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HXGNY Principal Search Process Starts
Education Seminar
Recap: HSK Test Last Sunday
Important Note and Notice
Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
Student Corner
Community News: OCA 7th Rising Stars Concert
Community News: 2014年“中国寻根之旅”海外华裔青少年夏令营

HXGNY Principal Search Process Starts

The board has recently established a search committee to start the 2014 Principal search process. The committee members include Dapeng Hu, Li Lin, Jun Lin, Michael Wu, Mark Yin and Ching Zhou. The search committee is to identify and nominate potential candidates, confirm candidates’ acceptance of the nomination, review candidates’ materials, conduct interview and check references as necessary, and recommend qualified candidates to the Board. The board will review candidates and vote to select the Principal.

The Principal is a volunteer position. Below are the eligibility requirements and desired qualification:
Must have integrity and be willing to voluntarily serve the school with passion and enthusiasm
Must be committed to the long-term growth and development of HXGNY
People with at least one year working experience with HXGNY admin team and with proven leadership skills are strongly preferred.
To apply, please email your name, qualification and a statement of plans and ideas on how to run the school  to the board, before March 29th.We also welcome any applications and nominations for other positions in the school’s admin team.

HXGNY Principal Search Committee

Education Seminar 

Session 1 
Time:        Sunday 03/23 9:40AM – 10:30AM
Presenter: Principal Lin Jun
Title: Sustainable Strategy of Oversea Chinese Schools: Professionalism & Volunteerism
Abstract: As a follow-up of Principal Lin’s previous presentation on the creation of an Assessment System as a Backbone, this talk will focus on the operating model of oversea Chinese schools. As most oversea Chinese schools are volunteers-run, non-for-profit organizations, sustainability becomes a major challenge pertaining to leadership and management team, managerial policy and procedures, program quality and student enrollment. He argues that volunteerism is asset rather than liability, but it should be transformed by mingling with professionalism along the dimensions of motivation, norms, process, system, and aspired outcomes. A theoretical model is proposed by relating team dynamics, competency, and succession to sustainable advantage. Implications on experiential learning, knowledge transfer, socialization, team building, structure of informal organization, and the sustainability of Chinese schools are discussed.
摘要: 延续建立教学评估体系、改善教学的基础设施建设角度探索海外中文学校的办学战略,本报告着重于如何有机结合志愿精神与专业精神,使海外中文学校在领导团队、管理制度、教学质量和招生等方面实现长期持续发展。志愿精神与专业精神体现在动力、规范、行为方式、管理系统和期待效果等方面的不同。 海外中文学校应克服志愿者运行、非营利性带来的不足,从团队建设、知识与竞争力培养、领导传承等几方面促成可持续发展。应根据海外办学的特点,发挥能动性,创建规范性,从组织过程的各个方面着手,探索海外中文学校的可持续战略。
Session 2
Time:         Sunday 03/23 10:30AM – 11:30AM
Presenter: HXGNY Math Teachers – Xu Min, Grace Pan, Mark Yin, Cheng Tao, Leland Wei
Title: Math Seminar

HXGNY Math Teachers will host a math seminar on Sunday 03/23.  The main topic is to educate parents on the math curriculum HXGNY is offering and how our courses are related to popular math tests.  It will be covering the  following topics:
–          Math Club: Mathcounts and AMC
–          Math Club: Math Kangeroo 2-3, 3-4
–          SAT Math: SAT Math and AP Math
–          Announcement of school-wide math competition on 5/18

Previous Education Seminar – 教育升学讲座 Recap
3月9日星期天,家庭教育专著《哈佛两姐妹—素质教育与智力开发家庭教育全记录》的作者汪小武博士和胡琳夫妇来到我校和大家分享家庭敎育和大学升学的经验。 汪小武、胡琳夫妇在中国长大,在美国有近30年的生活经历,亲身体会了中美两国敎育体制、方法和理念的差异。在以中美文化的精华培养孩子的理念下,他们充分发挥自己的优势,利用两种文化的特点,汲取两种文化的精华,开发出了一套切实可行的家庭敎育措施。讲座同时还剖析了美国大学录取学生的现状,从而理出针对孩子特点的高中规划的目标和要点,包涵高中选课的学问和如何为孩子创造出学习和活动中的亮点。


Recap – HSK Test Last Sunday

(华夏副总校长 李盛京 供稿)


Important Note and Notice
1. No soliciting is allowed on the White Plains High School campus as per school policy.  For security reasons, please inform the Admin immediately if you see any violation or unauthorized personnel on campus.  Please use the designated rest areas during school hours.

2. HXGNY Admin team would like to remind all parents, students and teachers to follow White Plains High School classroom rules. It’s imperative to leave the classroom the way it was.  Parents please inform your child/children:

  • Placing stickers on Smartboards, monitors, or any other place in a classroom is NOT permitted.
  • No writing on Smartboards at all!
  • No one is allowed to be in a teacher’s desk area or filing cabinet..Teachers, please pay special attention to teachers’ corner to be sure you left everything the way they were.
3. Lost and Found box is in the H-Room besides the information desk. Please drop by if you have lost items to claim.
Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
We are in need of used MLP and MZHY textbooks for display purpose at the information desk. If you have used MLP and MZHY textbooks that you no longer need, please bring them to the information desk.
Thank you for your generosity.



The parents who subscribed to the 2014 <XiaoPiPa> magazine: please come to H-room Information Desk to pick up the second issue between 9:30–12:30am on Sunday Mar 23rd.

 Best Regards,


Student Corner 18th Issue (小语世界第十八期)





Community News

OCA 7th Rising Stars Concert

OCA is organizing its 7th Rising Star concert.

Concert Date and Location
Saturday April 26th, 2:00 – 4:00PM
CHAPPAQUA LIBRARY 195 South Greeley Ave, Chappaqua, NY 10514 Phone:(914) 238-4779

Audition Date and Location
Wednesday April 2nd, 6:00 – 8:30 PM
216 Central Avenue, Room 218, White Plains, NY 10606

Please click here for concert details and click here for application form.



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