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Dec 212012
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There will be no school this and next Sunday (12/23 and 12/30).

Wishing HXGNY families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Education Seminar Recap:

Last Sunday, Prof. Frank Zhu (邾立志教授, ASA College文理学院副院长), a member of our Advisory Board, gave an interesting lecture titled “Random Thoughts on Chinese and American Cultures and How Cultural Differences Impact Language Acquisition” for our teachers and parents. In his lecture , Prof. Zhu reviewed and compared American history and Chinese history, especially on the linguistic difference between Chinese and American English. He shared his many interesting observations and thoughts on the differences of Chinese and American cultures. The seminar was both illuminating and entertaining. Thanks to the audiences for their active participation.

Recap: 圣诞舞会,欢庆佳节,共度浪漫 (Christmas Dancing Party) !!!

圣诞舞会 于2012年12月15日(星期六) 顺利举办,并取得圆满成功,大约有70多位成人,20多位小孩参加了这次舞会。舞会于晚上7:00pm 正式开始,中场休息时,我们的特邀嘉宾Viktoria 和Vitaly 表演了优美的拉丁舞和华尔兹; Maria 和Musa 表演了阿根廷探戈。大约有上10名歌手用他们美妙的歌声为大家伴唱。舞会精彩纷呈,高潮迭起,请点击查看照片. 我们非常感谢各位的支持,希望下次有更多的人积极参与。

Christmas Dancing Party was held on Dec 15th, 2012 (Saturday). More than 70 adults and 20 kids participated in this event. The party started from 7:00pm, and the invited guests Viktoria and Vitaly performed beautiful Swing and Waltz, while Maria and Musa showcased romantic Argentine Tango during the break time. Around 10 of invited singers contributed their charming voice to accompany some music. We had a great time together with cherished memory. Please click here for the photos.We appreciate everyone’s kind effort and support and hope more people will join us next time.

Recap: The First General meeting for Education Excellence Committee:

An education committee general meeting was held last Friday. The Committee members brainstormed various ideas for further education improvement. Several topics were discussed: 1)The teaching method group will facilitate communications and experience sharing among teachers, especially for teachers using different textbooks and provide teachers’ career development assistance. 2)The assessment group will establish student achievement standards, especially in reading and writing for higher-grade students and incorporate those standards with AP Chinese, HSK and YCT. 3)The culture group will focus on quality of students’ cultural class experiences, and overall planning strategies. We encourage parents contact the committee ( with any ideas and suggestions for education quality improvement. The committee will work very hard to come up with detailed strategies and tasks for each group.