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Dec 122014
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Holiday Schedule
演讲比赛 Speech Contest 
本周教育讲座 Education Seminar
“科学与技术”俱乐部 Science and Technology Club
2014-2015 School Directory Cover Design Contest – Deadline 12/14
小语世界第四期 (Student Corner 4th Issue)

放寒假  Holiday Schedule


12/21/2014   School Day.  正常开课
12/28/2014   Christmas Break, No school  圣诞节学校放假
1/4/2015      New Year Break No school  新年学校放假
1/11/2015     School Day  正常开课

演讲比赛 Speech Contest

61 students will participate this Sunday’s Speech/MC Contest.   We will kick off with exciting maybe a bit mundane pizza/hotdog lunch outside the auditorium at 12:40pm.  – Not the time to roll out the celebration banquet yet.  – $2 per slice of pizza/hotdog and $1 for bottled water, free for all contestants.

Afterwards please convene to the designated rooms for raffle drawing.  Once performance order is determined, the contest will commence in earnest.
Regional Final Speech Contest will be held 01/11/2014 at WCC, hosted by our sister school Huaxia Central New York.  Stay tuned for the next episode of this saga.
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本周教育讲座 Education Seminar


Talk title: Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves with Joy and Gratitude

时间:本周日12/14, 10-11:30 AM
地点:B1 (注册室)

Speaker: Angela Chiu
Parenthood is a journey of maturation and growth if we dare to learn more and teach less. When we have the courage to stop defending the way we are, or the way our parents raised us, we can open up the possibility that we are much greater and more magnificent and capable than we thought we were.
A happy person needs to have autonomy and sense of value. An autonomous child, whose life flows in her direction, acts productively because she wants to. She acts out of joy and love, not out of fear or need to earn approval. As parents, we need to get our own emotional reactions and conditioning out of the way so our child can be who she is without being held back by our past, by our anxiety about the future, or by our concern about what others may say about us as parents. We can nurture without shaping, like a gardener who waters and flowers, but doesn’t help them open nor choose their shapes or colors.
In this talk, I will share with you my 12-year journey of motherhood, how I shifted from my fear and desire to be in control, to an open and tender heart filled with gratitude and burning desire to understand my children and better myself.
Speaker Bio:
Angela Lan Chiu immigrated to the U.S. with her family when she was eighteen. She received her Ph.D. degree in EECS from MIT. She is a principal inventive scientist at AT&T Labs and leads key architecture and designs. Dr. Chiu holds twenty-one U.S. patents. She has published papers extensively, and served as chairman for numerous conferences and programs. She and her husband together with their two daughters (10 and 12-year-olds) live in Holmdel, New Jersey. Angela balances her busy and rich life with a deep love for the arts, music, and volunteering work for local communities. She treasures motherhood as the most rewarding journey in life. Since 2006, she has served as a moderator for PCE (Parents and Children Education) club online forum with over 900 members.
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“科学与技术”俱乐部 Science and Technology Club


该俱乐部将于2015年1月开始,每两周举办一次活动,时间 12:30 – 1:30pm. 。俱乐部还将用电子邮件和Facebook群等方式 ,以保持会员了解最新的关于当前科技新闻和俱乐部近况。
四年级或四年级以上的同学, 欢迎踊跃报名参加。

1) 第一个项目的主题可以是“冬天”。项目的一些例子可能包括研究冬季的天气模式,天气对学生活动的影响等,俱乐部成员也可以创建他们自己的个人项目并与其他成员探讨,共同研究。
2)鼓励分享科技项目和知识,促进俱乐部成员之间及与外校的交流,争取把我们的课题项目带回当地社区进行科学与技术交流,并可能参加科技展览会(例如, 2015年国际消费电子展) 。

这将是我们学校第一个学生组织的俱乐部。 您的想法, 建议, 问题?   请联系:“Sarah Zhang”,  “William Yin”

Mission Statement:
To share experience of science and technology among students of other schools and to gain insight into current events in science and science competitions and fairs
Meeting time:  Biweekly on Sunday at 12:30-1:30pm, starting Jan 2015.
Communication channel: Online group discussion and phone conference (Anytime)
Targeted student level: grade 4 and above
Contact: “Sarah Zhang”,   “William Yin”
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Just following these simple steps, amazon will donate to our school anytime you shop on amazon.
1. Click on
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3. Go to (Note: not in your later online shopping. All the price, procedure will be the same to you, but you will make a difference in our school.

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 招生条件: 五年级以上学生, 对中文写作有兴趣,能独立完成500字以上文章
报名截止时间: 12/31/2014
报名要求:对班主任老师进行5分钟采访,然后写一篇采访小结。 小结在报名截止前交给学校负责老师
 记者团工作内容: 对学校活动进行深度及时采访和报导,平均每个同学一个月写文一篇,采访一次,听讲评一次。 和小语世界编辑合作,把报导实时发表在学校校刊小语世界上。小语世界现任编辑也可报名。
指导老师: 黄岳 杨波

2014-2015 School Directory Cover Design Contest – Deadline 12/14

Any artwork submitted must be student’s original design and creation, conceptualized and executed solely by the student. Submitted pieces must not have been published previously and may not be subject to the rights of any other party.

Two winners will be selected from all participating students by a group of judges. The art teachers will select the final winning pieces to be featured on the front, the back cover and the illustration( 插图)of the 2014-2015 Huaxia Chinese School of Great New York Communication Directory.

Please refer to the following requirements to start your design.
  • Paper Size: 8.5” x 11” (letter size)
  • Picture Dimension: 7.5” (W) x 9” (L) in portrait mode
  • Color: black and white (shading is accepted)
  • Print your name and class on the back of your design
  • Submit your final artwork to the Information Desk by 12/14/2013

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Student Corner 4th Issue (小语世界第四期)


Please click here to check out the 4th issue of Student Corner 2014-2015. If you would like to submit essays, works, poems, or pieces of art, then please email Student Corner’s mailbox at

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