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Aug 072014
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魏景东,复旦大学数学系本科,数学博士,计算机硕士,长期在华尔街投行等从事定量分析,投资策略和风险管理等方面的工作。业余时间辅导学生参加多项全国和地区性的中学数学竞赛 , 积累了不少经验, 对中学生数学教育很有兴趣。

Leland Wei, B.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics, M.S. in Computer Science. Professional experience includes working as quantitative strategist and risk manager for several Wall Street firms. Spent a lot of time in the last several years helping students prepare for national and regional level math competitions including MathCounts, AMC, Math Kangaroo, etc. Have a keen interest in math education.