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HXGNY 2013-14 School Year Go Tournament HXGNY 春节联欢会 02/09/2014 Notice and Change of Schedule Student Corner (小语世界 )
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HXGNY 2013-14 School Year Go Tournament

为了配合一些家庭的年底假期安排,2013-14学年华夏大纽约围棋竞赛将改期于一月二十六日下午举行,社区全体成员都可参加,包括校内外的少儿和成人。少儿组获胜者将获得奖品,成人将有非常好的机会与其他有共同兴趣者交流。报名从现在起至一月十九日。如报名人数太多,我们将严格按照报名时间决定最后参赛选手。请尽早填好随附的报名并电邮到 报名费是$15一人,请用Paypal 链接付款。 To Accommodate some families’ year end holiday schedule, HXGNY 2013-14 School Year Go Tournament will be held in the afternoon of Jan 26. Everybody in our community is welcome to participate, including both children and adults and those outside of our Chinese school. Awards will be presented to the winners of the children’s group while adults will have the great opportunity to play for leisure with other people with the same interest. The registration is open now till Jan 19. Please register early since the cutoff will be strictly by enrollment time if players exceed our capacity. To register please fill the attached form and email Please use the Paypal link to pay the $15 per player registration fee.

HXGNY 春节联欢会 02/09/2014

雪花片片凝瑞,马蹄声声报春。转眼蛇年逶迤离去,马年奔腾而来。 华夏中文学校大纽约分校将于新春伊始, 万象更新之际, 隆重推出一年一度的春节联欢会, 与大家共度中华民族的传统佳节。
时间:2014年2月9日,放学后 地点:学校大礼堂 活动:午餐(中餐,pizza), 游艺,文艺汇演
节目征集: 文艺演出以各班级节目为主,辅以精选的由家长自荐的节目。如您或您的孩子有意登台演出,请电邮qingclaire@gmail.com因汇演时间限制,表演人数要求五人以上(相声节目例外),低于五人的节目将被放入春天举办的 ”HXGNY Got Talent”。为避免歌舞节目比例过重,我们现只征集曲艺,说学逗,体操,武术,杂技,天津快板,小品, 京剧,地方戏等节目。除戏剧节目外,演出时间不超过3分钟。为了让更多孩子有登台机会,除学校、班级节目外,每名学生只允许参演一项自排节目。 请尽速报名,我们将在01/26开始节目遴选。落选节目也将有机会在学校其他活动中演出。

HXGNY Chinese New Year Gala 02/09/2014 

Please mark your calendar for our annual Chinese New Year Celebration: 2014/02/09 after school at White Plains High School auditorium. We will have Chinese food for all the adults and pizza for the kids at the cafeteria starting 12:30pm, followed by many performances from the children at our school.
We now would like to add unique group performance that is NOT singing or dancing, but gymnastics, comic shows, cross talk, Beijing opera, martial art, acrobatic acts, Tianjin allegro, etc. Please email Claire at with details of your name, phone number, title of performance, length etc. Each performance should be under 3 minutes. All programs will need to go through the screening process on 1/26/2014, and final program selection will be available by 2/1/2014.
Seek Volunteers: We would like to ask for volunteers who can help us with stage setting, and directing (such as audio/visual and lighting), photography or videography.  If you would like to volunteer, please email your name, email, phone number and what you would like to help with to Claire,

Notice and Change of Schedule

1. Winter Weather Alert 按照学区规定,如遇到恶劣天气,White Plains High School 有可能关闭,如发生这种特殊情况,学校将在网站上发布信息,发送Email通知,并尽可能直接电话联系各个家庭。 请大家周日注意查看学校网站。 为便于学校通知各个家庭,请准确填写学校注册系统中家庭信息部分(email,电话)。 Please check the school website HXGNY.ORG for any announcement regarding school closing information in case of severe weather condition on Sunday. It’s very important for each family to update their phone numbers and e-mail addresses with the school and class parents. In addition, a special edition of newsletter may be sent on school cancellation.  2. Use of Gym Dear parents, our school has secured a very good gym facility from WPHS. If you want to play badminton or basketball in the gym for the winter season, a partial year gym fee would be charged. For details please contact Gao Yong for badminton, Tao Shu for basketball or Zhang Li for general sports related information. You may also email or If interested please act fast due to the popularity and limited capacity. Every one need to pay the membership fee to use the gym.

Student Corner 9th Issue (小语世界第九期)

编者的话 大家好!新年快乐。小语世界全体编辑祝华夏大纽约快马加鞭,马到成功!祝大家马上有一切! 我们这一期的小语世界发表了六年级马立平学生的作文。指导老师常秀。本期编辑胡舒菡,本期新书及音乐推荐胡舒菡。小语世界第九期请点击这里。 希望大家积极投稿。请老师们鼓励学生积极投稿。稿件请寄:hxgnystudentcorner@gmail.com谢谢大家的支持!

Book Club Announcement

Book Reading and Discussion: Helen Wan, “the Partner Track”
Time: Saturday 1/11, 3-5pm,

Location: Scott Room, Scarsdale Public Library, 54 Olmsted Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583 All parents and teenagers are welcomed to join author Helen Wan to discuss her debut novel “The Partner Track.” The book is about a young Chinese American woman competing for partner at a prestigious corporate law firm, and about how difference — and gender, race, and class politics — complicates the lives of talented young women and men on their way up the American corporate ladder. This event is co-sponsored by the Chinese Book Club of Westchester and the Scarsdale Public Library.

The book can be found on:

Job Posting

Looking for job? Good news to you. Our school website recently added a job posting session. Please following the link for job opportunity .If you are interested, please email: