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Jan 092015
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2015华夏中文学校毕业考,汉语水平考试(HSK), 定于3/15/2015, 1:00PM在我校举行。 本周日1/11,10-11:30AM, 学校有HSK考试讲座,介绍HSK考试及报名细则,欢迎家长们参加。  关于考试报名规则, 请点击这里

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讲座:汉语水平考试 HSK test in Huaxia

时间:周日Jan/11/2015, 10-11:30 AM
地点:B1 (注册室)
Speaker: Shengjing Li and Ching He
HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, 汉语水平考试), is the national standardized test of Chinese as a foreign language. Established in Beijing in 1988, the HSK is widely recognized as the most comprehensive of Chinese language proficiency tests. The HSK measures the proficiency level of non-native speakers of standard Chinese, which may include foreigners, overseas Chinese, and students from Chinese national minorities. It is used as a guideline for admission to colleges and universities in China and Southeast Asia, as well as a reference standard in job recruiting, both within China and in countries around the world where Chinese language skills are necessary.
Currently, all students of Huaxia graduating classes are required to take HSK level 4 test. This year, as one of our education initiatives, we are opening up the test to all eligible students. General introduction of HSK test, application guideline, procedure will be covered in the seminar followed by Q/A session.

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家长俱乐部春季学期注册和开课日期 Parents Club Spring Semester Online Registration and Class Open Date

Dear Parents, all Parents Club Spring Semester classes will be open for online registration on Jan 18th. The first class will start on Jan 25th. Please register and pay off the tuition as soon as possible.

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大纽约华夏中文学校 春节联欢会 Annual Chinese New Year Celebration (03/01/2015)


HXGNY将于新春伊始, 万象更新之际, 隆重推出一年一度的春节联欢会, 与大家共度中华民族的传统佳节。春节联欢会 时间:2015年3月1日,1:00 – 3:30 PM 地点:学校大礼堂

节目报名截止日期: 2015年1月30日.

所有的演出节目需要于2月1日进行彩排 (10-1:30pm),因文艺汇演时间限制,我们会优先安排班级、年级为单位的节目,对于小团体,如能体现中国特色,水准较高,可以考虑安排。如无特殊情况,节目时间控制在三分钟以下。有问题,请找袁宁


Please mark your calendar for our annual Chinese New Year Celebration:  2014/03/01 1:00-3:30 pm at White Plains High School  auditorium.  We will have Chinese food for all the adults and pizza for the kids at the cafeteria starting 12:30pm, followed by many performances from the children at our school.

All programs will need to go through the screening process on Feb 1 2014 (between 10am – 1pm).

To submit your performance, please go here:
Due to time constraints , we will give priority to programs performed by class or grade. As for the programs of small groups, only those can reflect the Chinese characteristics or higher level , we can consider to arrange. Please control the time to be under 3 minutes. Any questions, Just email at

Seek Volunteers: We would like to ask for volunteers who can help us with stage setting, and directing (such as audio/visual and lighting), photography or videography.  If you can help out, please submit your information here

Questions, please contact Ning,

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“科学与技术”俱乐部 Science and Technology Club

该俱乐部将于二零一五年一月二十五日举行第一次活动,每两周举办一次活动,时间 12:30 – 1:30pm (这俱乐部不属于一个课程,需要家长更多的帮助和配合,如午饭由家长轮流购买,以及课题相关材料的购买等,要求学生通过俱乐部培养主观能动性和科学与技术的兴趣,具体教室会另行通知)。 欲知俱乐部的活动内容,请点击这里连接。 如要报名或有任何 建议或问题,请联系:
“Sarah Zhang”  <>,  “William Yin” <>
Mission Statement:
To share experience of science and technology among students of other schools and to gain insight into current events in science and science competitions and fairs. The club’s aim is to enable students to understand current events in science and technology, enhance interest in these fields of research, broaden horizons for the future, learn research methods, and develop potential towards more ambitious projects later on in life. In the future, club members may participate in various science and technology competitions. This club is initiated, run, and driven by the club members.
Meeting time:  Biweekly (every two weeks) on Sunday at 12:30-1:30pm, starting on January 25th, 2015. (As this is a club and not a class, it will require extra parental cooperation i.e., lunch, the purchase of project materials, etc. Students will be self-motivated and will be expected to actively participate.) Communication: Online group discussion and phone conference (Anytime). Updates, announcements, information, etc. will always be through email and/or Facebook. Club meetings will be held in English. Suggested age range: Grades 4 and above. Please click the link for details. To register or for any questions, please contact:
“Sarah Zhang”  <>,   “William Yin” <>

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为迎接2015年春节的到来, 丰富华人社区的文化生活, 增添传统节日气氛,威郡华人协会(Westchester Association of Chinese Americans)安排于2015年2月7日下午2点至6点威郡活动中心(Westchester County Center)举办“中国传统春节联欢会”活动。

这场活动形式多样,内容丰富,集中国文化、艺术、饮食为一体;分琴棋书画、手工艺术、美味小吃、专业和业余艺术表演等几大类别。并再次有幸请到了中国大陆专业杂技团为大家表演多种杂技表演项目。欢迎大家参加这次盛会并协助提早购票(2015年1月26日前购票者可享受优惠价)。请到各学校购票或请访问 http://www.wacany.org 网站购票。门票也将于一月份在 Information Desk 售卖。



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Student Corner 6th Issue (小语世界第六期)


Please click here to check out the 6th issue of Student Corner 2014-2015. If you would like to submit essays, works, poems, or pieces of art, then please email Student Corner’s mailbox at