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Oct 282017
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一周要闻 News of the Week

大雁乘风寻春去,小妖踏叶觅糖来。孩子们最快乐的的节日 “万圣节” 就要到了!学校将于本周日10月29日举行万圣节游行。欢迎家长和老师也着costume。启蒙班至三年级学生以班级为单位参加,请家长为学生准备好万圣节服装, 高年级学生根据学生意愿,可自由参加。


Session 1

Prek / K : 10:20am
G1/CSL 1: 10:25am
G2: 10:30am
G3: 10:35am
G4 and above: 10:45am (come on their own)

Session 2
Prek / K : 11:05am
G1: 11:10am
G2/CSL 2: 11:15am
G3 / CSL 3: 11:20am

大学校园内有三个用餐选择,Dining Hall 自助餐,The Hub (Food court) 和 Starbucks 请看 地图

家长可以在H楼一楼大厅里用餐,请注意自觉收拾干净, 不要在桌上或地上留下垃圾。请注意绝对不可以在教室里用餐。多谢家长配合。

We are pleased to announce that the Board has elected Ms Luguang Luan, Ms Jie Ma and Ms Hong Su as new members of the HXGNY Board of Directors with the term of 2017 to 2020.  These individuals have served the school and local Chinese American community for many years, have demonstrated great integrity and spirit of volunteerism, and have committed to serving the school and its community in the future.

In the same time, Ms Yu Lin and Ms Yue Holly Huang will exit from the board this month as their terms end. We want to thank them for their volunteerism and great contributions to the school. They will join the Advisory Board to continue their services.

Please see their bios here in the school website
Please join us in congratulating Ms Luguang Luan, Ms Jie Ma, Ms Hong Su, Ms Yu Lin and Ms Yue Huang.  We also thank them for their continued dedication in serving the school.

SUNY Purchase校方不允许在教学楼内玩Scooter,动静大而且危险,容易撞到人和学校的东西,请家长督促孩子不要在教学楼里玩Scooter。