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May 062016
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White Plains High School
550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605

本期编辑: 周明文  (Mingwen Zhou)


  • 本周日讲座 Seminar this Sunday 5/8: Reading and Writing Tutoring for Academic Success
  • 本周日12:15pm “春集”活动
  • 华夏大纽约2016-2017学年注册通知 Calendar of Events for 2016-2017 Registration
  • Upcoming School-wide Events
  • 19th Asian American Heritage Festival hosted by OCA-WHV
  • “鹏达旅游”暑期签证服务通知 Panda Travel Onsite 5/8
本周日讲座 Seminar this Sunday 5/8: Reading and Writing Tutoring for Academic SuccessTime: 10:00-11:00am
Location: B Cafe
Speaker: Haewon Helen Whang from English Hound

English Hound ( is a NY based online tutoring company specializing in teaching students critical reading and writing skills.  Its Founder and CEO will give a presentation on: (1) why it is important for students to learn critical reading and writing skills from an early age; and (2) share reading and writing tips with the use of video demonstrations.

讲员简介:Founder and CEO Haewon Helen Whang is a graduate of Cornell University and Boston University School of Law. She practiced law as a commercial litigator for ten years until she founded English Hound, an online tutoring company born out of her love for teaching, reading, and writing.  She hopes to share the principle that while academic achievement is important, a true passion for learning will promote lifelong advancement.  As CEO of English Hound, Helen has a broad range of responsibilities, but her main focus is to seek out and hire teachers who are smart, experienced and encouraging, and most importantly, can inspire children to learn.

主持人:曾爽(Shirley Zeng)

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本周日12:15pm “春集”活动

请练摊的孩子12:00pm 在家长的协助下到B room 设置摊位。1:00下课的孩子可以随时加入。

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华夏大纽约2016-2017学年注册通知 Calendar of Events for 2016-2017 Registration

Please note the following major events relating to class registration for the new school year:
  • Sunday 5/22 10:00am, Registration Seminar, B Seminar Room
    • We will discuss registration policy, what are the similarities and difference of textbooks, 马立平 和 美洲华语,and the different learning tracks including CSL.  This will help you to choose the right course for your child based on the kid learning style and family needs.
    • PayPal users will enjoy much faster and easier registration.  We strongly suggest you get a PayPal account if you don’t have one yet.
  • Tuesday 5/31 12 noon ,Online Registration Opens for Existing Families
    • 1-2 weeks prior to system opening, we will post the new school year’s information on the website, including class schedule, class description, teacher assignment if known, and teacher bios.  Links to these documents will be posted in future newsletters as they become available.
    • Please read the information and choose your classes carefully to minimize unnecessary changes and cancellations.
    • The system will be very busy during the first hour.  We have taken measures to increase server bandwidth, but it’s still possible for some users to experience delays in the first hour.  If that occurs, please just be patient and retry, and you will get through in due time.
  • Friday 6/3 10:00am: Online Registration For New Families Opens
    • Please help spread the words among your friends who didn’t attend our school in 2015-2016.
  • Sunday 6/5 10:00am -1:00pm Open House; On-Site Registration
    • Classroom visit; Textbook samples; Volunteers and teachers on site to answer your questions
    • On-site registration: If you are technology-challenged, volunteers are available to do it for you.
  • Parent Class Registration Will Start in Mid-August. 
    • Classes begin one week after children’s classes.  Details will be published later.

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Upcoming School-wide Events

时值盛春,纽约草长。杂花生树,群莺乱飞。既然春天已经到了,暑假还会远吗? 2015-16学年剩下2个月全校活动如下。 Looking ahead, these dates are set for remaining school wide after-school activities.

5/08 12:15 Spring Mart – 春集
5/22 12:15 Talent Show – HXGNY 星光大道
6/05 1:00pm Go Tournament  – 2016年华夏大纽约围棋
6/19 Graduation Ceremony – 毕业典礼

Please register all 3 events at this ONE form.


5/08 12:15 Spring Mart – 春集 

创意营销,锻炼能力,学以致用, 乐在其中

校园营销是学生们锻炼沟通,扩展视野,自我推广,市场实践等多项能力的有效方式。 欢迎各家各户来集市上开设销售展位。
销售物品可以是书籍、文具等学习用品; 玩具;运动器件; 自制的手工艺品;节日服装; 工艺品;  不含花生成分的糕点饮料等。
每个展位必须有HXGNY学生参与销售。 学生可在家制作好广告、横幅、传单、价目表等。


5/22 12:15 Talent Show – HXGNY 星光大道


上半场12:15-1:15  下半场1:25-3:00

报名截止日期为 05/15。

6/05 1:00pm Go Tournament – 大纽约华夏围棋赛

按成人,少儿,水平分组, 单循环赛。  Round robin group tournament.
报名截止日期为 05/29。

Please register all 3 events at this ONE form.

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19th Asian American Heritage Festival hosted by OCA-WHV

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“鹏达旅游”暑期签证服务通知 Panda Travel will be onsite on 5/8

“鹏达旅游”(PANDA TRAVEL LLC)今年将继续向华夏中文学校大纽约分校的家长和同学们提供“上门”暑期签证服务。现就有关安排通知如下:


第一次发证时间:2016 年 5 月   8 日(星期日)   10:00AM—12:00PM

第二次收证时间:2016 年 5 月   8 日(星期日)   10:00AM—12:00PM
第二次发证时间:2016 年 6 月   5 日(星期日)   10:00AM—12:00PM

第三次收证时间:2016 年 6 月   5 日(星期日)   10:00AM—12:00PM
第三次发证时间:不另去学校发证,请家长于 2016 年 6 月 20 日以后自行到 “鹏达旅游”办公室领取办公室领取或要求办理回邮

详情请参考签证服务注意事项, 申请表格申请表格填写样本, 邀请信样本A, 邀请信样本B, 为未成年人子女申办赴华签证参考资料

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