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Apr 062015
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No School Easter Sunday. School will be resumed on 4/12
周日复活节学校放假, 4月12日照常上课

2015华夏中文学校大纽约分校明日之星才艺大展示将于2015年4月19日举行 (HXGNY 2015 Talent Show — April 19th)


时间: 2015年4月19日,下午1-3点
1. 个人节目限时3分钟,多人节目限时5分钟
2. 每位表演者最多可参演2个节目
3. 请自备所有道具及乐器
4. 帮助播放背景音乐(表演者需事先提供MP3伴奏音乐)
5. 春节联欢会的节目不再表演
6. 为尊重所有演员,表演顺序一旦确定,演出当天不做调整
7. 演出结束,为每位演员颁发表演证书
报名: 请点击这里通过下列表格网上注册报名。

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Science Technology Club Presentation Recap

As proposed at the foundation of the club, the club will invite high school students coming to the club meeting and share their experience on research. Last Sunday, right after a brief introduction of Andrew Ma by Verna Yin, a high school student Andrew Ma provided an excellent presentation. He is a current senior in high school, a former Huaxia Chinese school graduate student, was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine with “Breakthrough Awards”, entered Intel STS 2015 Semifinalists, has successfully accomplished his science research with I-SWEEEP Gold Medal Engineering award, and was accepted by top universities. One example of his research of the topics in his presentation is “Temperature-Induced Concurrent Removal and Recovery of Wastewater Ammonia-Nitrogen”. During his project, he worked in the high school’s lab on a prototype of his ammonia-nitrogen removal and reuse apparatus. His research is very impressive. Besides students, parents were also interested and asked many questions. This stimulated kids’ interests in science and technology. The event for this club was very successful. We take this opportunity to appreciate Andrew Ma’s coming back to support our school science and technology club!
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《华夏园地》报道了华夏“HSK毕业考试”活动,大纽约华夏中文学校信息(Science Club, 小记者团,四年级组多媒体教学),孙凌云老师的教学交流以及小语世界学生习作。请点击这里阅读详细内容。