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Recap 华夏大纽约元宵游行/ Lantern Parade 02/16
Important Note and Notice
Education Seminar – Raising a Self-Motivated Child
2014 华夏中文学校辩论赛
Lost and Found
Student Corner
Community News: SCA5
Community News: 2014华夏之星
Community News: Recap Africa Trip & Citizen’s Social Responsibilities
Community News: Yinghua Summer Camp in Beijing
Community News: 中國經典民俗風情舞劇《十裏紅妝》
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Recap – 华夏大纽约元宵游行(02/16)

二月十四日是情人节、元宵节,周日的华夏大纽约中文学校也迎来了一年一度的唐装日和华灯游行。孩子们成群结队,环绕着学校,向人们展示着各式各样的灯笼,色彩鲜明的唐装, 有的孩子们还边走边唱元宵节的歌谣,成为游行中的一景, 游行结束时的礼物包则更是孩子们的最爱。在课堂上,老师们也不失时机地向学生们介绍中国元宵节这一传统的千百年历史,让孩子们更多的了解中华文化。


Recap – HXGNY Lantern Parade (02/16)
02/14 not only marked the Valentine’s Day and Lantern festival, it was also the annual Chinese Costume Day and Lantern Parade Day in Huaxia Greater New York Chinese School. In teams and groups, children walked around the school, showcasing colorful dresses and a variety of lanterns. Some children made a special scene singing lantern lyrics along the way. The goody bag given at the end of the parade, of course, was the best part . Teachers also took the opportunity to tell students the thousand-year history of this Chinese tradition, which gave students an opportunity to appreciate the uniqueness of Chinese culture.

Please click here for Lantern Parade Lantern Parade photos.

Important Note and Notice

1. Classroom Rules 
HXGNY Admin team would like to remind all parents, students and teachers to follow White Plains High School classroom rules. It’s imperative to leave the classroom the way it was.  Parents please inform your child/children:
  • Placing stickers on Smartboards, monitors, or any other place in a classroom is NOT permitted.
  • No writing on Smartboards at all!
  • No one is allowed to be in a teacher’s desk area or filing cabinet..
Teachers, please pay special attention to teachers’ corner to be sure you left everything the way they were.
2. Lego Robotics Class Onsite Registration Open
Lego Robotics Class Spring semester on-site registration will be open this Sunday.  The semester offers 12 classes for an extra fee of $240.  If you are interested, please go to Information Desk in the H-Room to register.

3. Adult Culture Class Onsite Registration Open
We will offer onsite registration for adult culture class this Sunday in the H-Room by the information desk.  If you want more information about classes we offer, or plan to take a class, please drop by the Information Desk and we will assist you in completing the registration process.

Education Seminar – Raising a Self-Motivated Child

When: Sunday 02/23  10:00AM – 11:30AM
Where: Cafeteria

We are so thrilled and have the honor to invite author and well-known educator Janine Walker Caffrey as Keynote Speaker. Dr. Caffrey is the author of Drive: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve and Nurturing Brilliance: Discovering and Developing Your Child’s Gifts. She is now the superintendent of schools in Perth Amboy, NJ.


特邀演讲嘉宾: 著名作家、教育家珍妮沃克珍妮沃克・卡弗里博士

作为父母,我们都希望孩子有上进心,对世界充满好奇,怀揣梦想、目标坚定、百折不挠,希望他们有美好的将来。但在现实社会中,越来越多的孩子不仅对学校的教 育没有兴趣,对很多现实生活的活动也提不起劲。他们终日沉迷于电脑游戏,深陷于虚拟世界,并因物质生活富裕、一切唾手可得变得愈加懒散、不求上进……, 作为父母,我们对此时常感到忧虑,感到痛苦,甚至绝望无助。父母子女俱乐部一直努力尝试着、探索着,希望能够在父母和孩子之间,筑起一座有效沟通的桥梁, 培养孩子自律、自立、自强的精神,帮助孩子走上一条使生活更快乐更有意义的道路。什么方法能让孩子激发学习兴趣,愿意为通向未来的成功之路而不懈努力呢?

