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Happy Chinese New Year!



HXGNY春节联欢会 02/09/2014
Recap: Go tournament
Recap: Education Seminar – America’s Public and Private School System
2014 华夏中文学校辩论赛
Adult Class Registration is Open for Spring 2014
New Adult Class Announcement — Bagua Walking
Diversity Committee Community Outreach Event
Community News: Chinese New Year Festival at Westchester County Center
Community News: 中國經典民俗風情舞劇《十裏紅妝》
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HXGNY 春节联欢会 02/09/2014
Michael Chen 大学助学金及税务规划中心赞助
谨祝大家新年好和!今年的春节联欢会,无论规模、内容、设备都更胜往昔。不但有全新的音响设备,三十多个表演节目涵盖歌舞、小品、诗歌、相声、武术、魔术等多个种类,还聘请了专业演员为大家助兴。 经多个商家的赞助,届时还将有近二十个游艺、文化展位。每位小朋友在联欢会后都可以领取一份新年礼物,请一定不要错过。

联欢会票成人儿童均$10一张,含餐饮。网上购票请点击这里。凭网上收据到学校换成实票。2/9联欢会当天 11:30以前亦可在 H Room 购票.

时间:2014年2月9日,放学后12:30 – 4:00
午餐: 12:00-1:30, 中餐,pizza, 学校餐厅、H Room、Faculty 餐厅
游艺:12:45-1:45 学校礼堂外大厅.
文艺汇演:2:00-4:00 学校礼堂
新年礼物: 4:00 学校礼堂外大厅

HXGNY Chinese New Year Gala 02/09/2014
Sponsored by Mastermind College FinAid & Tax Planning Group
Happy new year to everyone! HXGNY is getting ready for our biggest celebration to welcome the Year of the Horse! With multiple sponsors’ support, we are now equipped with brand new audio-visual equipment. Including the professionals, we now have over 30 performances including singing, dancing, magic, cross-talk, short play, and many others. After the performance, each kid will receive a goody bag.

Event Ticket:
All tickets (kids and adults) will be $10 per ticket. Each ticket will cover lunch and water. Lunch includes boxed Chinese lunch or pizza and one bottle of water.

Please purchase online ahead of time, click After you purchase online, you will need to bring the receipt to school and exchange for actual paper tickets in H room on 2/9.

Please note: All students and performers need to purchase tickets.

Lunch: 12:00- 1:30 PM, either Chinese boxed lunch or pizza, in the Cafeteria, H Room, Faculty Cafeteria
Kids Activities: 12:45-1:45 PM, in the hallway outside of Auditorium
Performances: 2 – 4PM, Auditorium。

For details of performance program, please click this link.

Recap: HXGNY 2013-2014 School Year Go Tournament


在所有选手的热情参与和大家的协助下,2013-2014华夏大纽约围棋赛于一月二十六日下午圆满结束。比赛吸引了众多不同背景的选手,除我校学生外,还有选手来自于外校,曼哈顿和多伦多。大多数选手介于五和八岁之间,去年九月才开始在我校学棋,也有专程赶来支持比赛的五段棋手钱盈芝。所有少儿选手按围棋水平和年龄均匀分成四组,每组四名,所有选手都表现出良好的比赛态度。经过三轮比赛,顾应贤、王思韵、王暖洋和王安舟赢得一等奖,史婕如、邓宇飞、庞袭明和王意轩赢得二等奖,其余选手获得优胜奖。在此我们对全体参赛选手的体育精神和体育风貌表示嘉许,感谢美国围棋协会对我们围棋教学和比赛的支持,众多家长的现场帮助,以及 Frank Zhu 和 Leo Lei 给予我们围棋老师的长期帮助。我们在此特别感谢围棋老师唐洁女士对围棋的专注和推广使我们华夏大纽约有如此精彩的围棋课和比赛。本次比赛的照片请看这里

2013-2014 HXGNY Go Tournament Finished Successfully

With the warm participation of all the players and help of many people, HXGNY 2013-2014 Go Tournament finished successfully Jan 26 afternoon. The players came from a very wide range of background. Besides many students of our school, we also had players from other Chinese schools, Manhattan and Toronto. While the majority of the players are ages 5 to 8 and have only been playing Go since September 2013, we also saw very experienced adult player Yingzhi Qian of 5 Dan coming to support our Tournament. The junior players were assigned to four different groups according to their playing levels and ages with four in each group. All players showed good attitude. After three rounds of matches, Yingshyan Ku, Serina Wang, Nuanyang Nova Wang and Andrew Wang won the First Prize. Emily Shi, Kilin Tang, Andrew Pang and Andrian Wang won the Second Prize. The rest of players won the Achievement Prize. We would like to congratulate all players for their full brain exercise and good sportsmanship. We appreciate American Go Association’s support to our Go teaching and events, the parents’ help on-site and the long standing assistance of Frank Zhu and Leo Lei to our Go Teacher. Our special thank goes to our Go Teacher Mrs. Jie Tang for her dedication and promotion for HXGNY to have such wonderful Go classes and tournaments. Please see the tournament photos here.

Recap: Education Seminar – America’s Public and Private School System

Last Sunday Dr. Bonnie Liao gave a talk about American’s public and private school. A lot of parents attended the seminar and discussion later. She shared her experience on both school systems:
1) Public school focus on standardized measurement, like standardized test, AP courses, etc. It uses those test to measure academic achievement.
2) Private school focus more on character development and how students learn.
To learn the detail about the seminar, you can listen the recording here.

