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Mar 272015
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Announcement of Next Year’s Principal and EVPs

We are very glad to announce that the board has concluded the principal search process and has unanimously voted to appoint Dr Zuojun Cao to continue serving HXGNY as Principal for the 2015-2016.  In addition, the board has approved Zuojun’s nomination of Dr Claire Qing He and Ms Lulin Xia as Executive Vice Principals. Congratulations to Zuojun, Claire and Lulin!

Dr Zuojun Cao is the current Principal of the school.  Over the past several years, he has served the school in various leadership positions and have made significant contribution to the school.  Ms Lulin Xia is currently an EVP and Dr Claire He is the Head of Department of Activities.  All three of them have demonstrated great integrity, dedication, spirit of volunteerism, leadership skill and commitment to the school’s long term development.  The board thanks them for their services and the willingness to continue serve the school.  The board also thanks Dr Linda Wu, currently EVP, for her great services. Linda will continue to volunteer for the school in other capacity next year.

Zuojun, Lulin and Claire had discussed with the board many of their new ideas and initiatives for the school, including proposal of restructuring school class settings to provide more flexibilities to parents, to reduce class size, and to enrich student activities.  These initiatives are exciting and also practical. We welcome more volunteers to join the administration team and we ask everyone in the school community continue to support our team. Working together we can take the school to the next level of excellence.

HXGNY Board of Directors

Bios of Dr Zuojun Cao, Dr Claire He and Ms Lulin Xia.

Dr Zuojun Cao, currently the Principal of HXGNY. He served as EVP and Vice Chairman of PTA of HXGNY from 2012 to 2014.  Previously he served as Vice Chairman of PTA and class parent in the legacy HXNY. He has two children with both of them attending the school.  Dr Cao is a successful professional working as an IT manager in a global asset management company. He holds a Bachelor degree from Peking University and a Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Claire He is currently the Head of Department of Activities.  She is an active volunteer in local communities, serving as the chairperson of local Chinese association, and a member of Scarsdale school board nominating Committee.  She has two children who are attending HXGNY. She received a B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College, a Ph.D. from MIT and a MBA from New York University.

Ms Lulin Xia is the current Executive Vice Principal.  Previously she served the school as Head of Registration, AVP of registration and other volunteer positions. She has two children who are both attending the school.  A successful hedge fund manager, Lulin received a Bachelor degree from Mount Holyoke College.
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2015华夏中文学校大纽约分校明日之星才艺大展示将于2015年4月19日举行 (HXGNY 2015 Talent Show — April 19th)


时间: 2015年4月19日,下午1-3点
1. 个人节目限时3分钟,多人节目限时5分钟
2. 每位表演者最多可参演2个节目
3. 请自备所有道具及乐器
4. 帮助播放背景音乐(表演者需事先提供MP3伴奏音乐)
5. 春节联欢会的节目不再表演
6. 为尊重所有演员,表演顺序一旦确定,演出当天不做调整
7. 演出结束,为每位演员颁发表演证书
报名: 请点击这里通过下列表格网上注册报名。

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《华夏园地》报道了华夏“HSK毕业考试”活动,大纽约华夏中文学校信息(Science Club, 小记者团,四年级组多媒体教学),孙凌云老师的教学交流以及小语世界学生习作。请点击这里阅读详细内容。
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三月读书月好书推荐–为你的班级赢得“冰淇淋或是皮萨 PARTY”!

亲爱的同学们, 你们知道吗,三月是全国读书月。你喜欢读书吗?你今年读了几本书?你愿不愿意和大家分享你喜欢的书?我们小语世界将举办一次活动,请大家推荐一本你最喜欢的书(英文或中文的都行),简单告诉我们你为什么喜欢这本书,然后寄到
如果你看到别的同学在我们的小语世界上推荐了一本书,你也很喜欢,请你给这本书投一票 – 请写邮件到, 告诉我们你的名字,班级,你投哪本书,在哪期的小语世界上看到的。
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8th Annual Rising Stars Concert

OCA-WHV will host its 8th Annual Rising Stars concert.  Please click here for details about the event.  If interested, please click here to apply.  You can also apply online at  Any question, please feel free to email