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Oct 232015
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White Plains High School
550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605
  • 10/25/2015 本周日魔幻“万圣节”游行 Magical Halloween Parade
  • 午餐服务 Lunch service in B registration room

10/25/2015 本周日魔幻“万圣节”游行 Magical Halloween Parade

Calling for all princesses, fairies, ghosts, super heroes, villains and minions, animals of the land and sea,  please join the parade on Sunday 10/25 at 10:15am.
•    Bring your own LOOT BAGS! Come to school in costumes
•    There is regular hour school on Sunday
•    PreK to 3rd graders will be led by their Chinese class teachers & class parents.
•    Parade time is staggered :
Session 1
Prek / k / CSL basic / CSL interm: 10:20am
G1: 10:25am
G2: 10:30am
G3: 10:35am
G4 and above: 10:45am (come on their own)
Session 2
Prek / k: 11:05am
G1: 11:10am
G2: 11:15am
G3 / CSL advanced: 11:20am

Parade route is as following:
A楼 :1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 1
B楼 :2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 1 -> 2

Parents please line up between 1 and 2 for your kid to parade by.  Class photos will also be taken there.  There will be 6 candy/mini-toy distribution booths starting from “发糖1“.After parade children will return to classrooms with teacher.
Happy Trick-o-treat!  Boooo!

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午餐服务 Lunch service in B registration room

本周学校内的午餐由Flushing的福冕提供服务。本周午餐会在11:30pm 开始卖饭。地点不变,仍在楼上的B registration room, 只收现金。

为保证学校清洁卫生,请大家用餐后自行清理桌面,保持地面清洁。可以将食品带回家,但校园用餐只限于餐厅内 (绝对不可以到其它教室或室外用处)。烦请所有家长遵守。

Lunch service starts at 11:30am in the B registration room.

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