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May 242017
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本期编辑: 田丹丹  (Dandan Tian)


本周日 (5/21)10AM 全校家长大会和注册讲座;All Parent Meeting and Registration Seminar Sunday 5/21, 10am at B Seminar Room

2017-2018 学年课程注册将于五月底开通。新学年增开了新的语言, 文化课程,注册程序及规定也有新的变化。为保证注册工作顺利进行,大纽约华夏中文学校将在周日5/21 10:00 am 在 B Building Seminar Room举办 ”注册及课程介绍讲座”。学校注册、教育团队将向大家介绍新学年课程、注册规定,并现场解答家长提问。
1. 开通Paypal 账户, 方便注册缴费。
2. 登录学校注册网站,验证以下内容。
a. 用户名及密码。 如果你忘记了注册名或密码, 请点击“Forget Password”图标,完成确认后,系统会自动发送密码至您的邮箱。
b. 检查账户余额,未付清欠款前将无法注册。 如有问题请发邮件到
c. 更新联系方式.
3. 查阅学校网站, 了解2017-18学年中文课,文化课的课程表及老师信息

Registration for the 2017-2018 schoolyear will open at the end of May.   In order to ensure smooth operation, keep our families informed with new changes, we will host a registration seminar on Sunday (5/21) at 10:00am in B Building Seminar Room.  Our registration and education team will cover topics of the new classes offered, key registration policies, and followed with a live Q&A session.
Before registration starts, we would encourage families to:
1. Open a Paypal account if you haven’t done so, this will greatly improve your registration experience
2. Log in to your school account and check out the following:
a. Your user name and password. If you forget them, please click the “Forget Password” icon, your account login and password will                    be sent to you via email.
b. Check your account balance.  Families need to clear all outstanding balance before they can register for the new school year.  If                    you have questions regarding your account balance, please email
c. Update your family contact information if any changes happened in the past year.
3. Check school website for 2017-18 class listings and teacher’s Bio.

HXGNY Registration Team

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华夏大纽约2017-2018学年注册通知 Calendar of Events for 2017-2018 Registration   Please note the following major events relating to class registration for the new school year:

  • Wednesday 5/31/2017 12noon, online registration opens for existing families with younger students (Grade 3 and younger).
  • Thursday 6/1/2017 12noon, online registration opens for existing families with older students (Grade 4 and above).
    • Information for 2017-2018 school year is on the school website, including class schedule, class description, teacher assignment, and teacher bios.  Please read the information and choose your classes carefully to minimize unnecessary changes and cancellations.
    • More information also posted in Registration Special Edition Newsletter.
    • PayPal users will enjoy much faster and easier registration. We strongly suggest you get a PayPal account if you don’t have one yet.
  • Sunday 6/4/2017 10:00am, online registration for new families opens
  • Sunday 6/4/2017 10:00am -1:00pm Open House; On-Site Registration
    • Classroom visit; textbook samples; volunteers and teachers on site to answer your questions.
    • On-site registration: volunteers are available to help you with registration.
  • Early registration discount ends on 7/9/2017.
  • The First day of school for all students is 9/10/2017.
  • Parent class registration will start on 8/13/2017. Classes begin on the 2nd week of school, 9/17/2017.

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本周日(5/21) Picture Day

On 05/21 (This Sunday), school volunteers will go to every language and culture class room
to take the whole class picture.Please make sure your children dress neatly that day. Thanks!


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6/4 华夏大纽约开放日 June 4th HXGNY Open House (On-site Registrations Open to All Families

6/4/2017上午10:00am-1:00pm 将举行一年一度的学校开放日。开放日当天我们会有多个注册台现场注册答疑,为所有新老家庭服务。不论您是需要现场注册,还是在网络注册后有疑问,我们都可以帮助您。开放日期间我们安排了内容丰富的课程介绍,教材展示和校舍参观。大家将有机会与教师,学校管理人员,家长及学生交流,并从他们那里听到关于学校的第一手资料, 如语言课和文化课的设置,为孩子和家长,爷爷奶奶安排的活动等等。希望大家广为宣传,介绍各界朋友参加,让更多的家庭了解和走进华夏大纽约。Our annual Open House will be held on Sunday 6/4 from 10am-1pm at our White Plains High School facility. We will have multiple registration counters there to assist with all registration-related questions, both to accept new registrations and to troubleshoot online registrations you already submitted.

There will be extensive displays of posters about our curriculum, teachers and activities. Parents can talk with school leaders, teachers and other parents to get first-hand experience about our school. They can leaf through textbooks, visit classrooms and gym facilities, and experience the community life here. It is a great opportunity to learn more about our school. Please spread the word and encourage anyone interested to attend this event.
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5/14,今年的母亲节过得很有意义。 上午老师们辛勤耕耘,正常上课,下午四十几位老师齐聚一堂度参加了教师培训会。在会上我校的毕业班老师徐云宁和袁媛老师介绍了她们的教学经验。上下年级之间老师们还互相进行了沟通,进一步明确了教学目标和整体规划。 老师们积极参与讨论、踊跃发言,气氛很活跃。这次,我们还有幸请到了著名的教育学家王双双老师来讲座。王老师对如何把中国文化系统地融入中文教学很有心得,老师们都很喜欢聆听王老师讲课,深深被王老师的热情感染,也感受到作为中文教育者的责任感。老师们都说受益匪浅。

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小语世界第十四期 (2016-2017) Student Corner Edition 14

点击查看HXGNY小语世界第十四期 (2016-2017)
Please click and view the 14th issue of the student corner (2016-2017)

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本周日 (5/21) “鹏达旅游”暑期签证服务通知 Panda Travel Will Be Onsite on 5/21

“鹏达旅游”(PANDA TRAVEL LLC) 今年将继续向华夏中文学校大纽约分校的家长和同学们提供“上门” 暑期签证服务。鹏达将于 5/21 送证并收取签证申请表。请大家按时前来领证或办理签证业务。5/21日来办理签证服务时可同时申请邮件服务回邮签证到家,或者来鹏达旅游公司所在地自取。

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20th Asian American Heritage Festival 5/20

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