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Oct 112013
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2013-2014 School Directory Cover Design Contest
Education Seminar (教育讲座)This Sunday in Cafeteria
Parking Lot, Security and Rules
Classroom Changes
Student Corner Inaugural Issue(小语世界首刊 )
2013 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Open Tournament
Lost and Found
Community News: WACA Outstanding Student Award 2013-2014 School Year ‏Announcement
Community News: 美国《侨报》第二届少年儿童中文写作大赛

2013-2014 School Directory Cover Design Contest

Any artwork submitted must be student’s original design and creation, conceptualized and executed solely by the student. Submitted pieces must not have been published previously and may not be subject to the rights of any other party.

Two winners will be selected from all participating students by a group of judges. The winners’ artwork will be printed on the cover and bottom page of 2013-2014 Huaxia Chinese School of Great New York Communication Directory.

Please refer to the following requirements to start your design.

  • Paper Size: 8.5” x 11” (letter size)
  • Picture Dimension: 7.5” (W) x 9” (L) in portrait mode
  • Color: black and white (shading is accepted)
  • Print your name and class on the back of your design
  • Submit your final artwork to the Information Desk by 11/02/2013

Education Seminar  (教育讲座)This Sunday in Cafeteria

Academic Reading Improvement: Dicker Reading
Time: Sunday 10/13/2013 10AM – 11:00AM
Location: Cafeteria

Al Dicker, creator of the exclusive Dicker Reading Method, will come to HXGNY to give detail introduction of his reading method and his program.
A unique, innovative, fun-filled tutoring experience that is significantly different from traditional tutoring programs.

The Dicker Reading Method is effective that it can teach children to read better, faster, with great fluency and comprehension. Children’s grades, test scores, confidence, and self-esteem will soar as they develop a love for reading and school.

Parking Lot, Security and Rules

Per WPHS request, no car should park on the fire line which is marked with yellow strips. White Plains Police might issue tickets for any car parked on fire line.

Starting from this week, we will close  the circle near the east entrance/tennis courts to auto traffic. Also there are about 10 parking spots close to the circle and these spots will be reserved for teachers only. Please use the west parking lot A to avoid traffic.

Direction to Parking Lot A: use the White Plains High School entrance at Bryant Ave, follow the “Student Parking” sign to the West/Main parking lot.  An entrance to the building will be provided close to Lot A.  This entrance will continue to be open between 9:20 and 9:50 AM for the rest of school year.

If you enter from the North street to access to Lot A, do not violate the traffic rules by entering the “One Way” lane from an opposite direction.  Drive forward further. You will be closer to the entrance to the building.

For your safety, security team would like to remind all parents:

  • Do not drop off your kid(s) close to the North Street entrance
  • Do not block traffic
  • Pay attention to pedestrians
In order for us to continue use White Plain High School as our Chinese school campus, HXGNY Admin team reminds teachers, parents and students respect and follow the rules from WPHS:
  • Classrooms must be left the same way they are found
  • Furniture in original positions
  • Do not unplug computers
  • Do not touch smart boards
  • Do not eat in the classrooms
  • Outside doors need to be closed and locked at all times for security reasons
  • Do not park in the “no parking” areas which creates fire hazards
  • Do not run in the hallways

Classroom Changes

SAT Verbal and AP Chinese will be switched to B230 effective this week. MZHY G2 and Adult Meditation will be switched to B219 effective this week.

Student Corner  Inaugural Issue(小语世界首刊 )




2013 HXGNY Young Singer Contest

音乐是灵动的语言,每一位父母都希望孩子们的童年有歌声相伴,让歌声为孩子开创更丰富,更有感染力的生命开端。 为培养孩子们的艺术素养,提升自信和舞台表现力,大纽约华夏中文学校将于10月20日13:00-15:00 举办“快乐童年,唱响未来”小歌手比赛。如果您的孩子有兴趣参赛,请填妥报名表格,交到学校咨询台或以电子邮件方式发送到赵鹭, 注明为“小歌手比赛”。10月13日18:00报名截止。

