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Nov 142014
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因华夏总校教师培训,本周日(11/16)中文学校暂停。  祝大家周末愉快, 下周见
No school this week due to teacher development training.  School will resume next Sunday(11/23)

小语世界第一期 (Student Corner 1st Issue)
Community News:  Chinese culture show in Darien Library


圣诞新年将至, 当您在亚马逊上为亲朋好友购买礼物时, 请点击此链接, 您消费值的0.5%会捐给我们纽约大华夏中文学校。尽情血拼吧!

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请家长们注意,根据我校与White Plains High School协议和我校相关规定,未经学校特别许可,任何个人都不可在学校教学楼、停车场、运动场张贴任何商业或非商业广告, 违反规定者学校将会视情节做出处罚。如家长们看到此类违规行为,可直接制止, 或向学校报告。
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Student Corner 1st Issue (小语世界第一期)

Please click here to check out the first issue of Student Corner 2014-2015
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Community News:  Chinese culture show in Darien Library

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the regional Chinese Community will host a children’s cultural show at the Darien Library. Performances will include:
      Musical solos
Choral songs
The Ugly Duckling
The Empty Flower Pot
The show is open to the public and  everyone is welcome!
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm,
Date: Sunday, November 16th, 2014.
Location: Darien library:1441 Post Rd,Darien CT 06820
Admission: Free
Directed by: MingMing
Tel: 203-322-5633
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