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Mar 092013
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Reminder: Daylight saving starts this Sunday. Please remember to move your clock FORWARD by one hour!

本周日华夏大纽约中文学校辩论选拔赛 (HXGNY Debate Contest This Sunday): 
时间:星期日(3/10/2013)12:30pm-1:30pm, 地点:马立平五年级教室 (C110)

为了迎接华夏中文学校的辩论赛(定于4/21/2013 举行)华夏大纽约分校将在本周日(3/10/2013)进行选拔赛。选拔赛将分两组进行,4-6年级为甲组,7年级以上为乙组。每位参赛者将作为一辩手进行三分钟陈述。辩手可以持有任一方(正方或反方)的观点,由辩手自己决定。各组的前六名优胜者将组成辩论队代表大纽约分校参加总校的辩论赛。上周日黄岳老师就如何准备3分钟陈述对参赛者进行了一次集中指导和训练,请各位家长帮助您的学生为参赛进行准备和练习。
2013 华夏辩论比赛辩论题目:



本周日专题讲座(Seminar This Sunday): 如何正确有效地培养儿童的音乐才华 (How to Effectively Foster Children’s Music Talent):
时间(Time): 10AM – 11AM, 地点(Location): Cafeteria

儿童的音乐才华需要悉心的培养与得当的方法。正确的方法会帮助儿童热爱音乐并能在才能上迅速提高并超越。本周日我们邀请Professor Elena Rossman, President of the American Association for Development of the Gifted and Talented, 给父母传授她30年来教学与培养儿童音乐才能的经验。

How do you cultivate children’s love of music and effectively foster children’s music talent? Professor Elena Rossman will share her more than 30 years’ experience with parents on teaching children music.

Please click here for the seminar flyer and Professor Elena Rossman’s bio.

儿童探奇系列知识讲座 (Little Wonder Seminar Series For Children) Starting This Sunday:
时间(Time): 12:45 PM ;  地点: Cafeteria

孩童的好奇心是人生瑰宝之一。为了鼓励和培养孩童的好奇心, 中文学校将于三月十日开始主办儿童探奇系列科学知识讲座. 内容包括自然科学与人文科学的诸多方面。

正如其他所有中文学校活动,我们需要家长的大力支持与帮助。我们需要更多家长来为孩子们讲授各种知识。主题可包括自然科学与人文科学的各个方面。 请有兴趣的家长与Sarah Zhang<> or Linda Wu <> 联系。 谢谢支持!

Children learn by asking questions. To foster their curiosity and enthusiasm, HXGNY will host a series of science seminars for children.

As with all activities in our school, we need support from parents. We need more parents to come here to talk about science and any other interesting subjects with our children. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Zhang <> or Linda Wu <>. Thank you for your support!

Our first education seminar will be presented by Wai Tang regarding the universe:
What is the origin of our universe?  Is the Big Bang the answer?  What is inflation? Is our universe still expanding?  Will it stop expanding and collapse back to a point?  What is dark matter?  How come we think dark matter exists, even though we have not detected it yet? And how about dark energy?  Is it really there? These are some of the interesting questions we would like to explore in our first Universe Seminar specifically designed for our youngsters. 

Please click here for the seminar flyer and details for the series.

Lunch: School will order pizza lunch for the parents to purchase.
Registration: Please email to register. Please state how many slices of pizza you will order.

Recap 华夏大纽约元宵游行录像HXGNY Lantern Parade Video):


Please click here for Lantern Parade video.

Recap 上周日华夏大纽约花灯节 (HXGNY Lantern Festival Last  Sunday):

3月3日,大纽约华夏中文学校举办了首届元宵花灯节。家长和学生们观赏了在H-room展出的各色各样的自制花灯,并投票选出了他们最喜欢的作品。我们向所有参赛者和获奖者表示祝贺和感谢。还没有领回花灯或奖品的家长,可以在本周末到学校咨询台领取。All homemade lanterns collected from the HXGNY Chinese costume day/lantern parade were exhibited at last Sunday’s HXGNY Lantern Competition in the H-room. Many parents put in their votes for their favorite lanterns.  Congratulations and thanks to all participating students and parents.  If you have not picked up your lantern and prize, please come to the information desk this weekend.Here are the proud winners of this event:

First prize: 黄若涵(G2C1), 童相维 (PreK-3), 黄若岚(PreK2)
Second Prize: 廖晓安(G2C2),钮佩龄(G4马立平), 骆依林(G1C2), 林伊茗(G8), 黄瑞(G1C1), 钮奕飞(K2),吕梦忱(G1C2), One unnamed lantern.
Third Prize: Emma Wang (PreK2), Jerry Jin (K2), 徐翰轩 (G3C1), 任钧也(G2C2), 吴依蓉(G2C1), Jason Cai(G1C2),关易帆(G2C1), 刁大卫(G2C2),王洲宁(G1C1), Peter Yang(PreK), 任嘉也(K2), Katherin Lu (G1C1), 史婕如(G4C1),陈嘉绮(G3C1), 林经山(G2C1), 任昕也(K2), 林亦勤(G6C1), 周圆, Melissa, 朱欣怡(G1C1),  Justin Qu(K1), 叶琳娜(G5马立平)

Student Corner 16th Edition(小语世界第十六期)

本期小语世界出版马立平二年级一班《快乐的春节》专刊, 指导老师李谦云。 本期编辑胡舒菡。小语世界十六请点击这里


<侨报周末>华夏园地特刊在二月八日出版了我校专刊 (China Press Weekly Published Our School’s Special Edition on 2/8/2013)

侨报周末华夏园地特刊在二月八日出版了我校专刊。 专刊上刊登了林骏校长的题为《立足新起点,继续探讨海外办学模式》的文章和我校部分学生的作文选。请点击这里参阅我校专刊

China Press Weekly published our school’s special edition on 2/8/2013. Please visit our school’s special edition.

Reminder: No School next Sunday on 3/17/2013

3/17/2013 is marked as snow make up day. Since we have not used any snow days so far this academic year, we will have no school next Sunday on 3/17/2013.

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Safety Reminder:

Please don’t drop off/pick up between the North Street entrance and parking lot entrance.  You can drive further ahead for drop off/pick up. Otherwise you will block the traffic.

Please do not park in the circle area when the parking spots on your right are full.  This area is reserved for fire department.  You may exit and use the parking lot facing North Street or Parking Lot A at the north side of the buildings.

Gyms News:

We will have only one gym (South Gym)  available till the end of March. The other gym will be used by WPHS. Please plan accordingly.

Per WPHS request, please do not keep any gym exit doors open throughout school sessions. Use only the door designated for HXGNY for entrance.

Community News:

Dispelling the Myth of the Tiger Mother

家庭教育专著《哈佛两姐妹》英文版:“The Chinese-American Method: Raising Our Children with the Best of Both Worlds”已经由Trafford Publishing出版,在Amazon 和 Barnes & Noble 均有出售。作者汪小武博士和胡琳老师在书中提出了一种融洽的,发人深省的养育孩子策略。Please click here for a bit more detail about their book.