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Mar 092018
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一周要闻 News of the Week 

  • 本周日3月11日开始夏时制 Spring Forward, Daylight Saving Time Starts this Sunday 3/11

  • 校董会通知: 2018-2019校长候选人报名、遴选

  • 本周日3月11日中文学校举行数学竞赛

  • 本周日3月11日10:00am-11:30am 子女教育讲座:如何帮助大孩子了解社会和职业选择

  • 本周日3月11日12noon-1pm 《小语世界》小编辑培训 (面向四年级以上学生)                   


  •  3月25华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示 (HXGNY 2018 Talent Show _ March 25) 



Spring Forward, Daylight Saving Time Starts this Sunday 3/11

Please be aware that the Daylight Saving Time will be effective this coming Sunday, March 11, 2018.  At 2:00 AM clocks are turned forward 1 hour to 3:00 AM.

校董会通知: 2018-2019校长候选人报名、遴选

Board Announcement: 2018 Principal search process


The board has authorized the nomination committee to start the 2018 Principal search process. The committee members are Dapeng Hu, Zuojun Cao, Hong Su and Linda Wu. The nomination committee will nominate potential candidates, confirm candidates’ acceptance of the nomination, review candidates’ application materials, conduct interview and check references as necessary, and recommend all qualified candidates to the Board. The board will review all candidates and vote to select the Principal.

The Principal is a volunteer position. Below are the eligibility requirements and desired qualification:

•Must have integrity and be willing to voluntarily serve the school with passion and enthusiasm
•Must be committed to the long-term growth and development of HXGNY
•People with working experience with HXGNY admin team and with proven leadership skills are strongly preferred.

To apply, please email your name, qualification and a statement of plans and ideas on how to run the school to the board, before March 22th. The qualified candidates will be required to give a presentation to the board.

Thank you.

3月11日 数学竞赛                                                                                                 

我校一年一度的数学竞赛将于3月11日举行,欢迎同学们踊跃参加!竞赛既能提高同学们对数学的兴趣,又可检验奥数班的学习成果。选奥数课的学生请参加上课时间进行的竞赛,其余的可参加与往年一样1:15 – 2:15pm的下午场。同一试卷,为英文。

If the student registered a HX Math class, s/he will take the exam in 3/11 class. If not, please join the contest from 1:15 – 2:15pm.

5 Levels :                                               Classroom Assignment
Math Kangaroo (Grade 1-2)……………………..…H1040
Math Kangaroo (Grade 3-4)……………………..…H1041
Math Kangaroo (Grade 5-6)……………………..…H1042
MathCounts/AMC8 (Grade 6,7,8 only)…………H1043
SAT Math (Grade 6+)………………………………….H1044

3月11日 子女教育讲座:如何帮助大孩子了解社会和职业选择 (讲座为英文)

Parenting Beyond Test Prep: Civic Engagement, Youth Career Exploration And Other Topics
主讲人:Valerie Abrahams, The Scarsdale Inquirer 报社副主编

“The Scarsdale Inquirer” 是Westchester County很有影响力的地方性报纸,对地方政务,选举,学区事务的报道深入及时,是地方政治和文化生活的重要部分。我们有幸请到报社副主编Valerie Abrahams女士来我校讲座。上午10:00到11:30为面向家长的子女教育讲座,从资深新闻工作者的角度,讨论家长如何与孩子一起关心和参与社区学区事务,提升领导力,以及如何引导大孩子逐步了解社会和职业选择,通过实习等实践帮助孩子成长成熟,做好走向社会的准备。

Valerie Abrahams is Associate Editor of the Scarsdale Inquirer, the award-winning weekly newspaper covering local government, schools, sports, arts and business. Valerie will share stories from her long journalistic career covering our local community, shed lights on multicultural social trends in Westchester County, and most importantly, talk about civic engagement in school and local issues, career exploration and education for our youth, and improving their readiness as they enter society as young adults.

时间: 10am – 11:30am
地点: Room H1032 Lecture Hall (Humanities Bldg)

3月11日12noon-1pm 《小语世界》小编辑培训 (面向四年级以上学生)

Student Journalists Training (Open to 4th Grade and above)
主讲人:Valerie Abrahams, The Scarsdale Inquirer 报社副主编


Valerie Abrahams is Associate Editor of the Scarsdale Inquirer, the award-winning weekly newspaper covering local government, schools, sports, arts and business. Valerie will talk to our student journalists about her own career, different journalistic and writing career paths, and basic reporting principles as illustrated by cases and examples from her work. Pizza lunch will be provided. Current student editors are encouraged to make every effort to attend the training. No registration is needed for current editors. There will be ten spots open to interested students in 4th grade and above. Please register using this sign-up sheet.

时间: 12 noon – 1 pm
地点: Room H1048 (Humanities Bldg)


● How to find the RIGHT college
● How to plan ahead
● How Asian Americans tackle the US college admissions


Dr. Guerra’s earned his master’s degree and PhD from Harvard University, was a tenured professor at Bard College and served as the Dean of the University of Bridgeport. Dr. Guerra returned to Harvard in 2000 as a visiting scholar to research American college admissions and created My College Adviser based on his findings. My College Adviser has helped over 97% of its’ students receive admission to a top 20 ranked school.

3/18/2018 10-12PM
Humanity Building Room 1032

3/25 日 华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示 (HXGNY 2018 Talent Show _ March 25)

第五届华夏大纽约明日之星才艺大展示将于 2018年3月25日下午12:15-2:30在本校举行(具体教室另行通知),旨在弘扬中国文化之余,鼓励华夏学生学习中文的积极性,培养舞台表演的自信心,打造能力与魅力兼具的明日之星。


—帮助播放背景音乐(表演者需事先提供MP3伴奏音乐,Email 至 

报名链接 Registration Form:
报名截止 Registration Deadline: 2018年3月20日 10PM

2018 华夏中文学校辩论赛 Debate Contest Information

本年度华夏总校辩论赛将于4 月29日在华夏博根中文学校举行。


我们学校将于3月11日进行第二次选拔。欢迎广大4-9 年级有兴趣的同学报名参加。报名请点击

大班7-9年级,3月11日9:00-10:00am,natural science building阶梯教室NS1030
小班4-6年级,3月11日8:45-10:00am,natural science building阶梯教室NS1001