成功者皆有自身的秘诀。这个星期天我们荣幸地邀请到著名作家、教育家珍妮沃克・卡弗里(Janine Walker Caffrey)博士,卡弗里博士在教育“如何激发孩子内在的潜能和动力”方面有丰富经验,她将就如何培养孩子自律、自立、自强的精神的话题,做一场生动活泼、别开生面的主题演讲, 就大家关心的问题分享她的经验,相信她的演讲将给您带来多层次的思考,有意义的启示及新颖的技巧。如果您是一位关心孩子成长的父母,如果您迫切想培养孩子内在的向上驱动力,就请参加星期天的讲座。


  1. 探路型父母,直升机型父母的另一种选择
  2. 提高孩子自我锻炼意识、营造赏识激励氛围, 以建立自信心
  3. 降低生活舒适度、培养孩子自我管理能力,以建立适应性和独立性
  4. 延迟满足和降低奖励,以建立耐心和良好的工作态度
  5. 利用孩子朋友圈的正面影响,以建立主动性
珍妮沃克・卡弗里女士简介:珍妮沃克・卡弗里博士曾任职任教各种公校私校及政府教育部门,还创建了自己的艺术学校,现任新州学区学监。她致力于帮助父母学会如何寓教于乐,教子有方,出版发表了《9种激励孩子上进的方法》 (Drive: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve)一书。

2014 华夏中文学校辩论赛

2014 华夏中文学校辩论赛将于4月27日在我校举行。欢迎广大四年级以上同学报名。报名采用网上直接填表。 请点击这里填妥报名表格。 如有疑问请电子邮件

02/23 培训
Time:      8:45AM – 9:25AM
Location: Cafeteria

Note: We will meet at Cafeteria first and then move to one classroom. Please make sure to attend on time.

Lost and Found
A parent lost a girl’s coat in rose red color. It was put on a chair in the second row on the left facing the stage during the New Year Gala performance. Another parent left a white paper bag with some kids’ costumes and 4 Rainbow belts in the front row during the New Year Gala. If you found it, please turn it to the information desk at the H-room.
 Best Regards,


Student Corner 14th Issue (小语世界第十四期)





Community News:   SCA5

As you might already heard about SCA5, and it will greatly impact Asian kids UC system admission ratio. We need to act to protect out next generation’s rights.

To know more about this, check the link below:

To sign the petition, click the link below:

Community News:   2014华夏之星通知

2014华夏之星定于2014年4月5日(周六,下午3点至5点)在华夏中部分校(HX Montgomery) 举行。
报名从即日开始, 如感兴趣请电子邮件。 截止日期:3/10/2014.

表演地点: HXCS at Montgomery, 375 Burnt Hill Road, Skillman, NJ 08558


Community News: Recap Africa Trip & Citizen’s Social Responsibilities

Last Sunday Dr. Xu Jun gave a talk about his Afirca medical trip on 2013. He attended 2,420 patients within two weeks. You may find the report about his trip in the following link. He introduced the situation in Africa, especially the education and life of Africa youth to us. He also shared his thoughts about our social responsibilities as a person living in US. He believes the meaning of life is to live in a purposeful life and have a driven to help somebody else.

Dr. Xu will go again in April 17, 2014. He needs support. He has set up his fundraising party on Sunday, March 16, 2014, between 4:00 and 8:00PM at Parish Hall of Christ Church Greenwich, 254 E Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830. The tickets are tax deductible and can be purchased directly at If you can not go to the party, but still want to support him, you also may donate directly in the above website.

Community News:   Yinghua Summer Camp in Beijing

Dr. Liao Bing gave us an education seminar a few weeks ago and many parents are very interested in her Summer Camp in Beijing.
Please click the link below for the detail information.

Community News:


2014年3月3日-9日,中國經典民俗風情舞劇《十裏紅妝》將登陸紐約林肯中心大衛•寇克劇院,作為中國對外文化集團“中華風韻”品牌繼《牡丹亭》、《絲路花雨》後的又一力作,向美國觀眾展現來自中國江南的瑰麗春閨夢。與西方象征純潔的白色婚禮不同,古老的東方以妖嬈的大紅寓意著對女兒出嫁的祝福。《十裏紅妝》取材自中國江南一帶的婚嫁習俗,講述了一個哀婉又唯美的愛情故事:江南古鎮的少年阿甬和少女越兒自小青梅竹馬,在情竇初開的年紀許下了媒妁之約。阿甬對越兒許下了衣錦還鄉即迎娶的諾言,便外出闖蕩。時光流轉,同行的夥伴都已還鄉,阿甬卻歸期飄渺遙遙未定。越兒獨自在相思中憧憬著出嫁之日十 裏紅妝的喜慶歡愉,在美好的夢中繼續著沒有盡頭的等待。舞劇《十裏紅妝》不僅是展現江南民俗的舞臺,也承載著許多中國遊子的鄉愁。觀眾可以身在紐約就能近身感受到中國舊時女子一生中最輝煌隆重的時刻。伴隨著舞劇《十裏紅妝》的上演,花轎、嫁妝、器物這些珍稀的婚嫁物品將在繁華的現代都市紐約亮相,在古典與現代之間搭建起跨越時空的橋梁。華夏中文學校《十裡紅妝》購票專線:646-236-5008 小章 團體代碼:HUA2014 (需致電小章以適用此代碼)团体票(10张以上)30%off

Please click here for detail information on this event.

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