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May 302014
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2014 – 2015 学年注册开通 (2014 – 2015 Registration is Open)

Dear HXGNY families

We are so excited to announce that registration for 2014-2015 school year is officially open.  Again, we are offering a comprehensive selection of language classes and culture classes for all levels of students interested in Chinese language, history and culture.  Given the incoming interest in our school, we encourage all families to register as early as possible.  In addition, any completed registration (i.e. payment received in full) will receive a $50 discount per student before 7/6/14.

We have made some important changes to our registration policy this year.  We have highlighted some of these changes below.  We highly encourage every family to read the detailed registration policy (, as these policy will be followed strictly this year.  
Key Registration Highlights:
  • Open House – 6/1/14 for all families
  • Early Registration Discount Period – 5/28/14 through 7/6/14
  • Age Limit – new students need to turn 4, 5 and 6 by 12/31/14 in order to enroll in Pre-K, K and Grade 1, respectively.  Proof of birth date required.  Existing students are exempted from this rule.
  • Class Placement – based on FULL tuition payment date
  • Payment Priority – PayPal payment strongly preferred.  Credit card payment may cause delay linking to school system.  No check accepted
  • Waiting List – For students that do not get into their desired class, please email  Please follow instructions in the Registration Policy on how to submit such requests.
  • Late Fee – $50 late fee will be applied to any family account with account balance or new registration starting 9/8/14
  • Transfer – Each student is allowed one free transfer for each of language and culture class per school year.  Each additional transfer will be subject to a $20 fee per transfer.  No transfer allowed after 9/21/14
  • No student can audit class post 9/14/14
  • Parent-on-Duty – All parents need to fulfill POD responsibilities
  • Contact Information –

Please click here ( for details of our registration policy.

On behalf of all HXGNY admin team and board, we thank you for your interest in our school.  We look forward to another productive year of teaching your children.

HXGNY Registration Team


大纽约华夏中文学校开放日 2014 – 2015 (School Open House) 6/1

华夏大纽约中文学校(HXGNY)将于6月1日 10:00 am 到 1:00 pm 举办全校开放日。这将给新家庭提供最好的机会来了解学校,体验 HXGNY 的独到之处。通过一系列的介绍和参观,大家将有机会与教师,学校管理人员,家长及学生交流,并从他们那里听到关于HXGNY的第一手资料, 如语言课和文化课的设置,为孩子和成人安排的活动;对现有的家庭来说,这也是一个很好的机会,从而了解新学年的课程及活动并尽早确定下一学年的计划。


The HuaXia Chinese School of Greater New York(HXGNY) will host a school-wide Open House on June 1st from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. This is the best way for first-time families to visit the school and see what makes the HXGNY experience so special. Through a series of presentations and tours, our guests will get a chance to meet with teachers, administrators, and parents and to hear directly from them about HXGNY – its language and culture classes, its activities for kids and adults, its teachers and its possibilities; it will also be a great opportunity for existing families to know what is coming in the upcoming new school year, meeting old and new friends, and starts to plan for the new 2014-2015 school year.

Please join us for a fun and informative morning. You will also get chance to participate Go games and sports game later.

2014 – 2015大纽约华夏中文学校校委会管理团队正式成立


五月十八日经董事会批准, 2014-2015大纽约华夏中文学校校委会管理团队正式成立。  校长曹作军, 执行副校长吴莉华、夏璐琳, 团队分为教育、注册事务、文体活动、物流办公、安全纪律、宣传外联、技术支持、校长办公室八个部门,同时会根据不同阶段的主要工作随时成立临时性的跨部门任务小组, 您可以点击这里查看管理团队成员名单。

华夏大纽约成立两年来,从规模到质量都在日新月异地不断提高。在新的一年里,学校团队的力量进一步加强,凭借更多的人力资源,我们将在过去两年打下的坚实基础上,保持学校稳定持续的发展,并重点推进以下几方面的工作: 1. 不断提高教育质量,改进不同教材、不同年级之间的衔接,探索高年级中文教学新方法, 持续建设标准化教育评估体系; 2. 加强教师培训、增进教师交流;3. 完善学校管理、操作的正规化、标准化建设;4. 推进文体活动小型化、民主化, 增加家长学生参与度;5.  扩大学校影响, 反馈社区。