2014 华夏中文学校辩论赛

2014 华夏中文学校辩论赛将于4月27日在我校举行。欢迎广大四年级以上同学报名。报名采用网上直接填表。 请点击这里填妥报名表格。 如有疑问请电子邮件


Adult Class Registration is Open for Spring 2014


Adult classes/clubs will start on 2/16 and online registration is open now. If you are interested in any of the classes, you can have one free trial on 1/26.  Here is a list of available adult classes/clubs:

棋类俱乐部 Chess Club
拉丁舞俱乐部 Latin Dance Club
民族舞俱乐部 Folk Dance Club
交谊舞 Adult ballroom Dancing
禅修与健康 Meditation and Health
武术 Martial Art (G4+ and Adult)
成人太极拳 Adult Tai Chi
瑜珈 Yoga
八卦内功 Bagua Walking Meditation
高级绘画班 Advanced Drawing (Oil/Acrylic油彩画) – $50 Extra on top of registration and tuition.
家长美术俱乐部 Parents Art Club (Brush Painting 国画)
老年英语 English Class for Grandparents

New Adult Culture class – Bagua Walking Meditation

Bagua walking meditation – walking in a circle while holding fixed postures. It will energize and strengthen the body while calming the mind, and refining and purifying the spirit. The exercise will open and harmonize the meridians of the body and promote overall fitness.
Proven effects of practicing Bagua: Bagua calls for practitioners to assume twisted spine positions which not only help stretch the spine, but also enhance blood circulation to all organs. As a result, practicing Bagua can help prevent cardiovascular diseases, cerebral vascular diseases, osteoporosis, and among others. Furthermore, a person can become more flexible and agile as a result of constantly changing direction during practice.


Time: 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Fee: $140(around 95*1.5) + $40 registration fee
Location: Near Tai-ji class

Teacher Bio:
Mr. Chan had taught Taiji in Scarsdale for more than 10 years. He has studied martial arts since he was 5 yeas old. In 1972 he met a Tai Chi master (Pang-Na Chang), who studied with a third generation Yang style master. Since then Yao has been training and teaching various techniques on different levels: Sword, Shaolin staff, herbal medicine, accupressure, accupuncture, nutrition, I Ching, Tao Te Ching, Taoist Qi Gong.

Diversity Committee Community Outreach Event

The Diversity Committee under HXGNY Board has planned a community outreach event “Lunar New Year @ Your Library” in various libraries on Feb. 1st. The event will be one hour long including story telling, paper folding, face painting, etc. Please contact Yawen Liu at if your child would like to help. This is a meaningful event to the volunteers who represent our school in our local community.

Best Regards,



Community News:


纽约威郡华人协会(Westchester Association of Chinese Americans)请您携家人、朋友前来参加2014年2月1日星期六下午2时至6时在威郡活动中心举办的“中国传统新年文化节”。 这场活动形式多样,内容丰富,分琴棋书画、手工艺术、南北小吃、太极养身、专业杂技和业余艺术表演几大类别。

活动地点:Westchester County Center 198 Central Ave, White Plains, NY 10606
中心电话:(914) 995-4050
请于01/26 学校上课时间在学校大厅购票

2014 Chinese New Year Festival at Westchester County Center

The Westchester Association of Chinese Americans (WACA) welcomes you to join the 2014 Chinese New Year Festival to be held at the Westchester County Center on Saturday, February 1, 2014 from 2pm to 6pm.

The theme of this year’s celebration is “Culture and Traditions of the Chinese New Year Festival”. It features many fun activities, like art gallery, traditional hand-craft, health exercise demonstrations, Chinese musical instrument performances, and delicious food sampling, etc. There will also be a formal program of artistic performances by a Chinese professional acrobat team and the local art groups. This year also marks the 25th anniversary of this annual Chinese New Year celebration event organized by WACA.
Tickets can be purchased at the Westchester County Center ticket office and online at:,You can also get the ticket in H room of our school at 01/26.

Please click here for more details.


2014年3月3日-9日,中國經典民俗風情舞劇《十裏紅妝》將登陸紐約林肯中心大衛•寇克劇院,作為中國對外文化集團“中華風韻”品牌繼《牡丹亭》、《絲路花雨》後的又一力作,向美國觀眾展現來自中國江南的瑰麗春閨夢。與西方象征純潔的白色婚禮不同,古老的東方以妖嬈的大紅寓意著對女兒出嫁的祝福。《十裏紅妝》取材自中國江南一帶的婚嫁習俗,講述了一個哀婉又唯美的愛情故事:江南古鎮的少年阿甬和少女越兒自小青梅竹馬,在情竇初開的年紀許下了媒妁之約。阿甬對越兒許下了衣錦還鄉即迎娶的諾言,便外出闖蕩。時光流轉,同行的夥伴都已還鄉,阿甬卻歸期飄渺遙遙未定。越兒獨自在相思中憧憬著出嫁之日十 裏紅妝的喜慶歡愉,在美好的夢中繼續著沒有盡頭的等待。舞劇《十裏紅妝》不僅是展現江南民俗的舞臺,也承載著許多中國遊子的鄉愁。觀眾可以身在紐約就能近身感受到中國舊時女子一生中最輝煌隆重的時刻。伴隨著舞劇《十裏紅妝》的上演,花轎、嫁妝、器物這些珍稀的婚嫁物品將在繁華的現代都市紐約亮相,在古典與現代之間搭建起跨越時空的橋梁。華夏中文學校《十裡紅妝》購票專線:646-236-5008 小章 團體代碼:HUA2014 (需致電小章以適用此代碼)团体票(10张以上)30%off

Please click here for detail information on this event.

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感谢Michael Chen大学助学金及税务规划中心大力赞助2014 年大纽约华夏中文学校春节联欢会

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