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Sep 092015
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  • 2015年华夏大纽约中文学校首届夏令营
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夏令营由中国海外华文教育基金会、爱迪斯体育文化交流中心主办,大纽约华夏中文学校、康州华夏中文学校协办。日期为8月10日 – 8月21日,全日制, K-12 年级。  丰富的课程选择包括中国历史、文化、民族舞、绘画、手工、书法、武术、游泳。 文化课程由中国海外华文教育基金会从国内选派有海外教学经验的国内优秀专业老师执教。 游泳课程由知名的祥豪游泳俱乐部提供。8月12日早上8点开始将举行第一次夏令营开放活动,侨办会为夏令营的学生发放礼品和T恤。9:30am举行开营典礼。从8月13日开始,每日早晨都有夏令营开放日 (9点开始)。有兴趣继续参加夏令营的学生可以现场注册。

550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605
夏令营时间:2015年8月10日-2015年8月21日  9:00am-5:00pm
夏令营开放日: 2015年8月12日 8:00am;  2015年8月13日-2015年8月21日 9:00am-12:00pm
联系方式: 646-641-1189     Email:

Chinese sports and education Summer Camp will start in two weeks. It is the first QiaoBan-sponsored summer camp in United States. In order to have more students get benefit from this wonderful program, we will provide Open House on every morning of the camp day starting the third day of the camp (August 12th). You are welcome to have onsite registration if you would like to continue with the program. On the first open house day (August 12th), we will start the class earlier at 8:00am and every camp student will receive a gift and camp shirt provided by QiaoBan. A ceremony will also be held at 9:30am that day. Parents are welcome to attend this opening ceremony to listen to detailed introductions from the teachers.

The camp site is located at WHITE PLAINS HIGH SCHOOL, the address is 550 North Street, White Plains, NY 10605. Camp time 9:00am-5:00pm, 8/12 start at 8:00am;  Date: August 10th – August 21st. Road sign and direction to the classrooms will be displayed near the large parking lot.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. (Phone call: 646 641-1189;


新学年学生文化课注册比较踊跃, 有些文化课已经满员。 温馨提醒还没有给孩子选报文化课的家长们尽快上网注册。下列文化课还有较多名额。

折纸剪纸小一班 Origami Jr. I                            9:00am – 9:55am
舞台表演小一班 Stage Performance Jr. I          9:00am – 9:55am
趣味音乐学前一班 Preschool Fun Music I         9:55am – 10:50am
中国民族舞小班 Chinese Folk Dance Jr            9:55am – 10:50am
书法小一班 Calligraphy Jr. I                               9:55am – 10:50am
少儿瑜伽大班 Kids Yoga Sr.                              11:55am – 12:50pm
少儿瑜伽小班 Kids Yoga Jr.                              11:55am – 12:50pm



– 目前注册新学年课程的学生人数已经大大超过历年。在此衷心感谢广大家长对我校的信任和支持。由于我们改进了课程安排,班级总数有大幅增加。虽然很 多班级已经满员,我们在美洲华语,CSL,马立平五年级以上,和低年级11:00am – 12:50pm 的班级依然有空位。如果您或者您的朋友尚未注册,请尽快行动,便于我们规划秋季的教学工作。- 注册缴费前,请仔细阅读注册须知。注册链接在学校首页上端显著位置。也可以用此链接– 如有任何关于网上注册或账户登录的问题,请发邮件至– 关于新学年课程设置改变, 请点击这里观看视频介绍, 点击这里阅读文字简介. Registration is open; Space is still available– A record number of students have registered for fall classes and many of our classes are full.  Thanks to the increased capacity under the new class schedule, we still have openings in all grades, especially for 美洲华语,CSL, 马立平classes in the higher grades, and 马立平 for the lower grades during 11:00am – 12:50pm time period.- If you have any questions regarding registration or online access, please contact

– Please read our Registration Policy carefully before you register.  An Enrollment link is on the school home page。 A direct link is here

– We are implementing new class schedules in the fall. For details, please click here to watch the information video, or here to read the detailed introduction.
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