千里之行, 始于足下,在过去几周里,学校管理团队新老成员团结协作,为2014年向2015年过渡交出了完美的答卷。 我们基本完成了团队组建,职责交接,制定了下一学年的课程安排、注册规则,充实了教师队伍,更新了网站内容,组织了两场讲座介绍新学年课程,并于本周正式开启新学年学生注册。与此同时,学校还组织了两场教育讲座,举办了“明日之星”演出,华夏春季市场,华夏2014篮球赛,在六月一日,我们还将同时举行学校开放日、现场注册、华夏运动会、华夏围棋赛、健保讲座等五项活动。

华夏大纽约短短两年的历史上,学校每一步的成长、每一项工作都伴随着广大家长的支持配合。 本周新学年注册开启仅一天,就有30%的在校学生完成了在线注册。华夏大纽约是服务于全体家长的公益学校,志愿者精神是学校的魂魄,欣欣向荣的学校离不开积极参与的家长,我们希望在新的一年里,这种精神能继续发扬光大,全校参与,全民办校,让华夏大纽约不但成为最好的中文教育机构,最佳的华人心灵家园,也成为社区华人志愿者精神的丰碑。 如果您有意直接参与学校管理、教学工作,请


大纽约华夏中文学校田径运动会 (Track and Field Event) 06/01

大纽约华夏中文学校田径运动会将于六月一日下午在White Plains高中田径场举行, 运动会设有九项比赛项目,并为选手提供免费午餐。届时华夏康州分校师生也将莅临参赛。我校全体学生都可免费参加。截止日期前未登记者,我们将无法安排参加比赛。比赛当天我们还需要广大家长们的大力支持,在选择比赛项目和午餐时,还请选择您可以如何帮助这次运动会,以便我们统一安排。午餐12点开始在餐厅提供,所有参赛选手务请于12点50分前在比赛场地报道。如有疑问请电邮。让我们在赛场上见。

HXGNY Track and Field Games will be held at the track and field stadium of White Plains High School on the afternoon of June 1. There will be nine events in the games and lunch will be provided free to all players. Students and teachers of HX CT will also participate our games. The registration is free to students of our school. We will need all parents’ help on the day of games, so please indicate what you would help in the registration, besides choosing the children’s events and lunch for your family members. We will then arrange your assignment considering your indication. Lunch will start around 12PM in the cafeteria and all participants should report to the referees in the stadium no later than 12:50PM. Please email sports_hxgny@googlegroups.comif you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing all of you in the games.


大纽约华夏中文学校 围棋赛 (Go Tournament) 6/1


HXGNY 2014 Go Tournament will be held in the afternoon of June 1. Every person in our community is welcome to participate, including both children and adults and those outside of our Chinese school. Awards will be presented to the winners of the children’s group, while adults will have the great opportunity to play for leisure with other people with the same interest.


Education Seminar

How to control the progression of nearsightedness and astigmatism 06/01

Topic: “How to control the progression of nearsightedness and astigmatism?”
Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Where: Cafetiere
Presented by Dr. Ted T. Du, an eye doctor and surgeon in Flushing

Dr. Ted T. Du will speak about how to stop or slow down the progression of nearsightedness and astigmatism. If your children are getting new glasses every year, because their eyes get worse every year, Dr. Du will give you several suggestions on how to prevent that. Wearing CRT contact lens at night starting age 6-7 during sleep is the only clinically-proven way to control myopia and astigmatism. It’s cost-effective, FDA-approved, and more importantly, IT WORKS!

Dr.Du will also bring eyedrops and eye vitamins, all free to listeners.

