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Apr 252014
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2014 华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示
Education Seminar:Camp Mandarin 04/27/2014
HXGNY Call for Volunteers for 2014 School Year
Important Note and Notice
Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
Student Corner
Community News: Panda Travel 暑期签证服务
Community News: OCA 7th Rising Stars Concert
Community News: 2014优秀华裔大学生文化参访团


Date: 05/04/2014
Time: 12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Location: H-Room创意营销,锻炼能力,学在乐中, 学以致用

集市在我国有着悠久的历史, 在中国传统文化中占有一席之地。 《周易》中即有“日中为市,各得其所“的记载。 集市不但是交易的场所,也是社交的场合。 在学校里,当代的校园营销更是给学生们提供了一种锻炼沟通交流、自我推广、市场实践等多项能力的有效方式。 为了帮助学生通过参与趣味销售活动扩展视野、增进能力,为增加社区活动的多样性,也为学校公益活动积累资金,华夏大纽约中文学校将于5月4日12:30 至1:30 在学校大厅(H Room)举办2014年大华春季集市。
欢迎各家各户来集市上开设销售展位,出售家中不用的物品。 销售物品限于 A. 书籍、文具等学习用品; B. 玩具、运动器件; C. 自制的手工艺品;D. 节日服装; E. 中国工艺品; F. 不含花生成分的糕点饮料。 为了使此次活动更有教育性,每个展位都应有家中华夏学生参与销售。 我们鼓励参展学生在家长指导下制作广告、横幅、传单、价目表等促销物品。 为支付活动相关费用,也为其他公益活动积累资金,我们希望参加活动的家庭将销售总额的20-30%捐赠给学校。 活动结束后,我们将根据销售金额、展位设计、营销创意评选出若干奖项。 请点击这里阅读活动细则和报名表。

报名截止日期为05/02。 由于销售展位数量有限,我们将按照报名递交日期指定展位,发完为止。

2014 HXGNY Spring Market

Town markets have a long history in China and have been part of Chinese culture. Early records of the market (over three thousand years ago) can be found in the famous divination book Zhou Yi. The market not only functions as a trading place, but also as a social gathering place for the community. In today’s schools, campus marketing provides a valuable venue for students to practice marketing, self-promotion and inter-personal communication skills. To help students develop extracurricular capability, promote community building, and to help school raise funds for other public events, we will host the 2014 HXGNY Spring Market on 05/4 from 12:30-1:30.

We welcome all families to come and set up their booths and sell items that are no longer used at home. The goods are limited to school supplies such as 1) books and stationery; 2) toys and sport items; 3) home-made arts and crafts; 4) holiday costumes; 5) Chinese art and craft; 6) peanut-free baked goods or drinks. To emphasize the educational purpose of the event, student participation is required for all the booths. We encourage participating students to create marketing materials such as flyers, posters, price lists, etc. To cover the activity expense, and to fund future events, we recommend a donation of 20-30% of total sale proceeds to the school. Special prizes will be awarded based on booth poster design, sales amount and marketing creativity. Please click here for detailed activity rules and registration form.

Please register by 05/02. Vendor booths will be assigned based on application date.


日期(date): Sunday 05/11/2014
时间(Time): 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM
地点(Location): Auditorium

为宏扬中国文化, 鼓励华夏学生学习中文的积极性,培养舞台表演能力, 华夏中文学校大纽约分校将于2014年5月11日12:30PM- 3PM举行《2013华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示》。本次活动邀请所有同学参加。参赛规则:个人表演不超过2分钟;集体(2人以上)的才艺展现不超过5分钟。每人最多可上台表演两次。表演形式:戏剧、唱歌、朗诵、讲故事、 说绕口令或美国学校常用的Show & Tell, 乐器(不包括钢琴,表演以中国传统曲目为主)。报名请点击这里. 请注明学生姓名,节目内容及形式。报名费每个学生$5(含午餐)。报名费将在5/11/2013午餐时收取。报名截止日期2013年5月4日。

HXGNY 2014 Future Star Talent Show

To promote Chinese culture, provide more opportunities for our students to practice speech and enrich stage performance experiences, HXGNY will host “2014 HXGNY Future Star Talent Show” on 5/11/2014 between 12:30PM to 3PM. The Talent Show is open to all students in HXGNY. A variety of performances, such as poem recital, singing, storytelling, tongue twister, show & tell, music instruments (with the exception of piano, Chinese music is highly encouraged) would all be welcome. The stage time is limited to 2 minutes for individual participant and 5 minutes for group participants. Each student can perform twice at maximum. Please click here to register:

Registration fee is $5 per student (include lunch). Registration fee will be collected during lunch time on 5/11/2014. Deadline for registration is 5/4/2014.

