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Oct 032014
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咨询台Information Desk Location


Information Desk is located in the seminar room on the first floor in the B Building. On the days when any seminar is scheduled, the Information Desk will be located in the large cafeteria on the lower floor in the B Building.

注册Registration News

Adult Class – This Sunday (10/5/14) is the last day to register and pay for adult classes.  Any registration and payment post Sunday will be subject to a $20 late fee.

Balance Due – Families with account balance will receive an email reminder before Sunday.  Please submit payment promptly either online via Paypal or Credit Card, or bring a check to school and submit to Registration Desk between 11:30-12:30 am.  Any payment post this Sunday will be subject to a $20 late fee.

Account Credit – Families with account credit will receive refund through Paypal next week, if the families have a Paypal account.  For families without Paypal accounts, you will be contacted separately and refund could be issued through checks over the next 4 weeks.
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本周日学校秋季野餐聚会 Sunday Picnic at Croton Point Park

本周日10月5日在Croton Point Park, Pavillion #1公园举办秋季野餐聚会, 12:30 – 4 PM. 我们会为大家提供午餐,安排学生和家长的表演,组织多种趣味游艺活动.公园依傍Hudson River, 风景如画。预订的中央凉亭可保证活动风雨无阻,并有附设的游乐场可供使用。

1. 还未买票的家长,可以本周日在学校B楼入口处购买。当天票价每人$10. 已在网上订票的家长,请凭收据在售票处换取实体票。
2. 由于参加活动人数很多,公园配备的桌椅不敷使用, 请家长们带上自家的折叠椅、野餐篷布备用。
3. 到达公园入口时,请告诉门卫你来参加中文学校活动,可以免交停车费。
4.  公园地址为: Croton Point Park, 1A Croton Point Ave, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520。  卫星导航坐标:GPS coordinates is 41.1822° N, 73.8931° W。 进入公园后,请开车到一号野餐区。

Please read the following reminders for the picnic:

–       If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, please do so on Sunday morning, at the B building entrance ticketing table.  Same day tickets will be $10 each.  If you have purchased tickets online already, please exchange your receipts to actual lunch tickets at the ticketing table.
–       Please bring picnic blankets or chairs for your family to sit on.
–       When you arrive at the Croton Point Park, please tell the guard that you are with the Chinese School Picnic, and you do NOT have to the $5 parking fee since school already paid for you.
–       Park address is Croton Point Park, 1A Croton Point Ave, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520.  GPS coordinates is 41.1822° N, 73.8931° W。 Please proceed to Pavillion #1 after you enter the park.
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家长俱乐部注册及声乐小班/家长合唱俱乐部教室变更 (Parents Club Registration & Vocal Jr./Parents Chorus Club classroom change)

The Parents Club started on September 21st. Please register as soon as  possible if you are interested. The $20 late registration fee will be applied to those parents who register or pay off the tuition after October 5th.
Start from this Sunday October 5th, the Vocal Jr. class and Parents Chorus Club classroom will be changed to A216.
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HXGNY First Year Book is Available to Order

Dear parents,
HXGNY’s first ever Yearbook is here!  It is packed with over 500 color photos.  Books are ready to purchase on site this coming Sunday at the Information Desk in school.  The price is $30 (soft book).  Those who ordered online in June can also pick up at the Information Desk.
Click here to see some screenshots of the yearbook.
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大家好!华夏总校的《华夏园地》将在本学年汇集优秀文章。我校的专刊安排在今年10月17日。现在我们向中文课高年级 (四年级以上)的学生征文。

3)若有图片,请单独传来。(存为jpeg. 格式),不要附在WORD文件之内。


Community News

OCA – WHV Student Leadership Award – Deadline Extended to 10/10

OCA-WHV (Organization of Chinese American-Westchester Hudson Valley) will be sponsoring its 2014 Student Leadership Award. The award intends to honor outstanding high school students who have demonstrated meaningful involvement in serving the Asian American community and/or enthusiasm in learning Asian cultures, and who have a proven record in academic excellence and leadership in making a difference in their community.  All high school students currently in their junior and senior years and who are currently attending high schools in the Westchester and Hudson Valley region can apply for the award. Deadline for submission extended to October 10.  Please clickhere for details and application form.
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WACA (the Westchester Association of Chinese Americans) has offered the OSLCS (Outstanding Student Leadership and Community Service) Award to Chinese American students in the Westchester area since 2009. With enthusiastic participation from all local Chinese schools, the award program has served its mission and purpose very successfully. Every year for the past five years, three outstanding students have been selected as recipients of the award; these students have gone on to elite universities.

All current high school students who have enrolled in Chinese school can apply. Please click here for descriptions about the program’s purpose and procedures in details, and click here for application forms. The deadline for nomination of your school students is October 12, 2014 WACA OSLCS.  Please email to apply.
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Mandarin Tutor Needed

A HXGNY pre-K student family is looking for a Mandarin tutor who can come to our home once or twice a week for 1-2 hours. We live in Peekskill. We are also interested in join any Mandarin play group in the area. Please contact Cynthia at 914-953-1298.
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祥豪游泳俱乐部优惠价格  Discount from Xianghao Swiming Club

华夏大纽约与祥豪游泳俱乐部达成合作协议,十月底以前新加入祥豪俱乐部的华夏大纽约学生可以享受九折价格优惠, 此优惠可在祥豪游泳俱乐部所有地点使用。报名或询问俱乐部详情,可email

Based on new agreement between HXGNY and Xianghao swimming club, the HXGNY students who join the swimming club first time before the end of October can enjoy 10% tuition discount.  This discount applies to new swimming club students at all Xianghao locations.  For more information or to register for the club, please email
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