and teenagers are welcomed to join author Helen Wan to discuss her debut novel “The Partner Track.” The book is about a young Chinese American woman competing for partner at a prestigious corporate law firm, and about how difference — and gender, race, and class politics — complicates the lives of talented young women and men on their way up the American corporate ladder. This event is co-sponsored by the Chinese Book Club of Westchester and the Scarsdale Public Library.

The book can be found on:

Job Posting

Looking for job? Good news to you. Our school website recently added a job posting session. Please following the link for job opportunity .If you are interested, please email: