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Dec 182015
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White Plains High School


征集春节联欢会节目单的封面及插图设计。请于 01/04 前电邮您孩子的作品至赵东,附上孩子的班级,年级和姓名.  作品主题要与春节有关, 彩色。

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演讲大赛圆满成功 Speech Contest Update

What a successful event Sunday!  Our children have put forth such an incredibly captivating performance, some show astonishing maturity that brought tears to parents’ eyes. Pictures are available on HXGNY Facebook. (

A big shout out goes to our judges, in particular the impartial  judges  who have no kids in the contest :  曹作军, 何清, 孙凌云,何青, 何芳, 王炼,杨波。 Many volunteers have contributed tremendous amount of time and energy, can’t say enough thank you to all of you, especially the score keepers/assistants, their meticulousness and integrity is the keystone to this event’s success.Special thanks also goes to our 3 moderators Jeff Wang, Zhao Dong and Charlie Xu.  Their perfect pacing, quick wit and funny quips have crafted glistening examples for the young aspiring anchormen/women in the audience.

Top 3 winners from grade 1 to 3 will proceed to the 6-school Regional Final on 01/10/2016.

The winners are:
1st grade:  ​吴采璇,吴迈迈,谢艾欣
2nd grade:  许博鑫,黄若岚,丁域泽
3rd grade: 刘珂, 尹真,李书凡
4th grade:冯一苇,张瑞珉
5th grades: 沈怡然,李千寻
6,7,8,9 grades: ​郑芷兰 Natalie Shell,刘思源

Any feedback, especially suggestion for further improvement, please email Yiqiao Mao  Thank you all for your active participation.

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2015-2016 School Directory Cover Design Contest – Deadline 1/3/2016

Any artwork submitted must be student’s original design and creation, conceptualized and executed solely by the student. Submitted pieces must not have been published previously and may not be subject to the rights of any other party.

Two winners will be selected from all participating students by a group of judges. The winners’ artwork will be printed on the cover and bottom page of 2015-2016 Huaxia Chinese School of Great New York Communication Directory. Other selected artworks will be used as illustration inside the directory.

Please refer to the following requirements to start your design.

·  Paper Size: 8.5” x 11” (letter size)
·  Picture Dimension: 7.5” (W) x 9” (L) in portrait mode
·  Color: black and white (shading is accepted)
·  Print your name and class on the back of your design
·  Submit your final artwork to the Information Desk (Linda Hong) by 1/3/2016 or mail to Brenda at before 1/3/2016.

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小语世界第四期 Student Corner 4th Issue

为2015-2016《小语世界》第四期与大家见面了,清新版面, 精彩文章,请点击这里阅读。如果你有好的文章,愿与我们分享, 请将稿件投至

Please click here for Student Corner 4th Issue.

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纽约威郡华人协会(Westchester Association of Chinese Americans)邀请您携家人和朋友前来参加即将在 New Rochelle 高中举办的“2016中国新年文化节”。 这场活动形式多样,内容丰富,包括琴棋书画,手工艺术,南北小吃,太极养身,专业杂技和业余艺术表演。是一个体验中国传统文化的不可多得的好机会。

活动地点:New Rochelle High School (265 Clove Road, New Rochelle, NY 10801)

你也可以在H room 咨询处 买票.

2016 Chinese New Year Festival at New Rochelle High School

Following an enormous success for the Chinese New Year Festival held at the Westchester County Center last year, the Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA) will organize its 2016 Annual Celebration on Saturday, January 30, 2016 from 2pm to 6pm at the New Rochelle High School.

For this Year of the Monkey, the theme of the celebration is “Keeping an Age-old Tradition Alive”, featuring in gourmet Chinese cuisine presentation and food sampling by the local Asian restaurants, bakeries or individuals; art gallery presenting art shows, calligraphy and Chinese painting; hand craft demonstrations such as paper cutting and origami; martial arts demonstrations including Tai Chi and lion dance; as well as Chinese musical instruments performances. On top of all these, there will be a formal program of artistic performances by the professional artists and the local art groups showcasing, plus a marvelous presentation of Chinese professional acrobats. And best of all, the early bird price for this year will remain at $15 for adult and $10 for elderly and children, a bargain you can’t find anywhere in the county.

Tickets: (Early bird prices end at January 11, 2016)
Type     Early Bird      Regular
Adult         $15             $20
Senior       $10             $15
Child         $10             $15
Ticket can be purchased at the information desk in H-room or online at

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午餐服务 Lunch service at B registration room

为了方便家长记忆,从11 月份起,每个月的上半月的前两周的周日由康州的大唐负责午餐服务,每个月的下半月的后两周的周日由Flushing的福冕负责午餐服务。 本周12/20由Flushing的福冕餐厅提供服务。本周午餐会在11:30pm 开始卖饭。地点不变,仍在楼上的B seminar room, 只收现金。

为保证学校清洁卫生,请大家用餐后自行清理桌面,保持地面清洁。可以将食品带回家, 但校园用餐只限于餐厅内 (绝对不可以到其它教室或室外用处)。烦请所有家长遵守。谢谢大家的配合。

Lunch service starts at 11:30am at the B registration room.

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