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May 022014
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2014 – 2015 School Year Resgistration News

As the school prepares to open registration for the 2014-2015 school year in the coming weeks, we hereby urge every family to log on to their account and make sure the following items are in good order:
1. Please check your account balance.  Only families with ZERO account balance (or account credit) will be able to register for the new school year.  If the account balance is not zero and you have questions regarding the balance, please email and we will help you clarify what the balance could be.  The balance needs to be cleared before your new registration becomes effective.
2. Please make sure you know how to use the Pay by Paypal function.  We won’t accept check any more unless it is an onsite registration.  The Pay by Paypal button will allow you to pay either by Paypal or by credit card.  If you don’t know how to use this function, please drop by Information Desk on Sunday and we can do a demo.
 3. If you forget your login name and password, please email  In your email, please list the parents’ name and the home phone number.
We will send out detailed open registration information in the coming weeks.
HXGNY Registration Team

华夏大纽约第二届“大华春季集市” 5/4


想到赶集, 就会想到《清明上河图》描绘的繁华热闹的春集。 去年我校的春季集市极为成功, 应家长同学的热烈要求, 我校将于本周日 5/4, 11:30-1:30 在学校大厅(H Room)举办第二届”大华春季集市”。 欢迎各家各户将春季扫除清理橱柜整理出来的玩具书籍,运动服装器械,手工艺品,糕点饮料(写清成分)等拿来集市上开设销售展位。
为使此次活动更校园营销的特色,每个展位由学生主打,家长配合。鼓励参展学生自制广告、横幅、传单、价目表。我们希望参加活动的家庭将销售总额的20-30%捐赠给学校。 请点击这里阅读活动细则和报名表。
报名截止日期为05/02。 由于销售展位数量有限,我们将按照报名递交日期指定展位,发完为止。

2014年华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示 5/11

为鼓励学生学习中文,培养舞台表演能力,HXGNY诚邀所有同学参加《2014 华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示 》。

时间 : Sunday 05/11/2014,12:30 PM -3:00 PM
地点 : Auditorium 学校礼堂

表演形式: 中文戏剧,唱歌,朗诵,讲故事,说绕口,中式乐器,西洋乐器演奏中国曲目(不提供钢琴)

Recap: 华夏总校北区辩论比赛 4/27
(HuaXia Chinese School Northern Division Debate Contest)

辩论,不仅是语言的艺术,更是思维的艺术。辩论赛是对于学生运用中文语言能力和思辩能力在短时间内的集中训练。在刚刚落幕的华夏辩论赛中,北区共有四所学校参加,共8个代表队。我校同学取得了优异的成绩。在4-6年级组,我校正方队员吴杰明,刘朵睿,郑芷兰,反方队员 徐翰轩,廖晓安,周宇洋获得二等奖。在7-9年级组,我校同学以绝对优势获得第一名。我校正方队员徐翰扬,王弈都,陆尔希,反方队员吴奕康,吴宗书,颜睿奇获得一等奖。吴奕康同学获得最佳辩手。




Education Seminar: Brain Balance 05/04/2014

When: Sunday 09:45 AM – 11:15 AM
Where: Cafeteria

Dr. Mark Goldenberg from Brain Balance will give us a talk about the new science of how a child’s brain is wired and the function of the left and right hemisphere. He will further explain what is the cause of learning difficulty and behavior issues, and their method to  form effective neural pathways that improve attention and focus, academic performance, reduce negative behaviors and improve social skills and interaction.

大纽约华夏中文学校数学竞赛 5/18

为了激发孩子们对数学学习的热情和兴趣,我校将举办数学竞赛。竞赛将分四组: Math Kangaroo (1 – 3 年级),Math Kangaroo (3 – 5 年级), Math Count/AMC (6 年级以上), SAT Math (6 年级以上)。请选择其中一组报名。报名请点击这里。 报名截止日期 05/15/2014. 竞赛日期 05/18/2014。如有问题,请电子邮件

HXGNY Call for Volunteers for 2014 School Year

HXGNY school has more than doubled in size since inception, and we are all very proud for this significant growth.  Our school is completely run by volunteers, and a big thanks to the many volunteers who are dedicated to serve our community and put in countless hours and efforts.

Now looking into 2014-2015 academic year, we are seeking additional volunteers to join the administration team and continue to serve all the children and the families in the school.
If you are interested in serving our school, please click here to choose what function you would like to volunteer

Important Note and Notice

1. No soliciting is allowed on the White Plains High School campus as per school policy.  For security reasons, please inform the Admin immediately if you see any violation or unauthorized personnel on campus.  Please use the designated rest areas during school hours.

2. HXGNY Admin team would like to remind all parents, students and teachers to follow White Plains High School classroom rules. It’s imperative to leave the classroom the way it was.  Parents please inform your child/children:

  • Placing stickers on Smartboards, monitors, or any other place in a classroom is NOT permitted.
  • No writing on Smartboards at all!
  • No one is allowed to be in a teacher’s desk area or filing cabinet.
  • Teachers, please pay special attention to teachers’ corner to be sure you left everything the way they were.
3. Lost and Found box is in the H-Room besides the information desk. Please drop by if you have lost items to claim.
Donation of Used MLP and MZHY Textbooks Needed
We are in need of used MLP and MZHY textbooks for display purpose at the information desk. If you have used MLP and MZHY textbooks that you no longer need, please bring them to the information desk.
Thank you for your generosity.

 Best Regards,


Student Corner 23rd Issue (小语世界第二十三期)

大家好!这个星期是小语世界第二十三期。本期刊登了九年级林宇老师班上同学的作文。 尹渭博是本期编辑。林伊茗采访了中文学校AP班的老师,刘力明。 陈钰瑶介绍了炒土豆丝的做法。


Community News

Panda Travel 暑期签证服务

“鹏达旅游”(PANDA TRAVEL LLC)今年将继续向华夏中文学校大纽约分校的家长和同学提供“上门”暑期签证服务。现就有关安排通知如下:
第一次收证时间:2014 年5 月 4 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第一次发证时间:2014 年5 月 18 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次收证时间:2014 年5 月 18 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次发证时间:2014 年6 月 1 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次收证时间:2014 年6 月 1 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次发证时间:不另去学校发证,请家长于2014 年6 月15 日以后自行到“鹏达旅游”办公室领取或要求办理回邮 (为邮件安全起见,我司统一使用FEDEX 和UPS 回邮,费用为每封邮件 $30.00) 。

邀请信样本一 样本二

2014 Cultural Tour for Outstanding Overseas Chinese College Students


Commissioned by Chinese Educational Foundation and Beijing Overseas Exchange Association, the Chinese School Association of United States will be the official organizer of the 2014 Cultural Tour for Outstanding Overseas Chinese College Students. The details of the tour are as follows:

The tour is to provide select outstanding overseas Chinese college students opportunities to conduct social studies in Beijing where there is a wealth of cultural and educational resources. This tour will help such students to have a better understanding of Chinese cultural traditions as well as a better appreciation of the culture. The tour will also provide the students a real-life experience of what is happening in China in government and its policies, as well as its economic development trends. Therefore, the students on this tour will also have an opportunity to evaluate their future career options and how they can make it connect with such an environment.

Please click link for detailed information in Chinese versionEnglish version,registration form