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Oct 202017
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本期编辑: 田丹丹 (Dandan Tian)

本周日 10月22日 讲座:运动损伤的防治和治疗 10-11:30AM Humanity Building 1032我们都知道我们的孩子体育活动是多么重要,但是我们并不总是清楚,当他或她受伤或肌肉/关节疼痛时该怎么办。
来自ONS的骨科专家将在这里与您谈谈如何帮助保护您的孩子免受常见的运动损伤和痛苦的肌肉骨骼病症。 他们还将和大家一起讨论发生损伤或矫形疾病时可用的治疗方法。
Dr. Wei耶鲁大学本科,哥伦比亚大学医学院毕业,是治疗运动损伤的专家。详情请参阅

Seminar: Injury Prevention and Treatments for Children and Adolescents
Sunday(10/22) 10-11:30AM  Humanity Building 1032

We all know how important it is for our children to be active, but we are not always clear on what to do when he or she gets injured or complains of pain in a muscle or joint.
Orthopedic specialists from ONS will be here to talk to you about ways you can help protect your child from common sports injuries and painful musculoskeletal conditions. They will also discuss the treatments that are available should an injury or orthopedic ailment occur.
Dr. Wei graduated from Yale and Columbia Medical School.

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10月29日 华夏大纽约“万圣节”游行 HXGNY Halloween Parade

大雁乘风寻春去,小妖踏叶觅糖来。孩子们最快乐的的节日 “万圣节” 就要到了!为了给孩子们一个快乐难忘的节日, 学校将于10月29日举行万圣节游行。为增加节日气氛,希望家长和老师也着costume。启蒙班至三年级学生以班级为单位参加,请家长为学生准备好万圣节服装, 高年级学生根据学生意愿,可自由参加。
希望各位家长们把小朋友们装扮好,带着要糖的袋子/桶,再送到教室/学校,低年级 (PreK-G3) 小朋友家长最好协助老师和班级一起准备游行。我们备有小礼品赠送给小朋友们。游行统一在HUMANITIES楼前开始,具体路线和时间安排如下。请家长们带上相机,记录下这难得的场景。

Session 1
Prek / K : 10:20am
G1/CSL 1: 10:25am
G2: 10:30am
G3: 10:35am
G4 and above: 10:45am (come on their own)

Session 2
Prek / K : 11:05am
G1: 11:10am
G2/CSL 2: 11:15am
G3 / CSL 3: 11:20am

Parade route is as following:

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大学校园内有三个用餐选择,Dining Hall 自助餐,The Hub (Food court) 和 Starbucks
请看地图 files/1565-campus-map

家长可以在H楼一楼大厅里用餐,请注意自觉收拾干净, 不要在桌上或地上留下垃圾。请注意绝对不可以在教室里用餐。多谢家长配合。

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OCA (OCA-WHV) Awards Program for Asian American High School Students

The Westchester-Hudson Valley chapter of OCA (OCA-WHV), the leading Asian advocacy organization in the United States, is proud to announce our expanded awards program for Asian American high school juniors and seniors.

This fall, we are once again giving two kinds of awards:

ten merit-based Student Leadership Awards ($200 apiece).
three “First-Gen” awards (two $1,000; one $500) for financially needy students whose parents have never attended a four-year college here or abroad.

Please help us identify promising candidates and do steer them our way.  Application materials for both merit-based Student Leadership Awards and needs-based ” First-Gen ” awards may be downloaded at .  Deadline for all awards is October 20, 2017. Awardees will be honored at our annual gala on November 11, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown.

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WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service (OSLCS) Award 2017-2018

The Westchester Association of Chinese Americans is calling for nomination of candidates from your school for “WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service (OSLCS) Award” for 2017 – 2018 school year.

WACA has offered the OSLCS Award to Chinese American students in the Westchester area since 2009. With enthusiastic participation from all local Chinese schools, the award program has served its mission and purpose very successfully. Every year, three outstanding students have been selected as recipients of the award; these students have gone on to elite universities including Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, MIT, NYU Stern, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Please find attached two documents, “WACA OSLCS Award Program” and “WACA OSLCS Award Application Form“, which help explain the program’s purpose and procedures in more detail. The deadline for nomination of your school students is October 20, 2017.

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