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HXGNY Principal Search Process Starts
Education Seminar
Important Note and Notice
Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
Student Corner
Community News: 华夏中文学校田径运动会
Community News: OCA 7th Rising Stars Concert
Community News: 2014年“中国寻根之旅”海外华裔青少年夏令营

HXGNY Principal Search Process Starts

The board has recently established a search committee to start the 2014 Principal search process. The committee members include Dapeng Hu, Li Lin, Jun Lin, Michael Wu, Mark Yin and Ching Zhou. The search committee is to identify and nominate potential candidates, confirm candidates’ acceptance of the nomination, review candidates’ materials, conduct interview and check references as necessary, and recommend qualified candidates to the Board. The board will review candidates and vote to select the Principal.

The Principal is a volunteer position. Below are the eligibility requirements and desired qualification:
Must have integrity and be willing to voluntarily serve the school with passion and enthusiasm
Must be committed to the long-term growth and development of HXGNY
People with at least one year working experience with HXGNY admin team and with proven leadership skills are strongly preferred.
To apply, please email your name, qualification and a statement of plans and ideas on how to run the school  to the board, before March 29th.We also welcome any applications and nominations for other positions in the school’s admin team.

HXGNY Principal Search Committee

Education Seminar 

Bonnie will be at HXGNY this Sunday!

We are thrilled to have Dr. Bonnie Liao to give us a presentation this Sunday to follow up the topic of Dr. Caffrey’s education seminar – Raise a self motivated child.

When: Sunday 03/30 10AM – 12PM
Where: Cafeteria

Her Bio:
Dr. Bonnie Liao, Founder and Head of School, YingHua International School, a nonprofit private elementary school, one of the first Chinese-English dual language schools in the United States combining language immersion with an internationally-focused inquiry-based curriculum framework, 2007 – present; Founder and Principal, YingHua Language School, the first community-based school accredited by CSS at Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 2002 – 2012; Founder & Director, “YingHua in Beijing” Summer Language & Leadership Institute providing learning opportunities to American youth ages 8 to 17 who spend a month in China, 2004 – present; Founder & Director, YingHua Princeton Language & Leadership Institute providing learning opportunities to international youth ages 9 to 18 who spend a month in the United States, 2012 – present; General Advisor, New Jersey Parent & Children Education Club, the only NJ nonprofit association focusing on parent-child communications, raising emotionally intelligent and academically motivated children, 2004 – present. MBA, Finance / Information Technology, Rutgers University, 2000; Ph.D., Physics, University of Houston, 1991; BS, Physics, Peking University, 1984. A former VP in Management Science, she left Merrill Lynch in 2007 to teach mathematics at a top private college preparatory high school in New Jersey for two years. Currently she is a consultant at Bank of America / Merrill Lynch.

廖冰博士,2007年5月,创建非营利英华国际学校,全美最先融合中英双语与国际化探究式教育相结合的小学; 自2002年5月创建非营利英华语言学校以来,担任校长十年并运用与推广《马立平中文》; 自2004年创建非营利“英华在北京”语言与领导能力暑期学院以来,每年亲自带领美国青少年在北京学习并为贫困学生服务;自2012年创建非营利英华普林斯顿语言与领导能力学院以来,带领来到美国的非英语母语青少年学习与实践并进行野外生存训练;自2004年,担任新州父母子女教育俱乐部总顾问,为华人父母提供一个学习和讨论的平台, 不断提高个人和子女情商,开发智商,增进和子女的交流。2000年罗格斯大学工商管理硕士;1991年休斯顿大学物理博士;1984年北京大学物理学士。2007年从美林证券公司辞职,致力于教授数学及创建非营利学校。目前,在美银美林工作。
Previous Education Seminar Recap
Thanks to Principal Lin Jun for the presentation about Professionalism and Volunteerism, the two main factors to sustainable strategy of oversea Chinese School’s growth.
Thanks to HXGNY Math Teachers Xu Min, Grace Pan, Leland Wei and Mark Yin for the introduction to Math programs HXGNY offering and how those programs related to Math competitions in USA.
Please click the link for Math Seminar Presentation.
Please click here for seminar photo.

Important Note and Notice

1. No soliciting is allowed on the White Plains High School campus as per school policy.  For security reasons, please inform the Admin immediately if you see any violation or unauthorized personnel on campus.  Please use the designated rest areas during school hours.

2. HXGNY Admin team would like to remind all parents, students and teachers to follow White Plains High School classroom rules. It’s imperative to leave the classroom the way it was.  Parents please inform your child/children:

  • Placing stickers on Smartboards, monitors, or any other place in a classroom is NOT permitted.
  • No writing on Smartboards at all!
  • No one is allowed to be in a teacher’s desk area or filing cabinet..Teachers, please pay special attention to teachers’ corner to be sure you left everything the way they were.
3. Lost and Found box is in the H-Room besides the information desk. Please drop by if you have lost items to claim.
Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
We are in need of used MLP and MZHY textbooks for display purpose at the information desk. If you have used MLP and MZHY textbooks that you no longer need, please bring them to the information desk.
Thank you for your generosity.

 Best Regards,


Student Corner 19th Issue (小语世界第十九期)





Community News



在4月7日前, 各分校领队将报名运动员在网上注册。


OCA 7th Rising Stars Concert

OCA is organizing its 7th Rising Star concert.

Concert Date and Location
Saturday April 26th, 2:00 – 4:00PM
CHAPPAQUA LIBRARY 195 South Greeley Ave, Chappaqua, NY 10514 Phone:(914) 238-4779

Audition Date and Location
Wednesday April 2nd, 6:00 – 8:30 PM
216 Central Avenue, Room 218, White Plains, NY 10606

Please click here for concert details and click here for application form.



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