请选择中文歌曲,控制在三分钟之内, 表演形式多样。请选用MP3伴奏音乐,网站 请email伴奏音乐至。如需使用服装和道具,请自备。点击这里下载报名表。也可到网页 获取相关信息。

Music is a language of the soul. It is every parent’s hope to fill children’s life with love and harmony, to let music reverberate in their childhood. To promote students’ self awareness, artistic and stage performance skills, HuaXia Chinese School at Greater New York will host the 2013 HXGNY Young Singer Competition on 10/20 between 1:00 to 3:00 pm. If your child is interested, please fill out the form and return it to the school information desk or email it with “singer contest” in the subject. Registration deadline is 10/13, 6:00 pm.

Please perform Chinese song and limit the performance to 3 minutes. Please use MP3 for the MUSIC ONLY, you can start with email it to Please click here for registration form. You can also visit to get all information.

2013 第二届HXGNY俱乐部网球公开参赛

2013 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Open Tournament

由HXGNY Tennis Club举办的第二届HXGNY俱乐部杯网球公开赛将于本周日在White Plains高中网球场正式鸣锣开战。本届公开赛共有12名男子选手和6名女子选手参加,小组循环赛本周日10月6日开始,半决赛10月13日继续,决赛定在10月20日。在此我们预祝选手们打出自己的风格和水平,本届公开赛获得成功。

The 2nd HXGNY Club Cup Tennis Open Tournament will start officially this Sunday on October 6th, 2013 at White Plains High School. This tournament is organized by HXGNY Tennis Club, 12 gentlemen and 6 ladies will play for Men and Women’s singles title.  Regular group matches will be played on Oct 6th and the semifinal will be on Oct 13th, the final is scheduled on Oct 20th. We hope all players have a pleasant and successful tournament.


《小枇杷》杂志由非盈利组织Noble Tree Publishing Inc.出版,是专为北美学龄前和小学程度,会说汉语的孩子量身定做的儿童公益杂志。 《小枇杷》 包括故事、游戏、历史、地理、人文知识介绍和互动征文等栏目,图文并茂,帮助孩子们提高学习汉语的兴趣、了解中国文化。整本杂志由专业儿童作家、画家撰稿,在美国编辑,特别符合北美地区孩子的需要。 2014 年集体订阅已开始,现凡参加大纽约华夏中文学校集体订阅2014年(双月刊)六期杂志可免费获得2013年(季刊)七月刊以及十月刊,并享受免运费及6.4折优惠(定价$4.99/期)!详细征订信息见这里
有兴趣订阅的家长请到位于H-Room的咨询台填表付费, 集体征订截止日期为10月27日.

Lost and Found Box

Lost and Found Box is in the H-room. Please stop by if you have lost items to claim.

Community News: WACA Outstanding Student Award 2013-2014 School Year‏

Dear Principals,

On behalf of WACA I’d like once more to call for your nomination of candidates from your school for “WACA Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service Award” for 2013 – 2014 school year. The deadline is October 12, 2013. 

In order to avoid any potential conflicts of interests, the children of the current WACA board members are not eligible to apply for the award. The updated program is here and also posted on WACA website.

Thank you in advance for your support. Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:

Yours Sincerely,

Li Pan, VP-Event Planning
Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA)

Community News: 美国《侨报》第二届少年儿童中文写作大赛


此次大赛分为纽约州、新泽西州、宾州、大华府地区、麻省、伊利诺伊州六大赛区,覆盖了美东地区主要华人聚居区。比赛由长期从事华文写作及教育工作的资深评委对参赛作文进行评定,分儿童、少儿、少年三个年龄组评选出各个赛区的初赛优胜作品,再通过第二轮决赛及现场考评, 决出三个组别的一、二、三等奖及优胜奖得主。总决赛的优胜者将获颁奖品、奖杯、奖状,他们还将获得参加“2014年美国《侨报》小记者俱乐部”甄选资格。


欢迎报名,有任何问题都联系蔡励婷(Eva Cai),谢谢!