Education Seminar: Camp Mandarin 04/27/2014

When: Sunday 04/27 09:45AM – 11:15AM

Where: Cafeteria

Camp Mandarin welcomes you all to join for a Camp Mandarin presentation / Q&A this Sunday April 27th at 9:45am in White Plains High School’s cafeteria.
When Chinese lessons end this year, why not put your kids in Camp Mandarin! They have worked so hard this year with their Chinese, it would be a shame for them to lose their good work during the 2 months of summer vacation!
Camp Mandarin has all the fun of a traditional summer camp, while immersing the kids in the Mandarin Language. Kids are so busy having a good time, they don’t even realize they are speaking/learning the language!

HXGNY Call for Volunteers for 2014 School Year

HXGNY school has more than doubled in size since inception, and we are all very proud for this significant growth.  Our school is completely run by volunteers, and a big thanks to the many volunteers who are dedicated to serve our community and put in countless hours and efforts.Now looking into 2014-2015 academic year, we are seeking additional volunteers to join the administration team and continue to serve all the children and the families in the school.
If you are interested in serving our school, please click here to choose what function you would like to volunteer

Important Note and Notice

1. No soliciting is allowed on the White Plains High School campus as per school policy.  For security reasons, please inform the Admin immediately if you see any violation or unauthorized personnel on campus.  Please use the designated rest areas during school hours.2. HXGNY Admin team would like to remind all parents, students and teachers to follow White Plains High School classroom rules. It’s imperative to leave the classroom the way it was.  Parents please inform your child/children:

  • Placing stickers on Smartboards, monitors, or any other place in a classroom is NOT permitted.
  • No writing on Smartboards at all!
  • No one is allowed to be in a teacher’s desk area or filing cabinet.
  • Teachers, please pay special attention to teachers’ corner to be sure you left everything the way they were.
3. Lost and Found box is in the H-Room besides the information desk. Please drop by if you have lost items to claim..

Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
We are in need of used MLP and MZHY textbooks for display purpose at the information desk. If you have used MLP and MZHY textbooks that you no longer need, please bring them to the information desk.
Thank you for your generosity.

 Best Regards,



Student Corner 22nd Issue (小语世界第二十二期)

大家好!希望大家渡过了一个愉快的复活节!这个星期是小语世界第二十二期。本期刊登了九年级林宇老师班上同学的作文。史浩文采访了2006年华夏毕业生David Shi。肖明俊介绍了煎饼的做法。小语世界第二十二期请点击这里


Community News

Panda Travel 暑期签证服务

“鹏达旅游”(PANDA TRAVEL LLC)今年将继续向华夏中文学校大纽约分校的家长和同学提供“上门”暑期签证服务。现就有关安排通知如下:
第一次收证时间:2014 年5 月 4 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第一次发证时间:2014 年5 月 18 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次收证时间:2014 年5 月 18 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次发证时间:2014 年6 月 1 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次收证时间:2014 年6 月 1 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次发证时间:不另去学校发证,请家长于2014 年6 月15 日以后自行到“鹏达旅游”办公室领取或要求办理回邮 (为邮件安全起见,我司统一使用FEDEX 和UPS 回邮,费用为每封邮件 $30.00) 。

邀请信样本一 样本二

OCA 7th Rising Stars Concert

The public is invited to bring family and friends to the 7th Rising Stars Concert, to be held at Chappaqua Library from 2-4pm on Saturday April 26, 2014. This annual free event showcases the considerable musical talents of the Westchester and Hudson Valley young Asian Americans to the community-at-large. For more information, please click here.

2014 Cultural Tour for Outstanding Overseas Chinese College Students


Commissioned by Chinese Educational Foundation and Beijing Overseas Exchange Association, the Chinese School Association of United States will be the official organizer of the 2014 Cultural Tour for Outstanding Overseas Chinese College Students. The details of the tour are as follows:The tour is to provide select outstanding overseas Chinese college students opportunities to conduct social studies in Beijing where there is a wealth of cultural and educational resources. This tour will help such students to have a better understanding of Chinese cultural traditions as well as a better appreciation of the culture. The tour will also provide the students a real-life experience of what is happening in China in government and its policies, as well as its economic development trends. Therefore, the students on this tour will also have an opportunity to evaluate their future career options and how they can make it connect with such an environment.

Please click link for detailed information in Chinese versionEnglish version,registration form