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Nov 012013
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Daylight Saving Time Ends This Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 2:00:00 AM, Clocks Turn Back One Hour

White Plains High School
550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605
Parking Lot, Security and Rules
Lost and Found
Student Corner (小语世界 )
Community News: Petition White House on “Investigating Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table Show”
Community News: Job Posting

Recap: 魔幻“万圣节”游行 10/27

华夏大纽约于10月27日举行了万圣节游行. 请点击这里观看照片集锦:
一等奖:陈爱伦MLP G2C3
二等奖:钮奕飞 MLP G1C2
三等奖:黄伟林Pre-K C1 刘娜 MLP G5
参赛作品照片,请点击这里。Please see the photos of the Magic Halloween Parade last Sunday.  Please clickhere.
We hosted best Halloween theme artwork contest for the first time.  All contestants will receive certificate and prizes. Please pick up yours at the information desk.  For craft photos, please click here.

Education Seminar 11/03

Part 1: 怎样在英语环境里让孩子学好中文?
时间: 9:40 – 10:40
主讲: The Shell FamilyPart 2 – 如何引导孩子学中文?
时间:10:45 – 11:45
主讲: 陈阳老师
地点:CafeteriaHave you ever heard your children complaining about learning Chinese? Examples include:
– “speaking Chinese is not cool”
– “everyone speaks English here anyway”
– “why do I have to learn Chinese when my friends don’t?”
– “you can speak Chinese to me but I’m gonna answer back in English.”The Shell family will share their experience with how they guided their 10 year old daughter Natalie (郑芷兰) to learn Chinese in an English speaking environment. Natalie is currently attending MPL 6th grade class and has won many awards at school (优秀学生, 小主持人和 唱歌比赛) as well as being in the debate team. Natalie’s mom Wendy 郑昀宁 graduated from University of Cambridge 剑桥大学, and was a management consultant 管理顾问 for many years. Natalie’s dad Doug graduated from Brown University 布朗大学 and is currently a hedge fund manager 对冲基金经理 .
In this very informal workshop the Shell family will discuss:
– hints and tips on how to improve every aspect of learning Chinese including listening, speaking, reading and writing 怎样把中文的听说读写都学好
– setting the right goal to learn Chinese
– important aspects of implementing and reviewing the learning plan

陈阳老师,毕业于华东师范大学英语专业,曾任教于华东师范大学大学英语教学部。2010年完成南京师范大学国际汉语专业课程。现于美国公立学校从事特殊教育工作,业余在纽约长岛石溪中文学校任教八年至今。她将分享她的经验怎样引导你的孩子学习中文,孩子为什么要学中文, 以及你能做什么去帮助他们提高中文阅读水平。

2013 – 2014 School Directory Cover Design Contest
Any artwork submitted must be student’s original design and creation, conceptualized and executed solely by the student. Submitted pieces must not have been published previously and may not be subject to the rights of any other party.

Two winners will be selected from all participating students by a group of judges. The winners’ artwork will be printed on the cover and bottom page of 2013-2014 Huaxia Chinese School of Great New York Communication Directory.Please refer to the following requirements to start your design.

  • Paper Size: 8.5” x 11” (letter size)
  • Picture Dimension: 7.5” (W) x 9” (L) in portrait mode
  • Color: black and white (shading is accepted)
  • Print your name and class on the back of your design
  • Submit your final artwork to the Information Desk by 11/03/2013

Please VOTE on November 5th!

HXGNY encourages all eligible parents to vote on November 6 for Federal, State, and local candidates. As a non-profit organization, HXGNY does not endorse any particular candidate, we work to promote our community. It is only responsible and in the best interest of all community members to exercise our right to vote and to enhance our political representation. We owe it to ourselves, our family, and particularly our children to strive for a more just environment. Do not let go of your right and responsibility!


HXGNY 鼓励所有在美国有投票权的家长在选举日踊跃投票. 作为非赢利性组织, HXGNY对具体候选人不持立场, 但鼓励我们社区成员积极参与选举过程. 不同族裔成员的投票记录都会得到统计. 华人社区成员通过投票来行使和增进自己的政治权利不但能促进自己的利益, 也是重要的责任. 为了我们自己, 我们的家庭, 尤其是我们的孩子们, 我们应以身作则, 参与投票和其它社会政治活动来尽力促进一个更平等的环境. 请各位不要放弃自己的权利和责任!

Parking Lot, Security and Rules

Please be reminded: the circle near the east entrance/tennis courts will be closed for auto traffic. Also there are about 10 parking spots close to the circle and these spots will be reserved for teachers only. Please use the west parking lot A to avoid traffic.

Direction to Parking Lot A: use the White Plains High School entrance at Bryant Ave, follow the “Student Parking” sign to the West/Main parking lot.  An entrance to the building will be provided close to Lot A.  This entrance will continue to be open between 9:20 and 9:50 AM for the rest of school year.
If you enter from the North street to access to Lot A, do not violate the traffic rules by entering the “One Way” lane from an opposite direction.  Drive forward further. You will be closer to the entrance to the building.

For your safety, security team would like to remind all parents:
• Do not drop off your kid(s) close to the North Street entrance
• Do not block traffic, pay attention to pedestrians
• Do not violate the traffic rules by entering the “One Way” lane from an opposite direction
• Do not park on the fire line marked with yellow strips

In order for us to continue use White Plain High School as our Chinese school campus, HXGNY Admin team reminds teachers, parents and students respect and follow the rules from WPHS:
• Classrooms must be left the same way they are found
• Furniture in original positions
• Do not unplug computers
• Do not touch smart boards
• Do not eat in the classrooms
• Outside doors need to be closed and locked at all times for security reasons
• Do not park in the “no parking” areas which creates fire hazards
• Do not run in the hallways

We appreciate all parents cooperation in the past weeks.

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Lost and Found Box

Lost and Found Box is in the H-room. Please stop by if you have lost items to claim.

Best Regards,



Student Corner 4th Issue (小语世界第四期)


香肠蛋炒饭 ,万圣节游行照片,马立平三年级二班作文。小语世界第四期请点击这里


Community NewsPetition White House on “Investigating Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table Show”

There is an on going petition protesting “the Jimmy Kimmel Kids Table Show”. Please click here for detail.

Job Posting

Looking for job? Good news to you. Our school website recently added a job posting session. Please following the link for job opportunity .If you are interested, please email: