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Sep 052014
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今年,华夏大纽约注册学生人数创下历史新高。 相信在所有家长、老师、志愿者的努力下,我们会打造出一个更大、更强、更美好的华夏。在本期新学年开学专刊中, 我们会对一些学校的变动、家长常见问题作出解答, 请大家仔细阅读。
Dear HXGNY parents:
Our 2014-2015 school year will start this Sunday 09/07 at 9:30am. This year observes a record high student enrollment at HXGNY. With collective effort from all parents, teachers and volunteers, we will make the school a larger, stronger and better place than it has ever been.
In this school open special edition, we will make some important announcements and answer some frequently asked questions from the parents. Please read carefully.

1. 请注意, 学校教学楼变更及停车指南 map and parking 
2. 我在哪里可以找到学校新学年校历 calendar?
3. 我在哪里可以找班级教师和教室信息 classroom info?
4. 我在哪里领教科书 text book?
5. 注册台、咨询台在哪里 registration and information desk?
6. 我还可以给我的孩子注册课程吗 late registration?
7. 我在哪里可以付学费 tuition?
8. 我可以给孩子转班吗? (文化课、语言课) class transfer?
9. 成人文化课什么时候开始 culture class for adult?
10. 运动馆本周开吗 on site gym?
11. 孩子上学后家长可以去哪里 parents leisure time?
12. 我以前没来过中文学校,有没有人可以给我介绍一下学校 general introduction?
13. 有问题找谁可以解答  need help?
1. 请注意, 学校教学楼变更及停车指南. Important. School classroom building change and parking guidance.
To accommodate the larger student body, we will close C building and open 20+ classrooms in the new A building.  The A building is on the same side as the auditorium.  B building will also open. All preK to 2nd grade and AP classes will be in B building, using last year’s parking lot and entrance.  3rd grade and above will be in the new A building. The closest parking lot and entrance is the large parking lot outside the auditorium.  Please follow the road sign on the school open day.
Due to new high school policy, H room, the high ceiling hall where parents rest, will be closed.  The seminar room will still be open, and will still be used for our future seminar events.  For the comfort and convenience of the parents, we will open H cafeteria as the new parent resting area. It is twice the size of H room.  Please follow the direction on school open day.Parking Guide:
Parents of AP Chinese class and prek – 2nd graders, please park in the parking Lot next to B building, or between A and B Buildings.   Parents of CSL, third graders and above, please use the A building parking lot.  Road sign will be posted on school open day.  To assure smooth traffic, please do not make drop off stops along curb side.
2. 我在哪里可以找到学校新学年校历? Where can I find school calendar.
[HXGNY] School calendar has been published on our web site Or please click here.
3. 我在哪里可以找班级教师和教室信息。 Where can I find teacher’s name and classroom number of my child’s class?
[HXGNY] This information has been published on our web site Please click here for language classes, click here for culture classes. You should also have received email from class teachers and/or class parents.
4. 我在哪里领教科书? Where can I get textbooks for my children?
[HXGNY] All textbooks will be distributed by class parents in the classroom.  However, textbooks are only available for students who have paid tuition in full before Friday 09/05.  You may pay tuition in person at our registration desk. Please note, the school orders and distributes textbooks at cost. The school will not refund or exchange textbooks if the textbooks are not in pristine condition.
5. 注册台、咨询台在哪里? Where is the registration desk, information desk.
[HXGNY] We will have volunteers answer general questions at A and B building entrance. For more specific questions or registration related issues, please come to our registration desk and information desk at B001, the room where we host our seminars.
6. 我还可以给我的孩子注册课程吗?I have not registered my child yet. Can I still register?
[HXGNY]  Yes, the registration is still open. You can register online, or register on site at B001, the room where we host our seminars. But the teacher will not be able to admit any students till the student is registered. Late registration fee will apply if the regular registration and payment deadline is passed.7. 我在哪里可以付学费? Where can I make tuition payment?
[HXGNY]  You can pay tuition by login into your account and click on the “Pay by Paypal” button. It will allow you to either pay by paypal or pay by credit card.

8. 我可以给孩子转班吗? (文化课、语言课) Can I make class transfers?
[HXGNY]  Yes. Any transfer request will need to be approved by the registration team. Please email or come to the registration desk at B001 to submit such request.

9. 成人文化课什么时候开始?When does the adult culture class start?
[HXGNY]  HXGNY offers a number of interesting clubs to the parents including Line/Latin Dance, Folk Dance, Ballroom Dance, Dance Sport, Yoga, Calligraphy, Chinese Traditional Painting, Tai-Chi, Bagua, Chorus, Chess & Poker, Badminton, Basketball and Grandparents English clubs. The club schedule is available on the school website. The registration will be open on September 10th. The first class is on September 21st

10. 运动馆本周开吗? Will the gym be open this weekend?
[HXGNY] Yes, north and south gym will be open.

11. 孩子上学后家长可以去哪里? Where can the parents go after dropping off kids?
[HXGNY] You can join basketball and badminton clubs at the gym with a fee. The gyms will be open this weekend. If you would like to register any adult culture class, please refer to the adult culture class section.  Soccer field and tennis courts are also available on campus.  This year, we are opening H cafeteria which can comfortably accommodate hundreds of people.  You may rest and chat with friends over there. Starting third week of school, you can find chess, vocal clubs in H cafeteria.

12. 我以前没来过中文学校,有没有人可以给我介绍一下学校? This is my first time to school, can someone give me a general introduction or take me for a tour?
[HXGNY]  The best place to start with is our web site  If you need a short tour around the school, please come to the school information desk located at B001.  If we have available volunteers, we can take the new parents for a group tour.

13. 有问题找谁可以解答。 Who may I contact if I have questions?
[HXGNY] For general questions, please come to our information desk located at B001.  If it is not on school days, you may email

Thank you,


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学生与成人助教是华夏大纽约教学队伍的重要部分。 学生可以籍此完成所在学校社区服务要求,通过帮助老师教学也可以提高中文水平, 家长担当成人助教可以了解子女学习中文,对于有意成为中文老师的家长,担任助教更是获得教学经验的最佳途径。如果您或您的孩子有兴趣, 请联系何青:

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