Please click link below for the detail introduction to Dr.Du’s professional background.
HXGNY First Math Competition 05/18 Result

Congratulations to all the students who participated in HXGNY First Math Competition on 05/18. There are total of 86 students attended.
The winners list as below. Please click here for Math Competition Photo Album.
Group Grade First Place Second Place Third Place
Math Kangaroo (1-3)
GK/1 Jinfan Hu Jason Cai Michelle Zhou
G2 Emmy Huang (黄秋涵) Sophie Li (李千寻)
Cayden Yang
Victor Zhou(周宇童)
Joning Wang(王洲宁)
G3 Ben Wu (吴杰铭) Clare Liao(廖晓蓉)
Matthew Zhao(赵炜)
Chelsea Wang(王逸辰)
Alexander Tu(屠玄森)
Math Kangaroo (4-5)
G4 Michael Wei(魏齐) Alex Wang(王思成) Allen Bao(包天宇)
G5 Ming Wu(吴迪诚) Natalie Shell(郑芷兰) Jonathan Zhou(周宇洋)
Math Count/AMC Maxwell Zhao(赵煜) Vincent Xu(徐翰扬)
Zachary Wang(王奕都)
Max Li (李嘉骅)
SAT Eric Wei (魏征) Kevin Shen(沈洪斌) William Yin


2014 Graduation and Award Ceremony 06/08 

精彩预告: 专业演出团体庆贺孩子们结业!

好消息! 在即将于六月八日举办的大纽约华夏2013-14年度结业典礼上,将有专业演出团体和国家一级演员献上一台精彩纷呈的节目,庆贺孩子们在过去一年里取得的进步!并祝贺2014届毕业生经过十年的中文学习,圆满毕业!详情请关注下周的Newsletter.
A professional troupe and National top performers will visit Huaxia Greater New York on June 8 to celebrate a successful 2013-2014 academic year!  Congratulations to all for another year of great accomplishment!  Please read our Newsletter next week for details.
HXGNY First Year Book is Available to Order
Dear parents, HXGNY’s first ever Yearbook is here!  It is packed with over 500 color photos.  Sample books are available for preview this coming Sunday in the H-room at the school.
Click here to see some screenshots of the yearbook.
The cost of the yearbook is as following:
Soft cover: regular paper – $25; premium paper – $35
Hard cover: regular paper – $30; premium paper – $40
Please place your order via the following link
Michelle Cai
Chief editor


Student Corner 26th Issue (小语世界第二十六期)





Community News

17th Annual Asian American Heritage Festival 6/14/14

Event: 17th annual Asian American Heritage Festival
Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
Time: 12 noon to 6 pm
Place: Kensico Dam Plaza, Valhalla, NY
free admission and parking 

The public is invited to bring family and friends to Kensico Dam for an afternoon of entertainment featuring experts in traditional Asian dance and song and masters of the martial arts, including lion dancers. Professional artists share the stage with children’s dance troupes in colorful traditional costumes. There will be plenty of activities for children such as face painting, Lego classes, Chinese paper cutting, origami, and games. One of the most popular of the ethnic cultural celebrations on Westchester County’s summer calendar, the Asian Heritage festival attracts as many as 7,000 residents each year. It is also a favorite showcase for small businesses and non-profits, featuring vendors selling Asian-themed cultural artifacts and handmade goods, agencies offering educational and health services and local chefs cooking up a wide array of Asian foods. The Festival is organized by the OCA-Westchester & Hudson Valley Chapter and supported by the Westchester County Parks and an array of local corporations and small businesses. Please click for event flyer and vendor registration.
For more information about OCA-WHV and the festival, please visit or contact OCA is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization advocating for social justice, equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice for the 16 million Asian Americans in the U.S.

Westchester County, NY

CONTACT: Gary Guo, Asian Heritage Festival Chair, 914-329-3551,

Panda Travel 暑期签证服务

“鹏达旅游”(PANDA TRAVEL LLC)今年将继续向华夏中文学校大纽约分校的家长和同学提供“上门”暑期签证服务。现就有关安排通知如下:
第一次收证时间:2014 年5 月 4 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第一次发证时间:2014 年5 月 18 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次收证时间:2014 年5 月 18 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次发证时间:2014 年6 月 1 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次收证时间:2014 年6 月 1 日(星期日) 10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次发证时间:不另去学校发证,请家长于2014 年6 月15 日以后自行到“鹏达旅游”办公室领取或要求办理回邮 (为邮件安全起见,我司统一使用FEDEX 和UPS 回邮,费用为每封邮件 $30.00) 。

邀请信样本一 样本二