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Nov 082014
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注意事项 – No Parking on Fire Lane

Please make sure NOT to park on the fire lane.  Otherwise you car will be towed and you will get tickets.

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 演讲大赛 Speech Contest

Dear parents,
To add more fun and excitement to the holiday season,  our school’s annual Speech/MC ( master of ceremony) Contest will be held on 12/07.   And on 01/11/2015 our school will host the 6-school Regional Final 华夏总校决赛 which limits to Grade 1,2,3 children only.  Grade 4+ winners will be Student MCs in Chinese New Year Party and Talent Show.

This year, we are striving to reach a wider participant base by providing each kid a public speech opportunity in the classroom.  广泛参与,扩大触及面。 The Speech Contest will now have 3 rounds:
1) Every student grade 1 and above will participate in a preliminary round of classroom selection.  The classroom teacher will have the discretion to decide on the unique format/process of how he/she conduct this round of selection.  Parents will receive detailed emails from the teachers.  充分交给老师自主权,灵活掌握,搞班级为主,全面参与,与教学考试相辅相成的讲演比赛。
2) By 11/23,   2-3 candidates from each class will be nominated by the teacher to proceed to the 2nd round of school level contest on 12/07.  Contestants will be split into two groups: G1-3, G4 and up. After a brief self-introduction, the child will deliver a 1-3 minute talent show, poem, story telling, comedy, tongue twister, or show & tell.   G4 and above will also have a 1-minute impromptu Q/A. 比赛分成两组: 低年级组(一至三年级); 高年级组(四年级以上)。 简短的自我介绍后是1-3分钟的才艺展现(朗诵、讲故事、说笑话, 绕口令,或美国学校常用的Show & Tell). 题材健康活泼, 积极向上。 四年级以上加一分钟的现场问答。

The judging criteria is posted here:3) Top 3 winners from grade 1,2,3 will join Regional Final on 01/11/2015. G4+ will be Student MCs in future school events.

Any questions, please contact 洪滔 Jennifer Liu