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Oct 122017
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SUNY Purchase
本期编辑: 肖雁 (Sandy Xiao)

周日10/15交通重要通知 10/15 Sunday Road Closure Announcement1. 从Hutchinson的30号出口下,走120A或者叫King St出口,由学校东面Lincoln Ave到校园后门(28或27出口都封路不要走)
2. 9:30AM以后学校就不能开车进来了 请大家提早到校
3. 这是今年最后一次封路啦!

Oct 15th Sunday Important Road Closure Announcement
Coming Sunday 10/15 there is a Breast Cancer Walk – which will cause traffic and road closures. Everyone need to get to school before 9:30AM the latest, otherwise, SUNY Purchase campus will not be open till after walkers leave (maybe 10:30 or 11am).

Police suggests everyone to get off from Hutchinson River Parkway exit 30 to get on route 120A which is Kings Street, and follow route 120A/King Street to Lincoln to get onto the back entrance of SUNY Purchase.  Please Note, Do NOT get off at exit 28 and DEFINITELY NOT exit 27, those road will be CLOSED BY THE POLICE.  Please see the map below.

Closer to SUNY Purchase campus, there will be road closure from west road and cottage ave all the way down to the main entrance. Please note, SUNY Purchase front main entrance at Anderson Hill Road will be CLOSED on Sunday.  Only the rear gate of SUNY Purchase at Lincoln Ave will be open till around 9:30AM.  The back entrance will be closed when the walkers cross through SUNY Purchase around 9:45 – 10AM.  Therefore, if you have a class starting at 10AM, please get on campus before 9:30AM latest (the earlier, the better).

The good news is: This is the last event at SUNY Purchase this year. 

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SUNY Purchase是纽约州立大学,学校有严格的管理规章制度, 禁止任何未经大学特许的商家活动,包括团购送货、午餐外卖。 如有违规行为发生,将严重影响中文学校与大学的融洽关系。 为了学校欣欣向荣的长远发展,请家长们遵守学校规章, 共同维护社区华人的良好形象。

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Lost and found位于Humanities building入口处POD桌旁,三周后无人认领将会处理掉。

Please note our Lost and Found is at the entrance of Humanities building, next to the POD table. We will donate any found item if no one claims after 3 weeks.

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大学校园内有三个用餐选择,Dining Hall 自助餐,The Hub (Food court) 和 Starbucks
请看地图 files/1565-campus-map

家长可以在H楼一楼大厅里用餐,请注意自觉收拾干净, 不要在桌上或地上留下垃圾。请注意绝对不可以在教室里用餐。多谢家长配合。

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OCA (OCA-WHV) Awards Program for Asian American High School Students

The Westchester-Hudson Valley chapter of OCA (OCA-WHV), the leading Asian advocacy organization in the United States, is proud to announce our expanded awards program for Asian American high school juniors and seniors.

This fall, we are once again giving two kinds of awards:

ten merit-based Student Leadership Awards ($200 apiece).
three “First-Gen” awards (two $1,000; one $500) for financially needy students whose parents have never attended a four-year college here or abroad.

Please help us identify promising candidates and do steer them our way.  Application materials for both merit-based Student Leadership Awards and needs-based ” First-Gen ” awards may be downloaded at .  Deadline for all awards is October 20, 2017. Awardees will be honored at our annual gala on November 11, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown.

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WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service (OSLCS) Award 2017-2018

The Westchester Association of Chinese Americans is calling for nomination of candidates from your school for “WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service (OSLCS) Award” for 2017 – 2018 school year.

WACA has offered the OSLCS Award to Chinese American students in the Westchester area since 2009. With enthusiastic participation from all local Chinese schools, the award program has served its mission and purpose very successfully. Every year, three outstanding students have been selected as recipients of the award; these students have gone on to elite universities including Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, MIT, NYU Stern, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Please find attached two documents, “WACA OSLCS Award Program” and “WACA OSLCS Award Application Form“, which help explain the program’s purpose and procedures in more detail. The deadline for nomination of your school students is October 20, 2017.

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